The Enercon War

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    This storyline contains characters from the era's of Generation one, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and RID.

    After each chapter I will do the character profiles which feature in each chapter. so to start it off


    The place was Cybertron and the time was the end of the second great war that caused the Autobots and Maximals to face against the most powerful fleet in the Decepticon and Predacon alliance. In that fateful battle, Megatron leader of the Decepticons, Tripredicus, leader of the Predacons and Fortress Maximus current leader of the Autobots were all killed in the final attack above Cybertron. With only Optimus Primal as the last standing of this great battle it seemed that peace had been retained a finally, after so many years of fighting it had stopped. But this was not so, for in the lower levels of Cybertron a growing army of Predacon and Decepticon renegades had been waiting for the right moment to strike and their time was coming soon.

    In one of the dark areas of Cybertron’s middle level one of the many Predacon labs that had been established had been experimenting on the effects of a transformer’s transformation capabilities. Scarem a Predacon scientist entered the main lab, the whole lab had many different machines working on live and offline transformer shells, the screams of transformers of each faction could be heard as he walked over to three holding bays where two Decepticon medics watched over the transformers in each holding bay.
    “How are our patients” chuckled Scarem
    “They are quite well the transformation procedure has gone amazedly well for these test subjects” said one Decepticon medic, he gave Scarem a report and walked out of the lab into an operating theatre.

    As he entered the operating theatre he saw one of Scarem’s drones working on another so called patient. Scarem’s drone was an exact copy of himself but was of a red and blue colour. The drone seemed to be peeling away at the skin of the beast transformer and infusing nuclear dye onto the muscles and bones of the transformer’s beast mode. The Decepticon medic walked over to take a closer look, the beast mode was that of sabre tooth tiger.
    “Another Maximal, it brings me sweet pleasure knowing we are helping all factions with our treatments” laughed the medic. The walls of the operating room seemed to be shaking, but they did not take any notice of it as they were underneath a transport system constructed all around Cybertron.

    Scarem had finished reading the report and went into his own workshop there he had the remains of one of the trans-mutants created by the Quittisions long ago. He took some of the creature’s DNA and bio-mechanical data and started to inject it into a tube near by. As Scarem looked into the tube he saw a cloud of dust and then a transformer smacked against the glass trying to get him.
    “Ah my friend I see you are still angry for me for putting you in there but you will realise soon that you will have the power to take down anyone who gets in your way” stated Scarem, as he finished his sentence all the lights around the room started to flash Scarem scuttled to the main ops screen and turned on the communicator.
    “Scarem I have read your report on the recent discoveries you have found experimenting the transformation capabilities in Beast Transformers and I am interested in how you think this will lead to my advantage” ordered a booming voice
    “Well Master I must decline in answering that question as I believe a Maximal search party could be in this area any minute” replied Scarem
    “Ah yes and who do you think tipped them off about your little treatment facility” laughed the transformer
    “Why, we are making pro..” Scarem was interrupted
    “Progress that is taking too long, I am getting impatient of your lies and so I must say goodbye”, the screen switched off, Scarem sliced the screen in half.
    “Damn that piece of slag” shouted Scarem, he walked over to the TA system and sent a message to each one of his drones which read “OPERATION DISMISOL”. As he sent the message the walls of his workshop shook louder then they did before. Scarem knew the Maximal search party were looking for the missing Maximal troop that had been patrolling the area. He walked over to the tube with the transformer who had been infused with the Trans-mutants bio data. He started to activate the tubes eraser mode when the door of his workshop blew open and he was blasted into the wall. The causing blast also broke the tube and released the transformer trapped inside.

    The young Maximal looked at what had fallen out of the tube, it stared right back at him. It looked like it jumped for the shaft at the end of the room. The Maximal let it go he turned and saw the commander of the search party look at him.
    “You didn’t see anything Cybershark” ordered the commander
    “Yes sir Commander Turok” saluted Cybershark, Turok walked into the room and saw the blasted remains of Scarem against the wall he had hit one of the tanks of acids he was filling the tube with and simply started to disintegrate.
    “Killed by his own means a fitting end to such a sick minded transformer” said Turok quietly, he turned and saw the remains of the trans-mutant.
    “Such a sick minded transformer” he repeated

    On the other side of Cybertron at the Decepticon and Predacon alliance base, a coo had been preformed by the very Renegade Predacons that had started up the labs. Their moment and time was now, too busy with the labs all over Cybertron, they wouldn’t notice the dramatic take over by one single Predacon. A drone flew into the Decepticon throne room, it flew past the great statues that recognised every leader the Decepticons had been given and as it got to the throne a voice started talking.
    “Ah Scarem I knew him well, he did seem a little angry when I hung up on him but not all my business ventures can go well, but like I always say it’s always good to cover your bets, yes”
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    Character Profiles

    Veteran warrior from the second great war and Comander of a small group of Maximals. His lastest mission has had the hard task of releasing experimented Maximals, Predacons from the renagade pred labs. Unknown to himself he has let one of his soldiers release a dangerous new type os transformer hybrid.

    A young transformer who recently was drafted into Turok's army near the end of the great war. Reluctant to see what real effects the second war has had on Cybertron, he beliefs that all Predacons should be destroyed and has on many occassions gone too far in his strikes on the pred labs.

    Current high council member, his time with Arcanna has given him wisdom beyond most Autobots along with his fellow headmasters Highbrow, Chromedome and Hardhead, they have brought forward a new age of peace to cybertron, but they do relise that this peace will soon be gone as the threat of rogue Predacons has caused the Decepticon faction to crumble.

    A Predacon scientist will a sick mind to boot as well. Most of the experiments that have been put on the transformers have come out of his mind. The most dangerous thing about this Pred is that his mind and his his ideas have no bounds. He will do anything to get results anything.
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    Chapter one
    It had been a year since the strike on the Pred labs, the Maximal High Council had realised that because of the main intake of restoring most of the experimented transformers their energon supplies on Cybertron. So as Optimus Prime had done so long ago the high council decided that it would be best to plant energon mining cores on planets. But as not to involve the life forms of the planets in the universe they decided to planet the mining cores on abandoned planets.

    One of these planets was Planet Arios which the Maximals decided to colonise the planet, with the planet's energon level constant it looked as it was Cybertron reborn. The main city of Arios was Datrax where the main energon mining core was placed. But because of the Maximal exploration and colonising new planets, the Predacons had leaked their tainted claws into the Maximal progress.

    In one of Datrax's alleyways a meeting was underway, a giant flying lizard flew into the alleyway. It transformed into Skyshadow a Predacon assassin who had come to Arios to take out some big Maximal leaders. He had been called to this area through a special Predacon communication signal.
    "Who's there" shouted Skyshadow, using his scanners he could she that there were about 3 life forms in the area.
    "Do not be so hasty Skyshadow" said a voice, Skyshadow turned using his claw arm grabbed a Predacon by the neck and brought him forward to himself. The Predacon was red in colour but had strange makings all over his body, Skyshadow threw him to the floor.
    "And what did you call me for?" he questioned
    "Well soon there is going to be a Predacon uprising, and I was wondering if you would consider to join us in the battlefield" answered the Predacon, two Decepticon soldiers walked out of the shadows. Skyshadow looked at both of them.
    "Other hired help?" smirked Skyshadow
    "My bodyguards actually" said the Predacon
    "And what do you call yourself?" asked Skyshadow
    "My name is Spittor, and I am the Predacon saviour" he proclaimed, Skyshadow started to walk away from the trio.
    "Well this will be fun, but I am not buying this Predacon saviour slag" remarked Skyshadow, then Skyshadow dodged a quick energy blast from the rooftops, Spittor‘s bodyguards aimed their guns at Skyshadow. He rolled over and saw a cloaked figure jumping from the rooftop.
    "It is best to listen to what he says as those could be the last words you hear" growled the cloaked figure, he pulled down his cloak to reveal a Transmetal 2 body.
    "Dinobot" shouted Skyshadow
    "Yes Skyshadow, and if your sensors have been offline for sometime you would realise that he is no ordinary transformer" replied Dinobot, Sky shadow got up and looked at Dinobot.
    “Fine I will join you in your little scrap” chuckled Skyshadow
    “Excellent soon we will rule this planet” laughed Spittor as he raised his hands into the sky and looked up. The planet Arios was about to become the staging ground of a grand battle, and with the gathering of such powerful Predacons the battle would be a deadly battle as well.

    At the main security building located above the main mining core of the planet Datrax, Depth Charge the mining core’s main security guard had called everyone because of reports of anti-Maximal attacks on the transport docks.
    “Although these attacks have occurred over the last year I believe it is because of rogue Predacons” said Depth Charge “The best thing to do is to improve security measures around the transport docks”
    “This could be because these Predacons wish to strand on this planet, of all the transport docks are being attacked so we cannot escape” replied a wing female transformer her name was AirHammer a top Maximal scientist and excellent warrior, her research into Enercon an evolved form of energon which when exposed to normal energon has dangerous effects.
    “We haven’t found the Pred’s base yet so we don’t know how many are on this planet” noted Rhinox, the main doors opened walking into the middle of the meeting was Buzzsaw. AirHammer, Rhinox and Depth Charge looked at him in disgust.
    “Sorry for the interruption, but we have a serious problem, the Enercon chamber is going haywire” reported Buzzsaw, AirHammer got up and accessed a panel above her, She entered a code,
    “There is no problem now, I have controlled it’s energy level” replied AirHammer, Buzzsaw reacted to her comment with a confused look.
    “You have a panel which can control that chamber?” said Buzzsaw, Buzzsaw saluted and left the room. Buzzsaw headed towards the main ops bay, he walked past the Enercon chamber in disgust. AirHammer’s control panel control the chambers output if the Predacons got a hold of the panel they could destroy every Maximal on this planet. Buzzsaw got to the main ops room as he entered he was covered in a net.
    “For Primus’ sake Claw Jaw” shouted Buzzsaw as he slashed the net apart, Claw Jaw walked up to him laughing,
    “Your always good for a laugh Buzzsaw” laughed Claw Jaw as he picked up the pieces of shredded net, “What is it today then Buzzsaw”
    “Well I found out that AirHammer can control the Enercon chamber and that Rhinox is stuck up” Joked Buzzsaw, Claw Jaw went over to his work station and picked up a device.
    “Listen with my scanners we can detect Predacons signatures, but because of Arios’s atmosphere its blocking far range readings” said Claw Jaw
    “Another lovely feature of this planet, if we were back on cyber..”
    “But were not Cybertron is a ruined planet now,” interrupted a voice, Claw Jaw and Buzzsaw looked it was Ramulus
    “I know you two have a vendetta against the Predacons but let the right guys for the job do it” said Ramulus, Ramulus took the Predacon scanner from Claw Jaw.
    “We are not here to hunt Predacons, we are here to extract Enercon” said Ramulus, he tried the scanner it seemed to short circuit once he turned it on. Claw Jaw took it back and stuffed it in a draw, Claw Jaw chuckled at Ramulus.
    “Buzzsaw, I got an order from Depth Charge he wants you to check out sector twelve of the Lune city there are some reports of strange activity down there, you will meet Sonar and Nightviper there” ordered Ramulus, Buzzsaw saluted and walked out of the ops room. Claw Jaw waited for Buzzsaw to leave and gave Ramulus a report.
    “This is all the information on TOR, once he is completed I shall call for you” replied Claw Jaw, Ramulus nodded and left the ops room.

    Above the city of Lune a lower area of Datrax city which itself looked like a slum more than a city. This area of Arios had become a growing bad area and a know area where Predacons would be found. Buzzsaw knew that if he and Nightviper were called into this it was serious. He had not been ordered to this area of the city since Buzzsaw flew down to the sector he was ordered to go to there he met Nightviper and Sonar. Buzzsaw looked around the area it looked like it had been the site of a slaughter house.
    “Do you know how these Maximals died” asked Buzzsaw
    “It seems that their energon levels were depleted and then they were sliced in two and their sparks were taken” answered Sonar, Nightviper started to take samples of the liquid residue around the sparkless bodies he scanned it and checked the reading.
    “I have only seen this once before” said Nightviper, Buzzsaw and Sonar ran over to see what he was talking about.
    “Listen we need to call in someone from Cybertron” said Nightviper, “Lets take a shuttle back to Datrax”, Buzzsaw walked over to an Autobot soldier.
    “I need to you to call in a clean up crew, and they need to take the maximal bodies back to Datrax” ordered Buzzsaw, the Autobot saluted and called for the clean up crew. As Buzzsaw was talking to the Autobot Nightviper had called for a shuttle to take them back to Datrax. Buzzsaw jumped aboard the shuttle as they flew off.
    “How long will it take us to get back to Datrax Snarl?” asked Buzzsaw
    “We’re not going to Datrax” replied Snarl
    “Where are we going?” asked Buzzsaw surprised
    “We’re going to station 5” replied Nightviper “I have just sent Depth Charge the report, we are going to go pick someone up” Nightviper looked over at the samples they had collected. Nightviper’s shuttle had reached the outer orbit and was heading to station 5 one of the many orbital stations around the planet Arios.

    Back at the main base at Datrax construction was underway at the new transport dock. The Autobot Build team and Tow-line had been constructing this new dock for quite some time now and it was coming near to its completion. On the highest part of the construction site Tow-line was applying new girders to sustain the weight of a docking platform. Tow-line was lifting up the last girder when he felt something open up behind him he turned around and was kicked off the platform area. As he was falling a transformer flew after him and sliced twice into his chest. Tow-line released his grappling hook and was able to snag himself onto one of the secondary platform support beams. Tow-line looked up he couldn’t see where the transformer had gone, he then clenched his chest trying to reduce the pain of the opened wound. He was able to get onto the secondary platform he looked around, there was no one there. Tow-line turned on his communicator,
    “Central command this is Towline I have just been attacked by someone probably a Predacon” reported Tow-line, Tow-line was able to send the transmission but when he looked up he was slashed across the chest again. Tow-line rolled over and aimed his gun at the transformer, his whole hand was sliced off by the blades that the mysterious transformer was carrying. Tow-line backed away from him clutching his arm but the transformer then kicked Tow-line against the wall and jammed his blades into his body and released parts of each blade to keep him against the wall,
    “How do you like it Autobot scum!” snarled the transformer,
    “Terrorsaur stop” proclaimed a voice, Terrorsaur stopped and folded his blades around him. A Decepticon jet transformed and landed on the platform.
    “Now, now little Tow-line, we are just going to do a little operation, Thrust” said Afterburner at the end of his sentence he was very stern, a third transformer came into Tow-line’s sight, he had some kind of device on the end of his right hand, Afterburner started to take apart pieces of Tow-line’s chest plate away exposing his spark.
    “Do it” ordered Afterburner, Thrust jammed the device into Tow-line’s chest, Tow-line went offline as his spark was absorbed into Thrust’s spark extractor. Thrust and Terrorsaur chuckled as Afterburner took the spark extractor and flew off Thrust and Terrorsaur transformed and left Tow-line’s body lifeless and sparkless. As Arios’ sun was setting so was another transformer’s life, the sun glimmered on Tow-line’s sparkless shell and as the sun was gone so was the bright colouring of the transformer’s body was turned into a dark grey.
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    Character Profiles
    Buzzsaw (Beast Machines toy)
    A young Transformer who is thinking higher then he thinks. An excellent spy and transformer who knows how to touch a nerve on anyone he meets. A joker at heart, but when it gets serious he gets serious.

    Air Hammer
    A young female Maximal Fuzor, one of the scientist who discovered Enercon, the evolved form of energon. She is very focused on her work and has a soft spot for Buzzsaw even if she doesnt show it much. There is alot about which is shrodded in mystery.

    Like Claw Jaw, Ramulus is one of Buzzsaw's best friends. Since becoming a commander he has improved the performance of his team in researching the effects of Enercon.

    When they created Terrorsaur they forgot to put any kind of mercy or pity in his circuits. Because Terrorsaur in his new transmetal body his is a born killer. With his wing blades he can cut any Maximal into a million pieces.

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