The Eternal War

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    This is my own fan fiction based on the transformers created by Hasbro. It’s my own rendition of the history of the transformers combining elements from the original ‘Toon/Beast Wars/Beast Machines, the old Comics, the Japanese animated shows, and even elements from the newer lines (Armada, Energon, Cybertron, and even Robots in Disguise). I’ve decided to structure it like a screenplay for a couple big reasons. First of all, I get tired of trying to come up with good synonyms for ‘to say’. It’s also a lot easier for me to simply do a ‘casting list’ so that I don’t have to describe the characters with great detail, you can just check pictures of them online if you don’t know what they look like.

    Prelude: “The Herald”

    The Trion system of the Dion galaxy houses the ancient world of Cybertron. The planet was composed of metal with complex cities that housed advanced energy refining facilities as well as a race of sentient robots. Calling themselves Cybertronians, these mechanical beings had suffered a number of invasions that nearly wiped out their species. However, all threats had been overcome, and Cybertron was treated to an era of peace. Unfortunately, the “Golden Age” was not destined to last. The oldest living Cybertronian, known as Vector Prime, recalls from his extensive memory bank the conversation he’d had with the High Council just before a massive civil war broke out that nearly destroyed the planet.

    “Tell us, oh great Herald, have we finally conquered Evil?”

    Vector Prime: “Evil and good are forever linked. One cannot exist without the other.”

    “Then tell us, where does evil hide the universe?”

    Vector Prime: “It’s always where you least expect it.”

    Indeed, his gift of foresight showed Vector Prime that a great hero would turn against the Council and start a civil war that would throw the entire planet into turmoil. Wave after wave of invaders had been easily rebuffed by the Cybertronians, but the true seed of evil had been sown right there on the planet. Eventually the council defeated the traitor and his army, locking them all in stasis. However, once again many cycles have passed. The council declared a new age of peace as the entire planet grew stagnant. Security measures had become almost non-existent. However, evil was never truly defeated. Instead it hid, and grew even stronger. Vector Prime once again saw that war would engulf the planet. This time, however, the ancient warrior had prepared. A new hero had been constructed and raised for the purpose of leading the defenders against the evil. The High Council had no idea of his existence, as they continued their perpetual existence. This time, Evil would have worthy opposition.


    Vector Prime…Cybertron Vector Prime (original)
    Megabolt…Titanium GI Joe Megatron
    Soundwave…Titanium G1 Soundwave
    Megatron…Titanium WW Megatron
    Thundercracker…Titanium WW Thundercracker
    Jetfire…Titanium WW Jetfire
    Starscream…Energon Starscream (G1 redeco)
    Frenzy…Cybertron Red Scrapmetal
    Scrapmetal Drones…Cybertron Yellow Scrapmetal
    Optimus Prime…Titanium WW Optimus Prime
    Prowl…Energon Prowl
    Tow-Line…Energon Tow-Line
    Brakedown…Cybertron Brakedown GTS
    Roadblock…Energon Roadblock
    Longrack...Cybertron Longrack

    Episode 1: “Arise, Dark Emperor of Destruction!”

    “Soundwave, status report.”

    The silhouettes of two bulky warriors stood on a lift as colorful lights sped by them. A set of crimson eyes burned from the direction of the voice. The other figure answered as his yellow visor looked on.

    Soundwave: “Stealth Unit Lazerbeak continues to maintain burst-signal connection and reports the security protocols remain inactive. Systems are unaware of our presence, Lord Megabolt.”

    Megabolt: “Excellent, Soundwave. Are you sure you can handle the internal security systems?”

    Soundwave: “Records indicate the Dark Emperor of Destruction is sealed in stasis lock within a TX-250 suspension tank. Technology dates back several hundred system cycles, and can easily be shut down. Laserbeak’s scans confirm the reports in the records as well.”

    Megabolt: “Very good, Officer. Soon, brother. You will be free again soon…”

    The dark warriors were aware of the decreased security precautions on Cybertron since the last was ended. This was the moment they planned for. When the Council is at it’s weakest, distracted and vulnerable, they would strike. Megabolt could feel his spark pulsate. He sat and waited for so very long. Finally he would be reunited with his long lost brother.

    The lift reached the bottom floor of the facility and a large set of metal doors slid open. They passed through a short hall lit only by dark red lights scattered down the walls. They reach a large door with a panel that’s been welded shut.

    Megabolt: “All right soldier, show me what you can do.”

    Soundwave pulled out his blaster, and set it on the most compressed setting he could. A thin blue laser shot out and cut through the welding job with no difficulty. Once the seal was cut, Soundwave let the panel crash to the ground and exposed the control consol that was hidden beneath it. The quiet technician tore the controls off and pulled out the wires behind it. Soundwave opened a panel on his right forearm and connected four of the wires to his own circuitry.

    Soundwave: “Please wait…Security code bypassed. System offline. Door unlocked.”

    Interfacing directly with the system made the process all to easy for the advanced engineer. The door popped open and hesitated before scraping open all the way. This new room was lit only with the same red lights as in the hall, though there was much more of them. The outlines of complex computers and equipment surround a massive cylinder. Soundwave interfaces with the main console and shifts into his alternate form so he could reroute most of his power supply to hacking the network. Megabolt approached the cylinder for a closer look.

    Megabolt: “So, is the artifact still there?”

    Soundwave: “Affirmative. Scans indicate that the ancient power generator known as ‘The Heart of Cybertron’ is intact within the chassis of the prisoner.”

    Megabolt: “Perfect! With his power, we won’t have any trouble conquering the planet and dissolving the council, once and for all!”

    Soundwave: “Security systems bypassed. Chamber unlocked.”

    Megabolt: “Good, open it, Soundwave!”

    Soundwave: “Affirmative! Bringing subject back online. Disengaging stasis lock.”

    A click later, and the locking mechanism on the stasis chamber reconfigures itself. Latches flip up and shields retract as the seal breaks. The cylinder opens to reveal a massive figure slumped over. His laser core flickers to life as a pair of crimson eyes glow underneath an angled brow. Soundwave transforms and takes a knee with Megabolt before their superior.

    Megabolt: “Welcome back, Lord Megatron.”
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    Nice, want to read the next chapter
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    thank you sir, more to come in days ahead.
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    Episode 2: “Deception”

    “Wow, Megatron, the original Emperor of Destruction himself! I can’t wait to meet him!”

    Thundercracker was one of the champions at the underground gladiatorial competition at Kaon. He and his teammates, Jetfire and Starscream were undefeated so far. Now as younger teams battled for the right to challenge the champions, Thundercracker was the only one displaying no interest in the fight.

    Jetfire: “Don’t you think you should observe your future challenges, Thundercracker? Or would you rather get scrapped like last time.”

    Thundercracker: “I don’t see any reason to worry. These guys can’t even fly for crying out loud! They won’t be able to touch us.”

    Jetfire: “Mm, I wonder if Megatron can fly?”

    Thundercracker: “Of course he can fly! All Destrons could! They weren’t like the poorly designed mechas that infect this planet now!”

    Starscream: “Heh, I’d be surprised if that old clunker could even transform!”

    Jetfire: “I just don’t get it, you guys.”

    Thundercracker: “Aww come on! Not this dopey routine again! Don’t you ever get tired of worrying, Jetfire? What’s got your Pantrix in a twist now?!”

    Jetfire: “I just don’t see how Megabolt could trust a Destron. And he’s the old Destron Leader, no less?!”

    Thundercracker: “He’s the Dark Emperor of Destruction, address him with respect! Even the elder’s feared his great power, that’s why they brought the ancient guardian robot Omega Supreme online to defeat him! Why shouldn’t we trust him? He’s opposed to the council just like we are!”

    Jetfire: “The difference is he’s a Destron! He actually proclaimed himself to no longer be a decendant of Primus, to indeed no longer be a part of this race! The Destrons only existed to cause death and destruction wherever they went. They had no higher ideals for peace or liberation, just mindless slaughter!”

    Starscream: “Oh please, you’re both overreacting! If this Megatron was so tough, he never would’ve fallen before a single robot!”

    Jetfire: “But Starscream, have you ever seen a Guardian Robot? Those things are huge, the size of a building! Their power is immense, and Omega Supreme is the strongest of them all, the leader of the guardian-class warriors!”

    Starscream: “Hah! I’d beat that giant space slug with no weapons and my optics offline! He couldn’t possibly keep up with my speed!”

    Thundercracker: “HAHAHA!!! I’d give all my oil to you for the next full cycle if you take on a Guardian and manage to walk away, Starscream!”

    Starscream: “I’ll take that bet! Heck, while I’m at it, I might as well scrap that sorry excuse of a warrior, Megatron, and lead this cowardly faction myse…Ack!”

    A bolt of purple lightning slams Starscream back against the wall, overloading his circuitry for a moment and stunning him. Directly across from the wrecked flier is the massive figure of the ancient warrior, Megatron himself with a wisp of black smoke curling from his palm.

    Megatron: “Who is this clown?”

    Megabolt: “Ugh, my apologies, dear Brother. That is Starscream, my aerial commander. His ego is a bit too large for his cranial unit but he’s our best fighter.”

    Starscream: “Urgg, how did you?”

    Megatron: “Why kind of uneducated buffoons did you recruit for this ‘secret army’ of yours, Megabolt? This joker hasn’t even heard of the Heart of Cybertron?!”

    Megabolt: “Well, Starscream was a scientist when we found him, along with Jetfire. They didn’t know much about ancient artifacts.”

    Megatron: “Hm, scientists? And these are your best warriors?”

    Megabolt: “Um, yes! They’re actually very good!”

    The Emperor strode towards the three fliers, all of whom flinched at first then stood at perfect attention. All three saluted their new leader, who looked upon them with close scrutiny.

    Megatron: “Grrr, Destrons they are not. Millennia ago my soldier’s would’ve crushed these fools into scrap that would only be suitable as ammunition shells. And what do you call them?”

    Thundercracker: “Ugh, SIR we are Decepticons SIR, Yessir!”

    Megatron winces at the reply. He looks back at his little brother and Soundwave, and then looks back at the fliers.

    Megatron: “Well, I suppose they’ll do. If things have degenerated half as far as you say they have, destroying the Council and taking over this planet should be easy.”

    Megabolt: “Yes, and how do we deal with the Guardians?”

    Megatron: “They will be our first target. If destroyed while inactive, they won’t be able to harm us. Soundwave, I want you to hack into the system and find out where all the guardian robots are being stored and prepare a set of explosives powerful enough to destroy or at least entomb them for all time.”

    Soundwave: “Affirmative!”

    The Decepticon engineer marches off with Laserbeak still perched on his shoulder. Megatron turns his attention back to the fliers.

    Megatron: “You three, I want you all in that arena right now!”

    Jetfire: “But the previous match is still running!”

    Megatron: “I don’t care, destroy them if they refuse to vacate the premises. I’m going to see just how tough the three of you are!”

    As the events unfold, the Ancient Warrior Vector Prime watches from his own place of solitude.

    Vector Prime: “So, the deception is at it’s end, then. The time has come at last.”

    He rests his hand on a small black box, as he prepares to take action without the High Council’s knowledge.

    Vector Prime: “I can feel the power surging from the Matrix of Leadership in tandem with my own Matrix of Time. This is the power that once guided Prima, the first transformer, to lead his people into an age of peace, and to free them from oppression later on. When reunited with the reincarnated spark of Prima, it will essentially resurrect him, but in a new form. A new Prime shall be born with the courage and power of Prima and the wisdom of generations of leaders who’ve held the matrix.”

    The old transformer takes the box and marches off down a dark corridor.

    Vector Prime: “Perhaps my choice to delay is truly a blessing. It was because of the safety provided by the Guardians that the Council has grown so…complacent. It is for the better that they are sealed until the time comes that they are absolutely necessary. For now, the new Prima will be the one to save Cybertron, and bring true peace. The deception, is finally over.”
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    Episode 3: Battle at Kalis part 1

    Thundercracker: “I wonder why we’re invading Kalis first. Weren’t we supposed to go after the Guardian Robots?”

    The three fliers were rapidly approaching their destination in vehicle mode, serving as the first wave of the attack.

    Jetfire: “I suppose it makes sense. After all, this is where the energon storage pits are. If we’re going to liberate Cybertron, we’re going to need the energy to do it, first.”

    Thundercracker: “But what if they activate one of the Guardians and send it after us?”

    Starscream: “Oh, stop whining already! It would take a few megacycles just for those fat robots to get here, and by then we’ll have more then enough defenses up to blast them out of the sky!”

    Starscream’s anger was a product of the new cracks and scorch marks on his armor. The battle the three of them had with the old Destron Leader ended quickly. Even with all three of them fighting at once, Megatron was still too powerful. His armor was so thick that it repelled most of their attacks, and his own offensive moves so devastating that they easily penetrated Starscream’s own defenses. The prideful gladiator had been humiliated on his own turf, with two others helping him no less.

    Jetfire: “Don’t worry Starscream, there’s no dishonor in losing to a being as powerful as…”

    Starscream: “Just shut up, Jetfire! It’s your entire fault! Both of you! If you didn’t keep getting in my way, I would’ve scrapped that oversized, rusted pile of used parts! Next time, I’ll tear him apart by myself!”

    Thundercracker: “Keep dreaming, Starscream. With the Heart of Cybertron, Megatron is invincible!”

    Starscream: “Well then I’ll just have to tear that ancient power core right out of his chassis! He’s nothing without it, and then I’ll lead the Decepticons!”

    Meanwhile, down in the storage pits two labor workers haul ore to the processing facility in vehicle mode. They have no idea as to the fate that is about to befall them.

    ???: “So Roadblock, how’s your day been?”

    Roadblock: “Just fine, Longrack. Nice and quiet.”

    Longrack: “Bah, I hate the quiet. You know just for once I wish something interesting would happen?”

    Roadblock: “You wouldn’t think that if you were around during the last war. I remember those destrons were one nasty bunch. Sure am glad the Guardian Robots rounded them up and put them all in stasis lock permanently.”

    Longrack: “Yeah, I don’t need that kind of excitement. I sure wish they didn’t just put them in stasis lock, though.”

    Roadblock: “What, you would’ve preferred they’d been terminated?”

    Longrack: “Well, yeah! I mean, their sparks get reincarnated anyway so they still get a fresh start with a second chance, but I’d much rather that then let them continue to function even in stasis. They could always be freed, you know.”

    Roadblock: “That’s true. Government’s gone too soft if you ask me.”

    Longrack: “I’ll second that! That’s just what happens when spoiled political bots are in control of everything while we workers, who really keep this planet going, just keep giving them our energon.”

    Just as the one worker finishes his sentence, a rain of bomblets pelts the two of them and the area around them. Longrack and Roadblock transform and lock up at the three Decepticons as they fly straight at them.

    Roadblock: “Hey, watch it! We’re trying to work down here!”

    Longrack: “Yeah! You could’ve detonated some energon ore and blown this whole place off the planet!”

    Starscream: “Oh, I’m sorry. I was trying to just kill you!”

    Longrack never gets the chance to react as the aerial commander transforms in midair and lands a devastating kick square to the worker’s torso. The impact sends Longrack flying a good distance and leaves a big dent in his armor. Starscream flips backwards and lands square on his feet with his signature smirk on his face.

    Starscream: “Damn, I was really hoping he would go straight through the wall. Guess I held back too much.”

    Roadblock: “Look, I don’t know who you think you are but I’m not going to let you assault us and get away with it!”

    The older worker charges straight for the decepticon with his crane raise, poised to swing it like a giant steel baseball bat. However, a loud sonic boom scrambles his audio receptors momentarily as Thundercracker drops in behind him.

    Thundercracker: “Say goodnight, gramps!”

    The second decepticon grabs Roadblock’s crane arm and throws him over his shoulder. Before the old robot hits the ground, a transformed Jetfire lands heel first on Roadblock’s cranium, and pins him to the ground. Jetfire then activates his thrusters on his feet to torch the worker for further damage.

    Thundercracker: “Ugh, these inferior mechs are disgusting. They can’t even fly!”

    Starscream: “Hahaha! They’re no match for our superior battle prowess!”

    Longrack: “Crushsteel Punch!”

    From out of nowhere the younger worker nails Jetfire square on the face and sends him flying into Thundercracker. Starscream’s smile quickly fades as Longrack takes a defensive position to allow Roadblock to recover.

    Longrack: “Roadblock, are you okay?”

    Roadblock: “Yeah. That skinny one rang my bell, but it’s not so bad.”

    The decepticons are slow to get up, still weak from their battle with Megatron, while the two laberbots recovered quickly, much to Starscream’s dismay.

    Starscream: “So, you two are a little tougher then I expected.”

    Longrack: “You guys should’ve known better.”

    Roadblock: “We’re designed to be tough so we can handle the working environment. We aren’t your typical, soft, civilian models.”

    Starscream: “No matter. You’re still no match for us. I’ll prove it!”

    As Starscream rockets towards the two workers, Longrack winds up for another one of his patented Crushsteel Punches. Starscream sees it coming, and weaves to the inside and avoids the attack. He counters by pulling a short steel blade from the inside of his wing and takes a quick jab at Longrack. The blade cuts through Longrack’s armor with ease, forcing him to back off. Roadblock tries to come up from behind and tosses a punch towards the decepticon’s face. Starscream catches his fist and once again displays his prideful grin, until the crane attached to Roadblocks arm spins around and nails Starscream square in the face. As the aerial commander grabs at his face, Roadblock winds up and nails him square in the lower torso with his crane arm. The impact sends Starscream flying, though he’s caught by the other two decepticons.

    Roadblock: “We may not be designed for combat, but we are designed for some major heavy lifting. So we’re tough, and we pack a punch.”

    Longrack: “Yeah, my Crushsteel Punch can even break down walls! Imagine what a direct hit can do to you!”

    Jetfire: “Perhaps a different strategy would be more effective.”

    Starscream: “Just SHUT UP!!! Decepticons, wing formation!”

    All three fliers leap into the air and shift back into vehicle form. They rocket over the heads of the two workers, who watch closely.

    Longrack: “Ah, good. I think we scared them off.”

    Roadblock: “Don’t bet on it.”

    The three jets loop around and head straight for their targets again.

    Starscream: “Now! Fire!”

    All three let lose a volley of missiles. Some hit their targets, others stray and hit some ore. Multiple explosions go off sending a massive cloud of smoke and dust over the area. As the smoke clears, Megatron, Megabolt, and Soundwave arrive on the scene. The three fliers convert back to robot mode and land next to them.

    Megatron: “Starscream you idiot! Stop detonating the energon deposits! You could blow us all to the Pit!”

    Starscream: “Bah! What’s a few pieces of ore to us when we’re getting the entire facility to ourselves in a moment?”

    Megatron: “Whatever, it doesn’t matter now. I assume you were firing those missiles for a reason? What resistance did you meet?”

    Starscream: “Just a couple lowly workers. Nothing we couldn’t handle!”

    Megabolt: “Is that so? Soundwave!”

    Soundwave: “Units Starscream, Thundercracker, and Jetfire have all taken considerable damage. Repairs recommended.”

    Starscream: “Tch, shows what you know! We’re just fine, fighting fit!”

    Megabolt: “You fool! Get back to base for repairs, you’re no good to us in…”

    Megatron: “Let it go, Megabolt. If he says he’s fine then we’ll take his word for it. If he trips over a piece of debris and loses his spark then it’s his loss, not ours.”

    Megabolt: “Yes, Brother. As you say.”

    Megatron: “Soundwave, get to the facility and start making your modifications. Starscream, you and the others search for the remains of those workers you encountered. Perhaps we can melt them down and make some ammunition out of them.”

    Starscream: “Grrr, more grunt work. You shouldn’t waste our talents.”

    Soundwave: “Lord Megatron, energy signature detected! Heading in this direction!”

    Megatron: “Alright, Megabolt, you go…”

    Starscream: “I’ve got this one, Megatron! Thundercracker, Jetfire, lets go!”

    The three fliers leap into the air and convert into vehicle mode, heading in the direction Soundwave designated.

    Megabolt: “Idiots! Get back here!”

    Megatron: “Let them go…”

    Megabolt: “But brother!”

    Megatron: “Listen, Megabolt. It would make my day to see those three arrogant fliers get slagged by a single civilian. And if they win, then that works for us too. Let’s just sit back and see what happens.”
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    SWEET!!! Continue this fic!!!
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    loving it
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    thanks fellow transfans. The next episode is halfway done and should be up soon.
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    Battle of Kalis, Part 2

    “Darn! If the containment unit I was checking up on wasn’t so far down, my radar would’ve picked up something before now! I sure hope those two didn’t blow a reactor or we’re in trouble!”

    Prowl was the only security guard on duty, mainly because he’s the only security guard to begin with. The many years of peace had resulted in security measures being withdrawn considerably, and officials found it more efficient to keep only one member of the crew on duty to help regulate the system. Prowl’s incredible speed for both movement and processing made him a natural choice. He raced towards the source of the explosion in vehicle form at speeds that few on Cybertron could match.

    Prowl: “Strange, my radar’s picking up eight signals. Longrack and Roadblock are supposed to be the only workers on today, leaving the bulk of the work to the drones. Who else would’ve showed up? I better be ready.”

    The security guard stopped and converted into robot mode when he arrived at the location of the first two signals. Expecting the damage from the blast to be extensive, Prowl wasted no time in digging out the workers.

    Prowl: “Hey, are you guys functional? That was one big explosion.”

    Roadblock: “Urgh, we’ve seen better days, that’s for sure.”

    Both of the labor workers bared the markings of extreme damage. Pieces of their armor had holes blown in them, scorch marks stiffened their joints, loose wires sparked, and even their faceplates were cracked. By Prowl’s estimate, both were in desperate need of repair.

    Prowl: “Don’t worry, I’ll get you guys back to the CR chamber, you’ll be up and running in no time.”

    Roadblock: “No time, Prowl. We were attacked by some nasty mechas. They’re sure to be headed this way now. Go and get help! You can’t defeat them…alone.”

    Roadblock’s optics deactivate as he sinks into stasis lock. Prowl double checked his radar and discovered this to be true. He detected three units approaching at incredible speeds exceeding Mach 1. Evasion would be difficult, especially if these enemies had the ability to detect his energy reading, which appeared to be the case. Prowl decided his chances were best if he reserved fuel and stood his ground. He took cover and pulled his blaster cannon out. With the targeting sensors on maximum range, he waited for his targets to arrive. Prowl calculated that with the right method of attack and timing, he should be able to disable all three units before they have a chance to attack him.

    Starscream: “Keep your eyes peeled, men! The target could appear any minute now!”

    Thundercracker: “Yes Commander Starsc…whoah!”

    Before Thundercracker can finish his response, a bolt of energy flies in out of no where. The blast suddenly spreads out into an energon net, ensnaring the flying decepticon and disabling his systems. Thundercracker plummets to the ground, unable to transform or fly.

    Starscream: “What in the Pit?! Jetfire, quickly, transform and engage scanning mode!”

    The aerial Commander’s friend obeys the order and the two mechas begin searching for the source of the blast. Prowl decides to reveal himself by firing another blast while quickly diving out from behind cover. This time he entangles Jetfire, who’s unable to react quickly enough and gets pinned down next to Thundercracker. Prowl quickly rolls behind some fresh cover, and avoids the wild bolts of energy fired off by Starscreams Rifle.

    Starscream: “How DARE you! No being on Cybertron can match my speed!”

    The remaining Decepticon flier combines his short blade with his rifle to form a massive sword. He rockets towards Prowl and pulls the large blade back for a big slice. Prowl leaps into the open and fires another net at Starscream, who slices through it with his weapon. The Decepticon spins through the maneuver bringing his sword back up for an even more powerful attack but just as he gets within range, Prowl fires a small blast from the underside of his gun. Starscream brings down his sword with tremendous force, intending to cut through the blast and the lone guard, but Prowl darts back and avoids the slash. His sword slices through the titanium ground with ease, kicking up a small cloud of dust. As his attack passed through the blast, a strange green mist appeared. The strange cloud passed into Starscream’s optic circuits and scrambled his processors.

    Starscream: “Gah! What is this?!”

    Prowl: “Glad to see you liked my acid pellets. Now I’ll finish the job!”

    The security guard followed up with a hard punch to Starscream’s disorientated cranium. Another firm kick to the flier’s chassis knocks the Decepticon back just enough to give Prowl plenty of room to get off a shot from his blaster. No energy net this time, just an old fashioned blaster shot. It proves to be more then enough to take the gladiator down, as Starscream’s body finally gives out and he enters stasis lock.

    Prowl: “Nobody gets away with attacking this installment on my watch. Just what were you guys after, anyway?”

    The sound of clapping catches Prowl’s attention. He jerks his head around to see three new figures standing a short distance away.

    Megabolt: “Congratulations! I never expected anyone could beat Starscream so easily other then my brother and I. You surprise me, whoever you are. However, those three particular fighters were already running on fumes and worn down. Why don’t we see how you fare against a fresh gladiator? Soundwave, show him what you can do!”

    Sounwave: “Affirmitive, Lord Megabolt.”

    Megatron: “This should be interesting. I’ve been waiting to see what this mech is capable of.”

    The silent warrior takes his time and marches towards his target. Prowl scans the Decepticon and his weapons. Armed with a rocket launcher on his shoulder and a blaster in his left hand, there doesn’t seem to be anything too intimidating about this mech. Prowl does note that as he scans Soundwave, his opponent is scanning him in return. Just then Soundwave stops and raises his gun. Simultaneously, Prowl fires his own, another energy net. The Decepticon surprises him by hitting the net in three precise places with his blaster, instantly dissolving it. Three more shots nail Prowl. The gun isn’t particularly powerful; but they hit three decisive locations on their target. One shot hits Prowl’ hand, and caused him to drop his rifle. Another shot lands right on Prowl’s upper arm, a small weak spot in his armor that severed a motivator and rendered the security guard’s arm useless. The last shot hit him right above the knee, causing it to give out much like his arm.

    Prowl: “Damn, and I just had that component repaired. Did he know that?”

    Once again Soundwave marches towards his disabled adversary as he recalibrates his blaster. Prowl’s advanced logic circuits conclude he’s got only one viable course of action. He falls back and transforms into his angular vehicle mode which few can rival in speed. He hits the turbo’s hard and rockets straight towards the calm Decepticon. Despite his incredible speed, Soundwave fires off a few rockets from his shoulder mount directly at Prowl. The rockets veer off and hit the ground in front of the guard, creating a sharp ditch. The low angled vehicle mode Prowl was designed with hits the ditch, and finds his nose pointed at the ground and his rear exposed in the air. With no choice, Prowl converts back to his disabled robot mode as Laserbeak ejects from Soundwave and transforms to take flight.

    Megatron: “For an engineer he makes an extremely impressive warrior.”

    Megabolt: “Yes, he’s one of our finest. Soundwave has the most advanced sensory equipment. He can detect the exact condition any mechanical device is in, any repairs or modifications that have been made, as well as the level of power reserves the unit is storing. Within a second of scanning a target, he can determine the fastest way to dismantle it and reconfigure it to suit his needs.”

    Megatron: “Excellent! I see some of your ‘Decepticons’ can be of use after all. Very impressive, Megabolt.”

    Soundwave raises his blaster again and fires at his target. Leaning on his good leg, Prowl uses his incredible speed to jump out of the way. Even with his handicap, he was still very fast. Another blast and Prowl dodges again to the other side. Gradually, he works his way backwards as Soundwave fires again and again, always missing just slightly. Finally, Prowl works his way back to some cover. Soundwave lets loose two more shots, but neither are anywhere near the target. Instead one targets a doorway into a nearby building, causing it to cave in on itself, and the other hits Prowl’s rifle. With his weapon distant and disabled, Prowl was stuck with no other cover to retreat to. His audio receptors picked up the crackle of a volley of rockets launched by the silent assassin in his direction. Prowl leaned on his good leg again, poised to dodge the incoming fire, when to his surprise not a single rocket came over his cover. Instead, the rockets hit all around his cover, producing new walls of rubble extending his cover in both directions. Confused, Prowl puts his scanners on high to detect any incoming attack, when he’s blasted from behind by two precise laser shots. The lasers hit a specific spot on Prowl’s back that disabled his motor functions as well as his ability to transform. Now a prone target, Prowl could do little but turn his head to see his secret assailant. Laserbeak hovered ominously, fresh smoke rising from it’s optic units, apparently capable of doubling for lasers.

    Prowl: “I see; it was all a setup. He wasn’t aiming for me with that blaster. He wanted me to take cover here while his drone, which is apparently equipped with a stealth shield, snuck up behind me. To keep me from be able to go far just in case I detected the attack, he walled me in with his rockets. Shoot, I was no match for him.”

    Soundwave: “Lord Megatron, target disabled as requested.”

    Megatron: “Excellent work Soundwave. I can see you will be very useful in the battles to come. Now, go to the facility and begin the reconfiguration.”

    Soundwave: “Affirmative.”

    Laserbeak returns to its master and perches silently on his shoulder. As Soundwave turns to walk away from his opponent, his audio receptors detect a powerful engine approaching from the distance. The Decepticon turns and enhances his visual scanners to get a lock-on. He discovers what looks to be a bulky freighter approaching from the distance at impressive speed.

    Soundwave: “Warning, unknown vehicle approaching from quadrant 35, 64. Command required.”

    Megabolt: “Grrr, all these bothersome interruptions. I’ll take care of this one.”

    Megatron: “Very well, Megabolt. Make it quick.”

    Megatron’s younger brother transforms into his tank mode, and inputs the coordinates announced by Soundwave. He charges his main cannon to full power and fires. A massive, purple blast of energy creates a wave nearly powerful enough to flip his tank form back on itself, and blows away the nearby debris. An explosion of dust covers the distant landscape as the blast hits ground zero. Megabolt converts back to robot mode.

    Megabolt: “So Soundwave, can you give me contact verification?”

    Soundwave: “Contact negative!”

    Megatron: “What?!”

    Soundwave: “Target outran initial explosion at ground zero and is now riding the energy wave produced. It is approaching at tremendous speed!”

    Megatron: “So he outran the beam, and managed to survive the aftershock well enough to ride it in. That’s impressive.”

    Megabolt: “No freighter can move that fast. There’s something odd about this one, yes. Soundwave, disable him the moment he’s within range.”

    The loyal Decepticon immediately fires a volley of rockets, his entire payload. As the rockets approach the bulky, red vehicle; a canon on its rear fires a thick beam of energy that propels the truck forward at even greater speed, dodging all the rockets. Soundwave raises his laser as the freighter rockets into close range but is unable to get a shot off before the vehicle rams into him and knocks Laserbeak off his shoulder. The new visitor continues with the momentum and smashes the Decepticon into a nearby wall. Sparks fly out of the cracks in Soundwave’s lower torso and the freighter transforms into a large, bulky robot. The cannon on the rear of the vehicle becomes a large blaster rifle which the new robot uses to blast Laserbeak out of the sky. The small drone lands on the ground a small, smoking pile of rubble. Prowl barely lifts himself up enough to see who this new warrior is.

    Megatron: “Who dares attack the Decepticons?!”

    ???: “My name is Optimus Prime, and I’m here to put a stop to this here and now!”

    Megabolt: “A Prime?! Does that mean…he’s a matrix bearer? I thought those where just myths.”

    Megatron: “As did I, but whatever he chooses to call himself, we’ll put it to the test.”

    Will this new fighter be enough to stop to the Decepticons, or will the terrible power of the two brothers be too much for even a Prime? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of The Battle of Kalis!
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