The End! Tom Clancy's EndWar demo is now avilable + summary

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    Well, Ubisoft is making an RTS (Real Time Strategy) for console systems in mind called Tom Clancy's: End War. Most gamers steriotype that console systems cant do RTS' but Ubisoft wants to challenge that statement. The demo is out now on Xbox Live, cant confirm if it's on the Playstation's 3, sorry PS3'ers, but take a look!

    I've played some of the demo and gotta say it does function well for it being an RTS on a console. The game itself plays a little different that most RTS. First is that there is no base building (compare this game to Ground Control 2). You have an LZ that your units come from when you request them. Scattered around the battlefield are uplink points, you capture these (infantry can only do this) to claim dominence over the battlefield and gain command points and if you hold most of them for a certain amount of time you win. Command points are used to purchase more units on the field. Also while taking hold of uplinks, you can have your infantry squads acquire more options such as airstrikes, satallite imagery, and I forgot the 3rd, sorry.

    The game provides you with some basic units that follow a sort of "Rock/paper/scisors" formula, Riflemen squads are good vs Engineer squads, Engineer squads are good vs tanks, transports are good vs Engineers, etc. The game provides 3 factions, the US, Europe, and Russia. Demo provides US vs. Europe and I couldnt tell the difference between the two, not yet, sorry.

    Of the biggest features Ubisoft displays with EndWar is voice communication, they said that generals talk to their soldiers, so should you. To best explain this game's voice communication, I can play an entire mission with only voice and no use of the controller, except for basic camera movement. You hold down the right trigger (xbox controller) and speak, the game responds very well to your commands but I wish the game's vocabulary was more broad. I would occassionaly say "Unit 1>Capture>Whiskey". Unit 1 is confused by this because they dont unstand the word "capture", you have to say "secure" instead, doh! When talking to your squads you dont even have to pause your speech, you can talk to them in a full sentence, I can say very quickly "Unit 1 attack hostile 3, unit 3 attack hostile 2, unit 5 move to target". The most I was able to get the game to comprehend me was 3 sentenses. I cant figure out how to group units together yet with voice (thats more than 1 unit teamed together) but you can voice command groups, they're called Task Groups in this.

    This is not a slow paced RTS, about the only slowness to happen is the start of the game where teams are capturing uplinks and havent encountered each other yet. People die fast too, luckly the game gives you a saving grace. It's kinda corney but your unit's have their overall health, which represents the number of individuals in the squad, Gunships have 5 bars of health for a example. Next the units have "shields", shield is a releative term, there are no energy ion particles that deflect fire. At the start of the fight your units (and theirs) will loose their "shields" and then take the real damage, if you're fast and you can tell a unit wont do well in a gunfight you can tell them to pullback before serous damage can occur. By the way, dont send Riflemen against Tanks, that provides ouchies.

    EndWar's story is basicly about World War 3 and iroically one of the things to cause it is the development of the ultimate missile defence system, ICBMs are useless. The plot spreads out more than that and whats neat is that all 3 factions have their own thing that makes them look bad. The moral of the story... it's everyone's fault.

    Hope this gave you folks some clear insight to Tom Clancy's Endwar which is avilable in stores 11/5/2008 ( as the reference).
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    Been following all the news and reports about this one, so I will have to download that demo today. :D 

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