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    Alright. I am going to start my own Fanfic thread. I hope you fans of TF enjoy this because it has to do with me in the future and TF is involved. It is a realworld crossover. please no flames first time doing this so be nice.

    The Encounter: Section 1: Recruited

    Summary: On Earth, a paleontological find found in Alaska is kept secret from the public, and one woman who works for NASA gets involved. Note: I have included myself as the main character. This takes place years later and when I have a job at NASA. I don’t own TF or anything else. Just the plot and a few characters involved later on.

    The rain fell hard against the house, making a noise that sounded like sheets of metal rubbing against the siding as Sarah woke up.

    She got up and out of her bed as thunder rumbled overhead. ‘Not a good day to be outside.’ Sarah thought as she walked past the window, glancing outside as she did.

    After she had gotten ready for the day, Sarah went downstairs to make herself some breakfast. “Going to be another normal day it looks like,” she told herself as she picked up the newspaper.

    After Sarah had finished her breakfast, she went out to her car which was in her garage.

    Sarah started her car and drove off to work, not knowing that NASA was involved in a top-secret project.

    As soon as she was at the Johnson Space Center, or Mission Control, Sarah entered the Flight Control Room, where she saw a general from the U.S. Army waiting.

    Sarah was surprised. “What’s going on here?” she asked angrily. The flight director for NASA turned when he heard her voice.

    “Nothing bad is going on here, if that is what you are thinking,” he said. “We were just told that you have just been recruited by the Army to help work on a top-secret project.” the flight director explained.

    “Yeah, why did they do that? To find someone who is willing to work with the government to protect a project no one knows about?” Sarah asked, anger present in her voice.

    The army general looked at Sarah straight in the eyes. “The project is top-secret. We found something in the state of Alaska that is not from Earth. That is all that I can tell you for now.” the general explained.

    The flight director turned to her. “They said that the project involves people from every job in the government, and that they needed someone who has a Major degree in robotics.” he said in a whisper to Sarah.

    The army general then introduced himself. “I am Steven M. Jackson of the United States Army. The rest of the project will be explained once we are in the air.” he explained.

    Sarah nodded in agreement. “Alright. But I want answers as soon as we are, ya got that?” she asked.

    Mr. Jackson nodded at this. The two of them left the Flight Control Room and Mission Control to head to the airport where a military jet was waiting.

    As soon as they were on the jet, Mr. Jackson turned to face Sarah, hoping that she was the one that the army had been looking for.

    “Miss Meehan, you know that all people who leave top-secret projects run by the government are usually shot, right?” the general asked.

    “Yeah. Why did you want to know? So you could keep me from leaving the project?” Sarah asked, now getting suspicious.

    “No. Your position in Mission Control is why we can’t shoot you if you try to leave. Your skills and degrees in computer programming, electronics, and robotics are needed by NASA; so as a result, we aren’t allowed to shoot you. Instead, you will be dropped from the project.” Mr. Jackson replied.

    “Okay then.” Sarah said, now understanding why her position at NASA was so important to the space agency.

    A few hours later, the plane landed at the military base, which was located in the desert.

    Sarah looked around, the sunlight reflecting off her short brown hair. “So this is place, eh? Not bad, but still nothing like NASA’s mission control building.” She said, slightly impressed.

    She followed Mr. Jackson into the base, hoping to find out about the project as soon as possible.

    Her instincts told her that there was much more than met the eye to this project though.

    Sarah felt something about the secrecy of the project was familiar to her, but she couldn’t tell why it was.

    The general was hiding something and she had a feeling that it was bigger than she could imagine.

    Mr. Jackson glanced at Sarah, knowing that she would find out about the paleontological find eventually. She was not to be told about the find until she was ready.

    The general watched the young woman look around. He knew that if she found out about the find, she would have to be told everything.

    Mr. Jackson walked into a room, with Sarah following behind. “This will be your room while you are here.” He explained to her.

    The general then picked up what looked like high-tech armor. “This is what everyone has to wear when in the project’s hanger.” Mr. Jackson said.

    He then held up what appeared to be a large white gun of some kind. “Everyone who works on the project also has to have one of these guns for protection.” The general added.

    Sarah looked at the gun as she took it from the general. “I have my own tazer that I got from the Houston police. I got it when I helped solve that case in which NASA was unexpectedly involved, of course.” She said, looking at the gun as she held it.

    Mr. Jackson nodded at this. “So I take it that you know how to use a gun, right?” he asked.

    Sarah turned to look at the general. “Why would I have police tazer if I didn’t know how to use one? I have to know how to use a weapon if I’m going to have a tazer.” She explained.

    The general smiled when she said this. “Good thing then. All of the people involved in the project have to have these and they aren’t some weak handheld weapon. These are some of the more powerful government-owned weapons.” He explained.

    Mr. Jackson turned to face the young woman he had with him. “These things aren’t that simple to use. They have to have a special cartridge installed, which will allow it to fire stun beams.” The general explained.

    “Now, I have to get back to work so stay here until we call you, got that?” Mr. Jackson asked her.

    “Of course,” Sarah replied. “I’ll be right here.” The general turned to her. “Good.” He said, and then he turned and left.

    That night, Sarah lay in her new room on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

    She felt the secrecy of the project had something to do with the strange readings that NASA’s satellites were picking up.

    Her cousins and identical twin sister were unaware of what she was now involved in and Sarah knew it.

    All she could think about was the project though. The secrecy level was familiar, but at the same time, it wasn’t.

    Sarah knew that she had to find out about the project and soon too.

    NASA’s future was also on the line; if the project was revealed to the public, the space agency would lose all of its government funding!

    Sarah thought about this as she lay there, looking at the room’s ceiling.

    She knew that she could not leave now that she was involved.

    Her cousin Kira was a famous actress and had invited Sarah over to her winter house in Texas for Christmas Eve. But Sarah would not be able to go to the party.

    “Kira is going to be mad if I don’t show up for Christmas Eve.” Sarah said to herself as she got up to put on the armor.

    As soon as she had put on the armor, Sarah decided to go explore the base where she was now staying.

    Sarah’s sister, Jessica, was cleaning her boat which was kept at Kira’s winter home on the Texan coast that bordered of the Gulf of Mexico.

    She was a boat designer who designed speedboats. As she cleaned her 27-foot long cabin cruiser, she wondered what Sarah was up to.

    Jessica looked up, her eyes showing beneath the visor that she wore and used for understanding the programs that were involved in boat design.

    She looked up at the house which was a mansion that had 7 bedrooms, a balcony that overlooked the pool and hot tub in the backyard, and a boat dock.

    Kira was coming out to the boat dock, as Jessica got up from where she was working. “Do you know where Sarah is?” Kira asked. Jessica just shrugged.

    “I have no idea Kira. Sorry if I can’t help any further.” Jessica said as the sun reflected off of her brown hair which was tied back in a ponytail.

    Kira just turned to leave as she looked up at the stars. Kira was wondering what could keep Sarah away from a family gathering at Christmas Eve.

    She knew that Sarah had a tendency to find out about things that were top-secret. Kira wondered if her cousin had gotten involved in a top-secret government project.

    Little did Kira know, Sarah was involved in a government project.

    Sarah was exploring base where she was staying. It was big compared to the Mission Control building at Houston, she had to admit.

    Sarah was exploring the underground quarters of the soldiers at the base. The complex of rooms was bigger and much more expansive than she had originally thought.

    Sarah managed to find her way out after she took a few wrong turns. But she was unaware of where she was going.

    When Sarah looked up, she saw that she was near one of the freight elevators.

    She was about to step inside when Mr. Jackson came running up to her.
    “Where have you been?” He asked angrily. “You aren’t supposed to be down here.”

    Sarah found this surprising as she looked at him. “I didn’t know that this damn place was off limits.” She snapped back.

    “I haven’t touched anything if that is what you were thinking,” Sarah assured him.

    “I hope not, because if you had, you would’ve been kicked off of the project for sure.” The general muttered as he walked off.

    Sarah could just stare after him as she watched him leave. ’He is hiding something, but what? It’s like he doesn’t want me to find out what he is hiding. I need find out what he is hiding or I won’t be on the project any longer.’ She thought to herself.
    Kira was certain that her cousin had found out about another top-secret project and had gotten herself involved again.

    She could only shake her head at this. Sarah had a habit of always finding and getting herself involved in top-secret government projects.

    Kira could not help but wonder what kind of project her cousin had gotten herself involved in this time.

    All Kira could think about was how her cousin was doing and the new project that she was probably involved in.

    The actress got up from the chair that she was in and looked out the window in the direction of the state of Nevada.

    Kira knew that Sarah could take care of herself, but she was also worried because something told her that this project could change her cousin’s life forever.

    Somehow Kira knew that the reason the project was going on had to do with Sarah’s childhood liking that her cousin had had since she was five.

    She looked out the window at the sun rising over Houston. Sarah’s com-unit was out of the frequency range of hers, so she could not contact her cousin.

    Kira sighed, hoping that her cousin was alright, wherever she was.

    Sarah knew that she had to find out about this project as she lay there in her own room.

    She then got up, trying to decide on what to do next.

    Sarah felt exhausted as she sat up and decided to figure it out in the morning.

    Mr. Jackson knew that it was time for her to become introduced to the project team slowly, for the safety of everyone there.

    He grinned to himself, knowing that she could help the project immensely.

    The next day, Sarah was in her room getting her new gun all set, when she got a call on her com-unit.

    She picked up the small device, which was really slim and about the size of a cell phone.

    Her com-unit was a custom-built and specially made style, paid for by NASA.

    Sarah touched the pad which was touch-sensitive and turned on the com-unit. The call ID was not shown by the time the com-unit was turned on.

    Sarah was confused as to why the call ID did not show up by the time she had the com-unit on.

    The thought was quickly forgotten about as she looked up to see a figure enter her room.

    Sarah reached for her gun as the figure entered and closed the door. She had a bad feeling about what was going on at the base.

    The figure was the general. “Sarah, I would like to take you to meet some of those who are involved in this project and I hope that you can learn to work really well together.” He explained to her.

    As soon as the introductions were over, Sarah looked around the base some more. It was hard to shake the feeling that something big was at this base.

    Mr. Jackson had explained to her that the project was started because of the robot sightings around the nation, but Sarah got the feeling that this project was much more than the result of some mere sightings.

    She had the feeling that it the result of a big project that had been kept a secret from the public, even NASA, which was unusual.

    The general had said that he could get NASA to lose all of its funding from the government by saying that the space agency did not have the technology to keep up with the modern day space-age.

    It was a threat that he could carry out without hesitation and she knew it.

    The NASA worker walked over to the freight elevator that she had seen before when Jackson stopped her from going in.

    What is in that elevator that he is trying to hide? the female human asked herself.

    She had the feeling that it was bigger than NASA’s latest project that had been recently launched into space.

    That was when Sarah got a feeling that she had not had in years, a feeling that worked its way done her spine from the back of her head, a feeling that had been dormant for years and that had never been felt again, or so she thought.
    Only one thing could cause the feeling that went down her spine. There were aliens among the human race on Earth.

    Ever since that case that she had helped NASA solve, Sarah had not gotten the feeling again, that is until now.

    The NASA worker turned around and took out her new weapon, aiming it at the elevator doors, approaching cautiously.

    Sarah walked into the elevator and hit the button that was recently pressed.

    The female human yelped in surprise as the door slid shut and the elevator began to move upward, which was surprising to her.

    As the elevator moved upwards, the feeling got stronger, meaning that she was close to the reason why she was getting it.

    The elevator stopped and the feeling was at its strongest point now.

    The elevator doors slid open to reveal a hanger that was empty.

    As Sarah walked into the empty hanger, she could see computers were turned off and there were no workers around.

    She came to another door, but as she reached out to open it, she wondered if she was doing the right thing, doubting her instincts.

    She shook her head, and reached to open the closed door.

    Sarah opened the door, only to be blinded by the light which looked like the sun’s own light at first.

    The light faded from her eyes, and as she looked up, Sarah was shocked by what she saw in the hanger in front of her.

    A/N I ran out of ideas for now. But it will pick up again in Section 2. I hope you like it. ^^
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    Hmm, not bad... kind of a slow beginning. Hope to see the Transformers appearing in the next chapter.
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    Oh they will. The story gets a bit confusing second chapter but will make sense as it goes along.
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    Next part up.

    The Encounter Section 2: Signs

    Summary: A NASA worker finds herself caught in the middle of a galactic conflict and has to make the choice of helping out the Autobots or giving them up to an organization known as Sector Seven. With more of them arriving on Earth slowly, she realizes that Humanity’s fate may be in her hands and her decision. Will she make the right one, or will she doom the planet to a fate worse than she can imagine?

    “What happened here?” a female human asked the battleship captain beside her.

    The human was Jessica Meehan, a boat designer who designed military battleships for the United States Navy.

    The sun reflected off of her brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail as usual as she turned to face the captain.

    She had been called out to the military base on the coast of Texas where one of her latest ships had been stationed when the captain of the ship had realized something was not right immediately.

    As soon as she had gotten the call, Jessica had hopped into her white SUV and driven off to the base to see what the problem was.

    And the problem was a big one she realized, for the battleship was in really bad condition as she looked at it.

    The ship was scorched in some places, with dents here and there, showing signs of something like a battle occurring there.

    The ship’s captain turned to her. “The ship appears to have been damaged in a battle that took place here, if it is true that is.” he said looking at her, a serious expression on his face the whole time.

    Jessica surveyed the damage and could see that he was right, the biggest clue of a battle taking place there being a large laser burn going from the bridge to the bow which had the very front of it missing, a result of the burn.

    The captain spoke again. “The robot sightings around the nation have increased in intensity and the Army has been asked to help out, but apparently someone or something doesn’t want us to,” he said to her, looking at her into her brown eyes as he spoke, knowing that she would be able to figure this out quickly.

    Jessica nodded, getting the feeling like there was a lot more to this than met the eye.

    Out in space, a form was headed towards the planet, hoping to find the one artifact that could save its home planet before it was too late.

    A light shown from inside the hangar, revealing a form that Sarah knew all too well from her childhood.
    The magnificent red and blue body was frozen in ice, the kind golden optics dark behind the icy wall that was its prison.

    Only one name came to her mind as she approached the frozen alien, a name that only one being in the entire universe could have: Optimus Prime!

    She stared at the unmoving form that was humanoid, shocked to find him in this state.

    “Magnificent, isn’t it?” a voice spoke from behind her, causing her to turn around, her hand on her gun.

    There was the one person she had never expected, Steven M. Jackson of the United States Army, the one who had brought her here!

    He smiled as the approached her, pushing his black hair out of his face.

    “What is going on here?!” Sarah asked, now angry at him for not mentioning this to her.

    The human turned to face her. “You are in the headquarters for Sector Seven, and this is our latest capture.” He said as he pointed at the figure.

    “Sector Seven? You mean the non-existent government agency that captures and studies aliens? The agency that is supposed to protect Humanity from evil alien races and make alliances with the friendly races? That Sector Seven?” the NASA worker asked, confusion now apparent in her voice.

    “Yes, that Sector Seven.” Jackson said as he approached her.

    Sarah turned to him in shock. “I know for a fact that you made contact with the aliens when one of them helped you out in that battle you got involved in.” he said to her.

    “Now, where is their base?” he asked, knowing that she would tell if NASA’s future was on the line.

    To his surprise however, she didn’t. “I don’t know what you mean.” She said sounding innocent to him, which was a big surprise.

    “I can cut off NASA’s funding by framing the agency as a criminal organization that is stealing money from its own provider.” Jackson said, a grin that did not mean good news on his face.

    Sarah was shocked at this revelation. “You can frame NASA as a criminal agency?!” she asked, terror flowing through her like electricity.

    “Yes and if you don’t tell me about the base, I will do so.” Jackson said, the grin now a look of pure evil, a look that only showed up on Megatron.

    “I don’t know about this base, I mean it!” she yelled at him, a sign that she was innocent to him, or so it seemed.

    Jackson growled at her, certain that she did not know of the base, which was not a good thing to him at all.

    He turned away from her and walked over to the frozen form that was now in front of the two humans, a fact that both scared and relieved Sarah at the same time.

    “There are two factions of these things fighting one another, and we are caught in the middle. If we are to survive, we should take down them both.” He said as he looked at it.

    “Alright, I’ll tell you the location of the base, if you promise to let this one go.” Sarah said as she pointed at the frozen blue and red form.

    Jackson grinned to himself, knowing that she was an even bigger fool than he had originally thought, at least it seemed that way.

    Sarah knew that she was going against her word to them, but if it was to save their leader, then she had no other choice.

    When she looked up at Jackson, the feeling came down her spine again, catching her attention and causing her to look at the frozen being.

    As she looked into the now dark optics that were once golden, she began to wonder if she was doing the right thing.

    Would he go against his word to save his own men from disaster? She thought to herself, staring at the unmoving alien.

    Her gaze piercing the offline optics, she began to realize the truth about Sector Seven, seeing how they had captured him, how he had tried to get away without fighting, how they had tortured him for years after his capture had succeeded, how they had gone against the United States Constitution when they hid him from her own government, all of this revealed just by looking into his once golden optics.

    Before all of this had sunk in, she saw a threat to Sector Seven in the black optics, one agency that had all of the necessary resources, an agency that was one of the best known and the most dangerous to Sector Seven, an agency that had access to radar, geothermal, and all kinds of satellites up in orbit, revealed from within the former shining optics.

    Now she knew what Sector Seven was afraid of, the one reason that they had brought here for, the one reason to stay hidden and safe from the public.

    They were afraid of the one agency that could reveal what they had done, the one agency that could pick up and detect their activities, the one agency that could ruin their plans and have them arrested by the federal government.

    She now knew that she had to get away from here, back to Houston and Mission Control, where she could reveal everything that she had learned in safety, hopefully shutting down Sector Seven for good.

    Kira stared at the sky, watching the stars as if they were trying to reveal something to her, something mysterious and unknown of to humans.

    Her cousin had not answered her com-unit for the past few days and now she was worried about her safety.

    The actress turned back to the house and went inside her room, where she turned to face the sky out over Nevada.

    Only time would tell her if her cousin was safe and not harmed, something that happened to her a lot.

    The attacker flew at him, hoping to slice him into bits, something that would not succeed so easily and quickly.

    He grabbed his blades from his back and attacked, knowing that he would get in a good strike or two before his systems gave out.

    The metallic wasp-bot came at him, a bad mistake on his part because it left him open to an attack from any angle.

    He struck the wasp-bot in the back, slicing off his tail, which fell to the ground while firing off a laser as it did so, hitting a human military ship in the bow, causing it to lose the front part, which fell into the water, never to be used again.

    His opponent came at him again, but this time he sliced off his opponent’s arms, legs and head as well, leaving him helpless.

    The helicopter robot turned to leave, only to have his systems short out on him, causing him to turn into his helicopter form and fly away before he was noticed by the humans.

    The wasp-bot, Waspinator, felt so humiliated and embarrassed by the helicopter robot, Bulkhead, who had left him there in pieces.

    He vowed to get his revenge after he had recovered and was no longer disembodied, at least after someone found him, of course.

    Flying away from the battle scene, Bulkhead could feel his systems going into stasis lock, which was not good because he was out in the open.

    He struggled to stay up in the air, but with very little success; going down over a human complex was not what he had planned on doing today.

    He finally fell into stasis lock, his rotors stopping, and began to spiral downward, towards the human complex, located in Texas.

    Sarah turned and ran away from Jackson just as he turned to face her, probably to tell her another story about humans being endangered.

    She now could tell what Sector Seven wanted to do, but she had to prove them wrong somehow, and show the world the danger that existed.

    As she ran, the female human reflected on what he had said about having NASA disbanded through being framed or losing all of its funding by saying that the agency was not keeping up with their technology.

    He could carry out his threats real easily and with little to no trouble at all, which was often a bad thing from what she could recall.

    She had to get back to NASA now: the planet’s future could be in danger if the fact that Sector Seven was hiding an alien wasn’t revealed to the Human race.

    The NASA worker ran into a building where cars were kept and used for missions, hoping to snag one and use it to get out alive.

    As she ran over to one of the cars and got in, she realized there was a problem; there was no way anyone would believe her story.

    It would be Jackson’s word against hers, and that was not a good thing, not when NASA’s future was on the line.

    Sarah realized that if she was to get people to believe her, she would have to get NASA to use a program that had been reserved for emergencies only.

    This program allowed NASA to gain access to a network that was classified as top-secret, even from the other space agencies.

    The planet’s future depended on her getting to NASA and activating the program, which would then give the agency access to the network and hopefully warn the planet.

    All she had to do now was get out alive now that she had a plan, one which she hoped would work, if she got out in one piece that is.

    That thought alone made her nervous, but Sarah knew that she had to risk it, or Earth would be in serious trouble.

    As soon as she had gotten into the car and started it up, Sarah drove out onto the main road, hoping to not get noticed and caught.

    She drove by quietly and cautiously, wary of the guards that had been stationed around the base to stop people from leaving.

    As she passed by the gate and out into the main road away from the base, she was surprised that she had not gotten caught and sighed with relief.

    She was on her way back to Houston and NASA, the information that she had gained kept on her com-unit.

    They wouldn’t even know that it was missing until it was too late to stop NASA and the program that they had.

    Sarah drove into the Johnson Space Center and parked the military car, hopping out as soon as the car had stopped.

    She ran into the main building where the Flight Control Room was, catching her co-workers and the flight director by surprise.

    “Sarah, what are you doing back here?!” the flight director, Paul Harrison, asked, wanting to know why she had come back so suddenly.

    “Sir, I know that this may sound crazy, but you have to believe me. There is an alien being held at a top-secret base and it is one that believes in freedom. An organization called Sector Seven is holding it there. Apparently they think that it is evil when I know that it is not.” The female human said to him.

    “How can you be so sure?” Paul asked her. Sarah just looked at him. “Remember Evac?” she asked. The flight director’s eyes widened with shock. “You mean our alien resident here at Mission Control?” he asked.

    Sarah nodded. “They are of the same race. Only the one I saw was frozen and was not functional.” She said. The NASA worker was very angry now.

    Paul just stared. He had never heard of Sector Seven, but he knew that they could not be good news for the space agency. “Get word of this out to the Pentagon. They need to know what is going on here.” He said to a technician. The tech nodded and ran off to do so. Paul just hoped that Sector Seven could be stopped.

    Outside, Sarah walked up to the alien resident of Mission Control. “Evac, are there more of your kind out in the Universe?” she asked the mech.

    Evac looked down at her. “Yes there are, but the majority of my race is on Cybertron.” He said to the female human.

    Sarah sighed. She knew that he would be shocked by this, but he had to know. “Evac, there is another one of your kind here on Earth. He is being held by an organization known as Sector Seven, and I saw him.” The NASA worker said.

    “WHAT!?” Evac yelled. Sarah just nodded. As she looked up however, she saw Evac’s optics flash angrily. “Sector Seven…” His voice trailed off. Sarah looked up, confusion on her face.

    “Wait. How do you know of Sector Seven?” she asked. The helicopter mech turned to her. “Remember when you found me and my condition?” he asked. The human nodded.

    Then it hit her. “Wait. Sector Seven did that to you? They were the ones who attacked you and left you to go into permanent stasis lock?” Sarah asked. She had never known that the organization had done that to Evac at all.

    Evac nodded his head. “They said that I was to leave Earth to tell my invasion force to leave. When I tried to tell them that I was not here to invade, they just opened fire on me and left me to deactivate afterwards.” The Autobot said to her.

    Sarah just stared, trying to comprehend all of the information that she had received that day for a reason.

    Agent Reggie Simmons growled as Jackson reported in. “Sir, the NASA worker got away from us. No doubt she will try to stop us.” He said to his superior.

    Simmons looked at Jackson. “It is a shame that no one will believe her story about being abducted by Sector Seven and seeing our little project.” He said to the lower ranking official before him.

    “Yes, it is a shame. Too bad she managed to get some footage of it.” Jackson said to Simmons. “WHAT?! SHE GOT FOOTAGE AND YOU THINK THAT IT WILL BE DISMISSED?!?!” Simmons yelled at him.

    Jackson looked up, alarmed at the yelling. “Yes. I mean, who will believe her? No one will buy her story even with footage.” He said. Jackson was clearly shaking.

    “FOOL! If she shows that footage to NASA, we could be exposed!” Simmons growled at his agent. Jackson just gulped instead of answering.

    “Do what ever it takes to get that footage back, even if you have to break into NASA headquarters and steal it.” Simmons said to Jackson, who nodded his head at the order.

    Simmons smirked to himself as Jackson ran off to follow the order. There was no way that NASA was going to ruin all of his carefully laid plans. Not ever.

    A/N: I hope you like this chapter. What Simmons is up to will be revealed in the third chapter. I need good feedback though. Flames will not be tolerated. R&R. ^^
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    Whoa... now this starts to get exciting. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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    New chapter coming soon!
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    Update is behind scheduale and will be up within a week at the latest.
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    New chapter up! Enjoy!

    Summary: Sarah had managed to get away from the clutches of Sector Seven with some top-secret footage of the inside of a hanger where a secret project was contained. Now, with the help of NASA’s alien resident Evac and the space agency, she has to reveal what Sector Seven has been hiding and tell the United States government about the Cybertronians before the evil Decepticons arrive on Earth and cause widespread panic. Or will Sector Seven be able to stop her before the nation can prepare itself?

    The Encounter Series Section 3: Revelations

    The helicopter robot fell towards the human complex, systems shut down. The complex workers looked up in shock as the copter came down and crashed.

    The shockwave rocked the area, causing several people to fall onto the ground. Even Evac stumbled, but managed to remain on his feet.

    “What was that?” the mech asked his human companion. Sarah looked up at him. “I have no idea. We should check it out!” she said as she got up. “We don’t know if the cause of the shockwave is dangerous. We should be careful.” Evac advised her.

    The human groaned. “Alright, Evac. We’ll check it out from the air.” Sarah said. She was disappointed by Evac’s suggestion, but glad to be checking it out nonetheless.

    Her Transformer companion turned into his vehicle form and she got in. Evac’s rotor blades started spinning at full power, giving him enough thrust to lift off of the ground and into the air. The two of them hoped that whatever caused the shockwave was harmless, or at least knocked out by the impact it created.

    The crater was smoldering as humans gathered around. A black form could be seen as helicopter rotors were heard from overhead.

    The helicopter flew over the impact site, getting ready to land. A crowd of humans spilt to make a landing space for the helicopter.

    The helicopter touched down. Its rotors began to slow down as the door opened and a female human leapt out. As soon as she did so, the helicopter began its own change.

    The nose spilt to become two legs and feet, while the back rotors became wings. The arms were revealed next as the winch moved over and the top rotors did the same. Two hands came out and the head was last.

    The now humanoid robot walked over to the crater, the female human following close behind. As it looked down, another form could be seen. This form was like the mech, but different as well.

    “What is that?” Sarah asked as she and Evac walked up to the crater that was still smoldering hot. Evac looked down, and his optics widened slightly.

    “No.” he said quietly. Sarah looked at him confused. “What is it, Evac? Is something wrong?” she asked. The human was concerned for Evac.

    “It can’t be… It just can’t be!” Evac said. His voice gave away his shock at the form he was seeing. “What? What is it?” Sarah asked again.

    Silence just greeted her. The female human turned and saw what the form inside the crater was. “What the?!” Is that…?” Her voice trailed off in shock.

    Inside the crater was another robot. It was like Evac in race, but had a different helicopter form. Now Sarah could see why Evac had been so shocked. He had not expected to see another Cybertronian on Earth.

    The mech was in bad shape. Like Evac before, the wounds were bad but not like her Transformer friend’s. “We have to get him online!” Sarah yelled out to the techies around the site.

    They all nodded and went to get their tools. Sarah knew that time was of the essence to save this mech’s life. They had to work fast or he would never be saved.

    “So, they found another one?” Simmons asked. “Yes sir. It appears that this one crashed at the Johnson Space Center too.” a scout said. Simmons growled at this.

    He knew that when it came down to security, the Johnson Space Center was the one place to avoid if you wanted something from there. It was bad enough that the NASA worker had escaped back to the complex, but now another NBE had to crash there.

    Not only that, the NASA complex was also protected by an alien resident that was given special US protection after he-no It- it had been found to be a living sentient being.

    He was in a tight spot, and he had to find a way to get this new NBE to his headquarters without getting caught. Infiltrating NASA’s Johnson Space Center was easier said than done though.

    There was no way Simmons could get the NBE unless he launched an attack on the space complex. But an attack would attract unwanted attention and that he wanted to avoid at all costs.

    Simmons went over the consequences each action and decided to go with the attack. If he did attract unwanted attention, then he could always take the witnesses back to headquarters and “debrief” them on the reason for the attack.

    He grinned at this little plan of his. No one would be able to find out the truth about his plan and “project”. NASA would fall to him at last and would be a threat no more.

    “Alright, just connect this line here and that should stop the Energon loss.” A techie said to another NASA worker. The worker nodded and did as the techie had suggested.

    Sarah watched as the team worked to fix up the damaged mech. She hoped that once he was online, he could explain what he was doing here on Earth. They needed to know or Sector Seven would find him and take him away. That much she knew.

    Evac looked on as well. He had been shocked to find another one of his race on Earth abruptly. Of course, the mech had settled down as time went on. But Sarah could tell that he also wanted answers too.

    “We’ve got the Energon lines fixed!” a techie yelled out, getting the female human’s attention. “Alright, now all we need to do is get his systems rebooted and he will be online!” Sarah yelled out to the techie.

    “Gotcha!” the techie yelled back. He then turned to the team. “You heard her! Get his systems online now!” the techie yelled to the team members. They all nodded and went to work doing so.

    That is until an explosion hit the complex entranceway.

    “Alright, men! Fire the missiles!” Simmons yelled out as the Sector Seven task force moved in on the Johnson Space Center. They were going to get that NBE and no one was going to stop them.

    The space center’s entranceway stood out clearly. His target was within range. “FIRE!” Simmons yelled out. Missiles launched from the few tanks he had with him. There was no way that the NBE would be kept from him. There was just no way.

    “What’s going on?!” Sarah asked in shock as another explosion hit. The female human was thrown off of her feet as the shockwave hit the area. “Owww!” the NASA worker groaned as she got up onto her feet again.

    Evac looked around the area, looking for the cause of the attack. As far as Sarah could tell, he was determined to defend the complex that was his home for now. His optics were narrowed as he looked for the source of the explosions.

    A NASA security guard then ran up to her as she turned to face him. “We’ve just spotted what appears to be a small army of tanks headed our way! From what we can tell, they have an insignia that is not familiar.” The guard said to her.

    “What? Have you alerted the Houston police?” she asked him. The guard nodded. “Yes, but they wont’ be here for another 5 minutes.” He added. “Great. Just great.” Sarah muttered under her breath.

    “Have you told the Pentagon about this?” Sarah asked the guard. “No, not yet.” He replied. “Then do so! We need all the help we can get!” she shouted at him. “Got it!” The guard said. With that, he ran off to get the military involved.

    Simmons grinned as the missiles came at the complex gates. The NASA security guards dove for cover as the weapons streaked by them and into the complex itself. His attack was working. The NBE would be his soon.

    Sarah looked on as another missile came into the complex. The female human did not move as the thing flew at her. The next thing she knew, she was held in Evac’s hands out of harm’s way.

    “You should be more careful. If you had stayed there, that missile would have taken you out in no time.” Evac said to her as his blue optics met her brown, almost golden eyes.

    Sarah just nodded at this. She had been too stunned to even move at the site of the missile, and now she felt embarrassed by that. Evac had to save her and he could have gotten hit as well.

    Her Transformer companion then set her down a good distance away from the combat site. “You stay here. I have to go help out.” Evac said to her. He ran back to the combat site, leaving the NASA worker to remain behind.

    Simmons smiled when he saw the NBE that was protected by NASA running back towards him and his small army. It was unaware of the cyrostasis equipment that they had with them. This he was going to use to his advantage.

    “Fire the lines!” Simmons yelled out. A look of pure glee was on his face. The lines shot out and grabbed onto the NBE’s hand. The other three then grabbed its feet and its other hand. “Freeze it!” he ordered a few technicians.

    They did so, using liquid nitrogen. The NBE cried out in the American language as the cold liquid made contact with its metal armor. Simmons smiled even wider at the thought of two more NBEs in his possession. No one could stop him, not even the Pentagon.

    Evac ran at the attackers, rage in his circuits for attacking harmless humans. The Autobot was unaware of the lines coming at him though. He tried to dodge, but it was too late. A line was around one of his hands.

    “AAHH!” He tried to get his hand free, but it failed. Evac then felt lines around his feet and his other hand. He fell down, unable to free himself even though he kept trying to.

    As he struggled, a chill went through his body. When he realized what the stuff was, his processors went into a panic. They were using liquid nitrogen! Evac tried to get free even more, despite the fact that his systems were freezing up.

    “AAAHHH!” His vocal processor released a cry that no one had ever heard. The feeling was so cold! He wanted it to stop! Primus, it was so cold! Evac cried out to Primus in his mind for his Spark to be extinguished right then and there.

    All he wanted was for the coldness to go away and end. But it didn’t. Instead, it became worse and worse. ‘WHY?’ Evac cried in his mind. ‘WHY?’ it was just too much for him, but the humans who had attacked him before did not let up.

    Sarah stared in shock as Evac struggled against the lines that were around his hands and feet. He was in trouble, but there was nothing that she could do. Then she heard Evac cry out again.

    “AAAHHH!” The female human turned only to see the Sector Seven agents using some kind of liquid against Evac. When she saw the cold smoke from the hoses, Sarah realized that it was liquid nitrogen.

    Then the awful truth sank in. They were going to take Evac away! A burst of energy then flowed through her. She was not going to let them take the Autobot away. Not while he was protected by the US Military!

    She then ran at the human in charge, Agent Reggie Simmons. He was going to pay for trying to take away the mech. No one messed with NASA like this and got away with it, and she would make sure of that.

    Simmons turned to look at the NBE that was being frozen a grin on his face. As he did so however, he saw a female NASA worker running up to him. Simmons then realized that it was the worker who had gotten away from him.

    Simmons growled slightly. She would ruin his plans. But he would not let her. He would see to that personally too.

    Sarah ran at Simmons, her face full of rage. “You are not going to get away with this!” the female human yelled at him. She then threw a punch at his face. It hit with a loud smack. Simmons stumbled back, holding his face.

    He looked up, a smirk on his features. Sarah just let out another yell. Before she could attack however, Simmons then let out his own punch as well as the slash of a knife on her side and chest.

    “AAAHHH!” Sarah cried out as the blade hit. The punch thrown by Simmons also hit, causing her to fly back. She landed with a loud thud on the ground. Sarah struggled to her feet, blood dripping from the wounds.

    Anger flowed through her veins. All she wanted to do was help Evac. But this guy was trying to stop her! Why was he trying to take away the Cybertronian? He did nothing wrong! In fact, Evac was trying to help out NASA, not harm them!

    Sarah could feel adrenaline kick in as she got into a fighting stance. There was no way that this guy was going to harm Evac anymore!

    Simmons watched the NASA worker get into a fighting stance. He grinned. Oh, this was going to be fun.

    “You won’t take him away!” Sarah growled as Simmons got ready to attack her again. “I have to give you credit for being this stubborn, but nothing you do can save the NBE.” he said as he got out his gun.

    “NBE? What are you talking about?” the female human asked. “NBE stands for Nonbiological Extraterrestrial. Keep up with the acronyms.” Simmons said. “Who are you anyway?” The NASA worker asked.

    “I am Agent Simmons, but you won’t remember me anyway, considering how you and everyone else here will never be heard from again.” Simmons said as he aimed his gun at her. “No one will hear from you again” He said to her.

    Sarah growled again. She had to save Evac and stop this guy, but how she was going to do that she did not know. It seemed like Simmons had her trapped, until a bullet streaked past the Sector Seven agent and into the leg of a technician who was freezing her Transformer friend.

    “What?! Who fired that bullet?!” Simmons screamed at his team. “Sir, the Houston Police are coming and they have the Army with them!” a soldier on his team yelled out. “WHAT?! The police are here with the army?!” Simmons shouted. “Yes sir!” the soldier exclaimed in shock.

    Simmons turned to face the gates of the Johnson Space Center. Sure enough, the agent could see police cars approaching with Army tanks not too far behind. Police helicopters and Army helicopters hovered around the area, trapping Simmons and his team.

    Sarah grinned at the site. “Looks like you’re trapped, Simmons.” She said as the Sector Seven agent glared at her. “You got lucky, at least for now. We will be taking the NBE that crashed here and leaving shortly.” He said to her.

    The female human glared at him. “No way! He remains here and that’s that!” the young woman shouted at him. “We have to leave, sir!” a technician said to Simmons. The agent just growled. “Alright, men! We are leaving now!” He ordered the team. “Yes sir!” The team members yelled out in unison.

    Simmons turned to face Sarah. “You got lucky this time, but we will be back!” he swore to her. The NASA worker looked at him as he left. “You will never get them in your grasp and I will make sure of that!” She yelled back as he walked off.

    The trucks and helicopters left the area as the Army and police reached the Johnson Space Center. Immediately, the Army personnel went to work trying to free Evac from his bonds and frozen state.

    “Looks like those creeps used liquid nitrogen on him.” An Army sergeant said as her team shut off the flow of the tanks. “The sun should unfreeze him in a matter of minutes.” Her second in command said to the NASA personnel gathered there.

    Sarah sighed with relief as an Army medic bandaged her wounds. “That’s good news.” She remarked with a relieved voice. The army sergeant nodded in response.

    The sun did unfreeze Evac within ten minutes. The Autobot sighed with relief as his systems became operational again. “I can’t believe that I just went through that!” he exclaimed as he moved his hands again.

    “I know. Those Sector Seven creeps thought they could take you from us, but I doubt that they will try that again.” Sarah said as she looked around the complex. By now, news teams had gathered and were being told that there had been a terrorist attack.

    Sarah looked at the Army captain who had led the team there, Will Lennox. “Thanks for coming Captain Lennox.” She said to him. “It was my pleasure to come.” He remarked to her. “The Secretary of Defense is on his way and should be here soon.” The captain added.

    “Good.” Sarah said to him. “Hopefully we can get some answers about this Sector Seven. I also have some top secret footage that has to be seen by the Secretary of Defense himself.” She added.

    Lennox nodded his head. “I understand that.” He said calmly. The news crews were leaving as he swept his gaze around the space center. “The news teams have been told that a terrorist attack occurred here. They were also told that the terrorists used liquid nitrogen on Evac to keep him immobilized.” Lennox said to her.

    “Will they believe it though?” Sarah asked him. “From what I saw, yes they will.” Lennox assured her. “Good. We cannot have word of this leak out.” She muttered. Lennox nodded his head in agreement.

    They both knew that time was not on their side for long. Time would tell if the nation was ready to hear of Sector Seven and the existence of aliens on Earth. All that they could do was wait for now.

    A/N: I hope you liked this one! Sector Seven comes up with a new plan using the NBE that the already have, but will the new mech and Evac be able to free the mysterious mech that attacks the space center? The next chapter will tell for sure! R&R! ^^
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    Summary: The fight for the space center is over for now, but the crew has yet to find more NBEs on Earth and prove that they are living alien beings. Sector Seven manages to control the Cybertronian they have in their grasp and make him attack the Johnson Space Center. Can Evac, Sarah, Lennox, and Bulkhead save this new mech? But just who is he? And how long was he held by Sector Seven?

    The Encounter Series Section 4: Siege

    “He’s waking up!” a techie yelled from beside the mech. Other humans gathered around as the optics came online. They could only hope that he was friendly.

    Forms were visible to him as his optics cleared. They became clear, revealing humans and another mech, this one younger than him.

    His systems came online, enabling him to move once again. He was getting too old for this kind of treatment. His systems could only take so much.

    He had to get some answers and he had a feeling that the younger mech had them. It was only a matter of getting him to talk. And he knew how.

    Evac looked on as the older mech woke up. His optics came online, and this gave the Autobot hope that maybe he could get some answers.

    The older mech got up and stretched his body, getting his gears back into place. Evac approached him. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

    As if in response, the older mech then jumped Evac! The younger mech fell to the ground with the older one on top of his body.

    The older mech got out his weapons and pointed them at Evac. “Alright, young one, I want some answers and I know you have them! Now talk!” the older mech said to the startled Autobot.

    Evac looked at the mech. “I don’t have the answers you’re looking for.!” He growled. The older mech just yelled and drove his blades into the ground near Evac’s helmet.

    “I want to know what you are doing here and why you are with these primitives!” The older robot snapped. “I was found by them, and they are not primitives! They are an advanced race of beings!” Evac yelled back.

    The other robot then aimed a gun at Evac’s Spark, surprising the younger robot. “I will not hesitate to kill you if you do not answer my question!” The older Cybertronian snarled. “What question?!” Evac snapped back.

    The older robot pushed the gun closer. “Where are the Decepticons?” he asked. “You could be one of them, considering how you do not have the Autobot sigil on you.” The older mech added.

    Evac growled in rage as he kicked the other mech off of himself. The older robot flipped in the air and landed on his feet. “So, you want to fight do you, young one?” the now repaired robot said.

    Evac yelled out in anger in response as he ran at the mech. The blades on his arm detached and he grabbed them. Now armed, the younger Cybertronian ran at the robot in front of him.

    Evac’s human friend, Sarah, ran up just as the fight began to get intense. “Evac, stop!” she yelled out. This got his attention, which gave the older mech his chance. He rammed his own blades into Evac’s side, making the younger scream out in pain. “GAAAHH!”

    This got Sarah’s attention. “EVAC!” she cried out. The older mech pulled his blades out of the younger mech on the ground. This made the form groan. “Why did you do that?!” the human screamed at him.

    The older mech turned to her. “He just wanted to ask if you were alright!” she added. He turned to face the female human. “You know him?” the mech asked as he pointed at Evac still lying on the ground.

    “Yes I know him! He was barely online when we found him, and he just got back on his feet a few weeks back! Now you had to come and injure him again?! What were you thinking?!” Sarah asked him.

    “I thought he was a Decepticon.” The mech replied. Sarah gasped. “You mean that they are here on Earth?!” she asked in shock. The mech nodded his head.

    A few techies repairing Evac had finished the job when the news was heard. They looked up. Captain Lennox approached as well. “What are these Decepticons?” he asked the other Cybertronian.

    “You must be from the military, are you not?” the mech asked. “Yes I am. My name is Captain William Lennox of the US Army.” Lennox said. “It is nice to meet you. I am Bulkhead.” The mech said, introducing himself.

    “I am Sarah Meehan. I work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA for short. We are the ones who fixed you up and we also found Evac.” Sarah said as she walked up to Bulkhead.

    “What do you mean ‘you found him’?” Bulkhead asked her. “We found him near the space complex where you are. He was in bad shape, and barely online. His Spark was just a faint pulse when we got to him. Had we been two minutes later, he would’ve lost his life.” The NASA worker explained.

    “You basically saved his life then.” Bulkhead summarized. “Yep, that’s basically it.” Sarah said as she looked at Evac.

    Simmons looked at the mech that was held captive in its icy prison. The teams had almost finished “treating” the captive alien. Soon, it would attack the space center and both NBEs there would be his. Well, one of them would be anyway.

    The NBE that was protected by the Pentagon would never be his, but that did not matter to him. If he could get that NBE out of the way, the space agency would have nothing to protect and then he could finish NASA once and for all.

    But he needed to get the alien they had under their control. And that was almost finished. All he needed to do was reactivate it and it would be his to control.

    Simmons grinned at this thought. His plan would be a success, and no one would be able to stop him from accomplishing his mission.

    The systems rebooted as the ice began to crack to pieces. The once golden optics flashed an angry red color and a hand moved.

    The optics no longer showed mercy or compassion, just anger and hate for the ones it had to destroy; the ones at the space center that was headquarters to the space agency of the United States.

    A growl escaped the vocals, and the blue and red form moved, breaking its icy cell to bits. It had a mission and that was to destroy only.

    Evac looked at Bulkhead as the older mech stared off into the distance. The Autobot knew that he could not let the older remain silent. The younger Cybertronian walked up to Bulkhead.

    The other Autobot turned with a creak as Evac approached. “What do you want?” he asked in a tone that startled the younger. “I…I..I just want to talk.” Evac stammered as he recovered.

    Bulkhead’s expression softened as he gazed at the Cybertronian he was with. “What do you want to know, young one?” he asked in a softer voice.

    Evac’s optics dimmed and then brightened as he looked at the sky of Earth. “I…” He looked at Bulkhead. “I want to know what has happened to Cybertron. You said something about Decepticons and I want to know what they are.” Evac said.

    Bulkhead sighed. “You are innocent. Innocence is a rare thing to come by on Cybertron now. If you wish, I can tell you, but you will not like what you hear.” The older mech said to Evac.

    “I don’t care! I want to know so that I can help.” Evac snapped. Bulkhead grinned at his determination. “You remind me of myself sometimes. Alright, I will tell you everything you need to know.” The older Autobot said.


    The Golden Age on Cybertron had ended when Megatron attacked. He was the leader of the Decepticons, the evil faction of our race.

    The Autobot, my faction, were determined to stop him at all costs. But the war between our two factions cost both sides millions of lives.

    Our life source, The Allspark, was sent into space to keep it safe from Megatron’s grasp and evil ways. But he followed it and both of our races left.

    We had to leave for our safety, but our leader, Optimus Prime, vanished before we could find a world to stay on. Optimus cared for the freedom of other races and tried to avoid violence when he could. He sent out a signal, but we lost it before we could find him.

    Now the Allspark is lost and our leader missing. The Autobots have no hope unless Optimus can be found.


    Evac stared as Bulkhead finished. “You were there during the fighting?” the younger robot asked. The veteran nodded his head. “I…I..I only remember peace. I never knew combat, except for training at the Academy. I had been in space exploring when I hit something. Then there was nothing. I knew that I had been in stasis when I woke up. I had landed on Earth, and I scanned the first thing I saw to stay hidden. Then these humans came up and accused me of being an invader. They attacked me and I only remember sending out a signal to get help. Then I woke up to find out that humans had helped me. They had saved me. After some time, I had been given protection by this nation’s government. I never even bothered to try and send out a signal to get help.” The younger mech said as he looked up at the sky.

    “You never knew violence then.” Bulkhead commented. Evac just nodded. The older mech sighed. “You never had to fight, did you?”

    The question got Evac’s attention. “No. I never had to until recently.” The Autobot said to the elder. “Ah.” Bulkhead exclaimed.

    Bulkhead turned to leave when an explosion got their attention. Both mechs turned to see a cloud of smoke not too far off. “SLAG IT!” Evac swore as he ran off to the source of the explosion.

    Bulkhead followed, a bad feeling in his Spark about the attacker.

    The mech fired at the humans running from him. The red optics flashed as he approached the complex ahead.

    His red and blue form was visible to everyone around the area. No one would survive this assault.

    Any survivors would be finished off once the mission was accomplished. For now, the goal was the top priority.

    Sarah stared at the red and blue form in the distance. Why would he be attacking the humans? What had Sector Seven done to him? Why were his optics full of rage and hatred? These thoughts and others floated around in her head as the magnificent form approached.

    Bulkhead ran up as Evac skidded to a stop. “What is it, young one?” Bulkhead asked him. “Is that another mech?” the younger asked, pointing at the form.

    Bulkhead looked over and let out a gasp. “It’s Optimus Prime!” the older exclaimed in shock. Evac turned to look at him with confusion.

    “Our leader is here! But what is he doing attacking humans?” Bulkhead asked the younger mech. Realization hit Evac. “Bulkhead, remember what I told you about being attacked?” Evac asked.

    The older robot nodded. “I remember hearing something about controlling a mech that they had. I just realized that they were talking about Prime. He is the only mech they had if I recall Sarah’s report.” The younger explained.

    Bulkhead gasped with shock. “You mean that he is under this human organization’s control?!” the Autobot veteran asked.

    The younger Cybertronian nodded. Bulkhead dimmed his optics; realizing that he had to fight his leader was too much for him.

    He then looked up, knowing that Prime would’ve wanted him to protect the humans at all costs. ‘Don’t worry sir. We will find a way to save you, somehow.’ Bulkhead thought.

    Two helicopters flew at him. The mech looked up with his red optics. Those were the NBEs no doubt. This mission just got easier.

    The yellow one turned into a robot which landed in front of him. The green one followed suit. He fired at them, hitting only the ground because both dodged.

    This would be harder than he thought. No matter. He would just try to get them down his own way. They would be no more.

    Bulkhead and Evac jumped out of the way as lasers flew at them. “How do we get him to snap out of this state?!” Evac growled. “I have no idea.” Bulkhead sighed.

    “Well there must be a way! There always is, isn’t there?” Evac asked. Bulkhead nodded his head. “Yes there is always a way, but we don’t know what it is so we can’t do anything to help him.” The older mech said sadly.

    Then their opponent fired on them again. Both mechs dodged again, Evac jumping into the air this time. The younger robot looked around for anything that could help them out in the battle.

    Bulkhead landed near his leader and delivered a punch to his face. The other mech fell back, only to get up again. Bulkhead sighed to himself. This would not be easy.

    Evac watched Bulkhead punch Prime in the face, only to have the said mech get back up on his feet. The younger mech felt anger flow through his circuits. He wanted to help, but he had no idea on how to do so.

    He knew that there had to be a way to stop Prime, but he did not know what he had to do. It was not like Sector Seven had reprogrammed him. Then it hit Evac.

    “If Sector Seven held onto Prime for a long time, then they could have figured out his programming. If given enough time and reason, they could have altered his programming with their systems. And if they altered his programming with their systems, then…” His voice trailed off as he looked at a transformer on a building.

    Evac grinned to himself. He knew how to snap Prime out of his crazy state. All he needed to do was get the controlled mech over to the electric device and it would bring his programming back to normal. He hoped.

    Evac knew that his programming could be screwed up again or wiped out altogether. It was a big risk, but if it worked, then it would be worth it.

    The young Autobot sighed. It was now or never. The younger robot flew down to the fight scene. “Hey Bulkhead, try and hit him into that transformer on that building! It might snap him out of this state!” Evac yelled.

    Bulkhead looked up with a confused expression his face. “You want to shock him?” the elder asked. The younger helicopter robot nodded.

    Bulkhead looked at Prime and then at the target. He sighed. Then he punched Prime as hard as he could into the transformer. There was a scream heard as the high voltage coursed throughout his body.

    The veteran looked away as Prime pulled away from the lines. The leader’s optics then went dark as he collapsed to the ground.

    “NO!” Simmons pounded his hands on his desk. “How could we lose control over the NBE? It was foolproof!” he pinched his face between his eyes. “The control chip shorted out because of the high voltage of that transformer.” Simmons muttered. Then he realized what this meant.

    “The protected NBE’s plan to free it worked! My plan failed because of that protected NBE!” the agent roared. His agents looked at each other before leaving him alone.

    Simmons could not believe this. His plans were always foolproof. Or so he had thought until now. Apparently there was no such thing as a foolproof plan, at least for now there wasn’t. There soon would be though.

    He grinned. At least they had NBE 1 still. The other was expendable anyway. It did not matter that the second NBE he had held onto was now free. If it awakened, it would have no memory of Sector Seven anyway.

    They were to stay hidden, even from their own government. The agency would never be known of, and they would never be found out.

    Pain greeted him as his systems rebooted. His optics came online to reveal humans and two Autobots, one he had never seen before. The other was Bulkhead.

    “Bulk…head?” Prime asked. The said mech nodded. “You received a shock to your systems and blacked out. Apparently, there was some kind of control chip in you.” The veteran explained.

    Prime looked at the older robot confused. “Simply put, you were under the control of Sector Seven and the shock from the transformer fried the chip and set you free.” A female voice said.

    The Autobot looked down to see a human standing there. “What is Sector Seven?” he asked her. The human sighed. “It is an organization that was supposed to protect Humanity from evil aliens and make alliances with the good aliens. It seems that they don’t do that though.” The female said.

    She then looked up at him. “They had you in their grasp and planned to make you attack the space center and cause humans to lose their lives. Then these two here,” she pointed at the two other mechs, “would be given to them and then they could control them as well.” The human explained.

    “What is your name, young one?” Prime asked her. The human looked up into Prime’s now golden optics. The rage and hatred was now gone, and replaced with compassion and kindness once again.

    The human smiled as another human walked up. “My name is Sarah Meehan and this is Captain William Lennox of the US Army.” She said as she pointed at Lennox.

    Prime smiled beneath his battle mask. These two were going to be great allies if they could be trusted. He glanced at the younger mech beside Bulkhead.

    “And you are?” he asked. The younger robot looked up. “My name is Evac and I’m honored to be here sir.” The mech said. Prime smiled again. An innocent mech, a rarity for him to come across was before him.

    This young one would make a fine Autobot Prime knew. All he needed was time to mature and he would be a feared warrior soon enough.

    A/N: Section 5 will follow after New Year’s Eve. Please let me know what you think of this. R&R. ^^
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    Summary: The fight with the strange mech behind them, Evac, Sarah, Lennox, and Bulkhead try to rest. But not all can remain at peace. A new evil comes to Earth and requires the Autobots being found. But can the unusual team of three mechs and two humans find the ship before the Decepticons arrive?

    The Encounter Series Section 5: Search

    “Have you found him yet, Hound?” a voice asked over the comm. “Not yet Prowl. I’m still looking.” The jeep replied. “Understood. Return to base when you are finished.” Prowl said. “Roger that.” Hound answered.

    The green mech hoped that their leader could be found. It had been 10 months since he had vanished from their crashed ship with no real trace. Sure, there had been a few clues to his disappearance, but they had all lead nowhere.

    Even with his skills and Prowl’s logic, the crew could not find him. Prime had just simply vanished off of their scanners.

    When the crew awoke, he had been gone. No scanners could pick him up, even when they were at maximum power. But the Autobots had not given up hope. They knew that they would find Prime eventually.

    But they had no idea just how they would find him.

    Waspinator hovered over the human complex. He watched as the aircraft took off and landed near the runway.

    “Wazzpinator find good place for Predacon bazze.” The robotic wasp buzzed. He transformed into his robot form, only to feel something rock him in the air.

    He stumbled and then felt something missing. Waspinator looked back, only to see a white spacecraft come at him! The wasp bot sped out of the way, but got clipped by the rudder. His legs were then cut off as the rudder of the spacecraft cut him in two.

    “Wazzpinator having bad day!” he moaned as he hovered in one spot, legless. He then felt something else hit him with full force; ten times the normal force that is.

    Waspinator felt his head separate from what remained of his body. “Wazzpinator having really bad day now!” he groaned as his head fell.

    The space pod that hit him continued to fall at its high speed. He had a really bad time today, especially with that white spacecraft.

    “Sir, this is the space shuttle Discovery.” A voice said over the comm. “Go ahead Discovery.” Paul said. “It appears that we hit some kind of robotic looking wasp. The rudder was hit, but it is still functional.” The pilot said.

    “Good. I will alert the team as to what happened.” The flight director said. “Roger that. Discovery out.” The pilot said to Mission Control.

    The flight director then opened up a new communications line. “Mission Control to search team. Do you read?” he asked.

    At that moment, a female voice was heard. “This is the search team. What is it?” the voice asked. “We’ve just had another ‘encounter’.” Paul said over the comm. “I heard that. Don’t worry. We will find the base before those creeps do.” The voice assured him.

    “Thanks. Just be careful.” Paul said to the voice before the connection was cut. “Yes sir.” The voice said. With that, the line went dead.

    Sarah looked at the small team that was with her. They were the ones that had agreed to go out and search for the base that the Autobots had. She sighed as they continued on, hopefully encountering the base.

    She knew that they had been traveling for more than 5 hours now. The base had been picked up on Evac’s sensors but then had just vanished. The human knew that they had to find the base and soon.

    Evac looked around at the trees below him as he hovered in vehicle mode. He had never seen anything other than the space center’s buildings during his time on Earth.

    The sight amazed him beyond words. “You like it, young one?” Bulkhead asked him, scaring the younger robot. “Y…Yes, I do. It’s very peaceful here.” He murmured to the older mech.

    Bulkhead smiled, knowing that Evac would be a valuable team player. His skills in combat were unlike anything the veteran had seen and that gave away his experience in combat situations.

    “We have to keep moving!” Lennox yelled over the comm. Bulkhead sighed, but he knew that the army captain was right. They had to find the base before the Decepticons figured out that Optimus Prime was still alive.

    Both mechs flew overhead, scanning the area for any sign of the base. Then Evac found it. “I’ve found something off our target trajectory, 20 miles to the northeast!” the yellow helicopter shouted into the comm.

    “Can you tell what it is?” Bulkhead asked. “No. All I know is that whatever it is appears to be moving in our direction. My guess is that a scout team from the base is out here.” Evac replied.

    Bulkhead snorted. “Probably a Decepticon ambush.” He muttered, unaware that Evac overheard him. The mech frowned at this. Why was it that Bulkhead thought everything to be a trap?

    Evac had every right to wonder why Bulkhead thought everything was a trap. That much Lennox knew. The army captain had a feeling that it was a scout team too. He figured that Bulkhead was just too cautious.

    Lennox looked up at the two helicopter mechs in the air. He and Sarah had been following them in an off-road vehicle lent to them by the Army. Of course, Prime was being transported by a transport vehicle to the base. They were not taking any chances with this at all.

    The human knew that this Sector Seven would be trying to get the leader back into their possession, so a whole army caravan was following the transport and the team. This hopefully would show that agent that they were not messing around.

    The army captain doubted that it would work, but it never hurt to try. He had learned that the hard way in the army. He had tried to free a comrade with a plan that the others thought wouldn’t work, but it did.

    Lennox looked at the human that was leading them. Sarah, as a worker for the space agency, had knowledge of the area thanks to satellite imaging. She knew that the base was not much further, at least he hoped so anyway.

    Hound, who was in the area, looked up as two helicopters flew overhead. The green one he knew to be Bulkhead, but the yellow one he had never seen before. Hound wondered who the yellow copter was.

    The scout turned his optics to the road at the sound of engines. What he saw surprised him. There were vehicles headed in his direction, followed by the helicopters and a transport escorted by what looked like military vehicles.

    The green mech raised his hand to his head and opened a comm line to Prowl. “Sir, we have a convoy of human vehicles headed in our direction and they have some sort of a transport with them. Should we attack?” he asked.

    “If the vehicles are military, be cautious. Don’t attack unless you are fired upon first.” The second in command ordered. “Yes sir.” Hound replied.

    The scout cut the link and watched the transport coming his way. He could overhear the humans talking about the contents from his position.

    “So how much longer until we find the Autobots?” a soldier asked. “We will know when Evac tells us. His sensors are much more accurate than Bulkhead’s so he should be able to tell us.” Another soldier replied.

    So the yellow copter is called Evac. This can’t be good for us. The scout thought to himself. He looked up just as the army captain approached them. “How’s our special guest doing?” he asked.

    The soldiers looked at the transport and back at the army captain. “He’s doing alright Captain Lennox.” The first soldier said. “Good. Until we can find his team, we are his protectors.” The human muttered.

    Hound gasped. These Humans had someone of high rank in that transport! He wondered if he should help them protect the human inside, but then decided against it. It would only give away his position.

    The jeep turned when he heard the human called Lennox speaking again. “The Autobots would be shocked to find him alive after ten months of captivity, so we have to be careful. They might accuse us of doing it, so be alert.” He said as he looked at the transport once more.

    Hound racked his processors to figure out what the human meant, but the scout gave up when he could not reach a solution. However, the human had given out a clue that gave away something important: the Autobot leader had vanished ten months ago.

    The scout was confused as to how the humans knew of Prime’s disappearance, but it did not matter. The leader would never be found alive again. Or so he thought…

    Sarah looked out from Evac’s cockpit as he flew over the trees. She knew that this was the first time that her Transformer companion had ever seen trees and wildlife. This was a first for him.

    Of course, it had to be ruined for him by the fact that they had to get Prime to the Autobots. Not that it really mattered.

    She sighed and looked out at Bulkhead. She wondered why he felt everything was a trick by the Decepticons, but she figured that the reason was best left unknown.

    Then, the feeling came. She gasped as the chill went down her spine and looked out the cockpit window. Her gaze darted from one batch of trees to the next, hoping to catch the Transformer she was sensing.

    Evac noticed the increase in her heart rate as his human occupant moved around and looked around the scene frantically. “What’s wrong?” he asked her. Sarah looked at his console. “I’m sensing something, like a Transformer.” She explained. Evac, knowing of her little ability, scanned the area to confirm her guess.

    “I’m picking up a Transformer signal.” He exclaimed to her. “Can you tell where it is coming from?” she asked him. As if in response, Evac flew down closer to the convoy.

    “Hey, Captain Lennox! We have a Transformer signal nearby! Should we head in that direction?” Sarah yelled down to him.

    The army captain looked up at her. “If there is a signal in the area, we should check it out. But we need to be cautious.” He told her as he yelled back.

    She nodded and ducked back inside Evac as the helicopter mech flew off in the direction of the signal.

    Hound gasped as the yellow helicopter came closer to his position. He had been discovered! Hound activated his comm as the copter came closer still.

    “Prowl, I’ve been discovered. Should I attack?” the scout asked. “Permission to attack granted, Hound.” Prowl replied. With that, the connection was cut.

    The jeep raised his gun and prepared to open fire. The strange mech flew closer and the scout fired, hitting the mech.

    Sarah felt Evac falter in the air as a gunshot grazed his side. “What was that?!” she asked as the mech flew to the side to avoid another shot. “The Transformer is firing on us, that’s what!” Evac snapped. “Then we have to be close to the base!” the female human exclaimed.

    The team, being in Oregon, was closer to the base than they realized though. Sarah checked the satellite readouts on her com-unit as Evac dodged another shot. “Alright, it appears that we are near Mount St. Hillary. That means that the base is not much further according to the last readouts of the base’s location.” She muttered to herself.

    Of course, it was not all due to satellite readouts. The base, she knew, was at Mount St. Hillary because it had crashed there. She knew this because of her obsession as a child.

    Sarah looked at the trees and then she saw a clearing. “Evac, head towards that clearing! That is where the base is!” she exclaimed as the familiar orange form of the Ark became visible. They had found the base!

    Evac complied with her direction, which told the rest of the team where the base was. As he flew in that direction, the team directed their vehicles towards the clearing. Bulkhead followed, thinking that Evac had seen a Decepticon, but gasped when he saw the spaceship in the side of the mountain.

    The base had been found at last.

    Prowl heard the sound of helicopter rotors as he looked outside the Ark. Then he gasped. There was a convoy of military vehicles used by the humans coming towards the ship. Two helicopters were following, one of them Bulkhead, and a transport as well.

    The Datsun growled at this. A transport with the humans meant that they wanted to capture the Autobots. Or so he figured.

    The transport came up just as the military vehicles came to a stop and as the helicopters hovered in the air. A human team stepped out just as the helicopters hovered down and landed. A female human hopped out and both helicopters transformed into their robot forms.

    Prowl recognized Bulkhead, but failed to identify the younger mech beside him. Even his battle computer had no identification of the mech. The tactician let it go though, when he saw the human in charge of the convoy.

    “Are you in charge?” the male human asked. Prowl just nodded, not wanting to speak to the human, knowing full well that they were armed and could do some real damage to the Ark if they wanted to.

    The female human grinned. “Are you Prowl?” she asked, surprising the mech. “How did you know my name?” he demanded. The femme human jumped at the harshness of his words. “J-j-just a guess?” she said.

    The 2IC nodded, deeming her not a threat. His gaze settled on the yellow mech who looked nervous but also had an aura of a battle hardened warrior. This young mech was an interesting case. Smokescreen would like to examine this mech, no doubt. Prowl thought to himself.

    The resident psychologist of the Autobots Prowl was right about. The young helicopter mech looked at the human who had come out of his cockpit and then looked back at Prowl. The femme had given the mech a strange look, but it had relaxed him.

    The 2IC looked at the transport. “What are you carrying?” he asked of the male human in charge. “We have someone you might have deemed missing for good.” The leader said as the transport came forward.

    Prowl just raised an optic ridge. “Let us into your base and we will explain.” The male human said as he jumped onto the transport. The Datsun nodded and lead the team of humans into their ship.

    Sarah looked up at Evac with a grin on her face. Then, her ability kicked in, meaning that they were close. She became serious as this occurred. They were close to making the mission complete. They could not fail now.

    Optics observed the strange group that had entered the ship. Sarah could feel their gaze following them. She did not even have to look to see that it was true. She could tell because she could sense it with her strange gift.

    The team stopped near the command center. “This is where we have our command center.” Prowl said as he opened the door. Sure enough, there was a computer and a group of mechs nearby.

    A black mech looked up. “What’s going on Prowl?” he asked in a southern accent. “It’s nothing Ironhide.” The 2IC said as he looked back at the team.

    Lennox looked inside at the massive black body. “Wow…” he murmured as he stared at the weapons specialist. Ironhide looked down at the human. “What is this thing?” he asked in a gruff voice.

    This got Sarah angry. “Did you just call him a thing!?” she asked in an angry voice. The black mech nodded. “He is a living, sentient being!” she snapped at him. Ironhide just cocked his head at her.

    “What?” he asked in a confused voice. “AARRGHH!” Sarah growled in frustration. He was hard to convince. The femme human turned to a yellow robot that was just outside the command center.

    Apparently the yellow mech could sense her frustration and faced Ironhide. “What do you want?” the black mech asked in an angry voice. As if in response, the young mech grabbed Ironhide and threw him against the wall.

    The helicopter mech then grabbed the weapons specialist by his chest plate and lifted him up off of the ground. “These beings are not a primitive species. They have advanced themselves to a degree of understanding our technology and have helped out me and Bulkhead by repairing us!” the mech growled as he held the black robot against the wall with unbelievable strength.

    The weapons specialist was surprised at his strength and the amount of malice in his voice. He had never met a mech that was so devoted to protecting a lower life form in his life other than Prime. This mech had an air of mystery about him and Ironhide had no idea what it was.

    The humans by the transport looked at Ironhide and then at Evac. They knew that if the black mech tried anything, Evac would protect them. They then turned to the transport and walked up to it.

    Prowl witnessed this and wondered what they were up to. The transport was about the size of a normal Transformer and about as tall as Skyfire. The sides were locked, but the humans walked up and unlocked them. The sides fell away with a loud CLANG to reveal another vehicle.

    Prowl raised an optic ridge at the new human transport. The human femme turned to the transport and nodded. Then what happened next surprised and shocked the whole group of mechs in the area.

    The human vehicle transformed revealing a mech that was almost Bulkhead’s height and that had an aura of leadership around him. His blue and red form the 2IC recognized right away. The golden optics gave away who it was to Ironhide.

    “P-P-Prime?” he asked, a hint of respect in his voice. The mech in question nodded, further confirming Prowl’s assumption. “I don’t believe this! I thought you were deactivated for good!” he blurted out. Prime looked at his 2IC.

    “It was thanks to these humans that I’m not. They were the ones who wanted to look for the base and they did not accept my decision to not do so.” He said in his calm voice. He then looked at Evac and Bulkhead. “These two helped to find the base as well.” He added. Ironhide looked at the mech that had attacked him.

    There was a new respect in his optics as he gazed at Evac. “Thanks.” He said. The younger mech just growled and looked away. Prowl frowned in thought. This young mech would need to be studied by Smokescreen later on. There was something mysterious about him and the Datsun wanted to find out what it was.

    A/N: I hope that this keeps you peeps satisfied until I can get Section 6 up. What is this mysterious air about Evac and can Smokescreen find out what it is? And what did Bulkhead mean by Evac had combat experience? Find out soon! R&R ^
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    Summary: The group of humans and mechs has found the Ark and can now rest easy after a long journey. Evac’s abilities and skills draw the interest of Smokescreen and Bulkhead, but can they find out the origins of his mysterious abilities? And can Ironhide and Lennox get along?

    The Encounter Series Section 6: Warrior

    Evac looked out of the Ark’s main entrance just as Prowl approached him. The yellow mech did not even turn as the 2IC reached his side. “Smokescreen would like to see you in his quarters.” The Datsun said.

    Evac faced the black and white mech. “I can find my way there.” He grunted. With that, he left the area. Prowl sighed. He had no idea what he was getting into though. None of the Autobots did. Time would only tell for sure.

    Smokescreen looked up just as his latest patient came in. “I heard that you are Evac, correct?” the Autobot asked. The yellow mech nodded. “Well, I heard from Prowl that you are a skilled fighter, but you deny having been in battle except for training. That is unusual for any Cybertronian, so I am going to evaluate your processor to see if you are mentally stable. Is that alright?” he asked.

    Evac just shrugged. “Go ahead. You will not find anything though.” He said as the Datsun approached him. “We’ll soon see.” Smokescreen remarked as they got ready.

    A few hours later, Smokescreen let Evac out of his office. The resident psychologist had not found anything wrong mentally, which confused him. Of course, Evac had not recalled any fights except for training battles.

    That confused him, because Prowl’s report had said that Evac was a skilled fighter, not someone who had undergone only training. Any mech that had undergone only training would not know the moves that Evac knew, or have the mind of a warrior that had seen many fights before.

    Evac no doubt had the mind and moves of a warrior, but the fact that he did not recall any battles other than training and how he landed on Earth were worrisome to the Datsun. It meant that Evac had lost his memory somehow.

    Smokescreen knew that there were many ways a mech could lose his memory. One of these was being in stasis for too long. But the psychologist knew that Evac would be as old as Bulkhead then if he had been in stasis for too long. The helicopter robot was younger though, which was confusing him even more.

    This would have to be addressed by Wheeljack and Preceptor as soon as the report was sent out. Smokescreen sighed, knowing that figuring out Evac was going to be harder than he had thought.

    “What?! You mean that he has nothing wrong and he is just fine mentally?” Prowl asked in shock. The psychologist nodded. The 2IC just sighed and covered his optics. This mech called Evac was hard to figure out and he had many mysteries about him.

    Even solving one of these meant that the others would not be explained and others would pop up. It would take a miracle from Primus to solve the mysteries of Evac.

    Bulkhead sighed as he looked at Evac. He knew that the younger mech had never recovered his memories. This would make things harder for him in his mission. Without Evac’s memories, his mission would not be completed.

    The older Cybertronian had to find it and only Evac knew its location. But without his memory, the object would stay hidden forever and his family would be lost for good. As the green mech walked by, Evac seemed to sense his objective and backed away, tense and alert.

    Just by looking into Bulkhead’s optics, Evac knew that the older mech was up to something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. He somehow knew that it had to do with him and he tensed, ready for anything.

    Once Bulkhead left, Evac relaxed and turned to face Prowl. “You seem to get tense around Bulkhead, I noticed.” The black and white remarked. The yellow mech nodded his head. “I do. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that he wants something and that I have something to do with it.” The helicopter mech muttered.

    The 2IC frowned at this. There was something going on and it seemed that Bulkhead had something to do with it. He decided to do some investigating of his own when Bulkhead wasn’t around.

    Bulkhead entered a store room and shut the door. “Bulkhead to Megatron. Do you read me?” he asked over a secure comm line. The cold voice of the Decepticon leader came over the link.

    “What do you want, Autobot?” he asked in his usual cold and menacing tone. Bulkhead shivered to himself. He could never get used to that voice. “I have some news regarding the mech called Evac. He apparently does not remember his past, and I fear that he does not remember the artifact either.” The older mech said as he shook under the blood red optics of the leader.

    “Yes this is most disturbing news. Keep an optic on this Evac and report any updates to me.” He growled. With that, the line was cut and Bulkhead sighed. He was betraying the Autobots and he knew it. If he didn’t, then he would lose his cousin Quickstrike. He just hoped that Prime would forgive him for his actions.

    Evac knew that Bulkhead was up to something, but he could not figure out what it was yet. He knew that he would need more information, but getting it was easier said than done. That, he knew from experience.

    The yellow mech wondered why Smokescreen had said that he had once been a fighter when he was not. As far back as he could remember, he had never been in actual combat. There was a blank in one part of his memory files but that was it.

    He knew that in order to find out what was going on, he would have to play it by one day at a time. That was the only option now. Evac walked off to his quarters at the Ark and hoped to figure this out soon.

    Out in space, not too far from Earth, a mechanical world called Cybertron existed. On this world, a respected mech called Alpha Trion lived in fear of his life. But only he knew what Evac’s past was like, and how he had lost his memory.

    Alpha Trion looked up from his files as a transmission came in from Ultra Magnus. “What is it, Magnus?” the old mech asked. “We just got a report from Prowl about a strange mech called Evac.” The white mech replied.

    Alpha Trion felt his Spark stop. “Did you say ‘Evac’?” he asked skeptically. Magnus nodded. “This cannot be good.” He muttered to no one. “Send me the report and I will get back to Prowl on this.” He said as he looked at Magnus.

    “You got it, Trion.” The white and blue mech replied. The screen fizzled and then went dark just as the report came in.

    Evac… The mech mentioned in the Legends of Primus. He is real. He is the only one who can help us out now in our time of darkness. The old mech thought before the lights in the base flickered out.

    On Earth…

    Evac looked around the training room as another black and white mech named Jazz avoided the training drones with absolute ease. The yellow mech was impressed when Jazz pulled off a particularly hard maneuver.

    “Nice moves there.” Evac commented, clapping his hands as the mech looked over. “It was nothin’ really. I’m jus’ good tha’s all.” He replied. The first thing Evac noticed was the visor on his face. “I see you have a visor. Something happen to your optics?” he asked. The black and white nodded.

    “Yeah, I was attacked by th’ Cons and they left m’ optics damaged beyond repair.” He explained. He’s probably blind if his optics were damaged beyond repair. No doubt the visor was constructed to help him see better. The yellow mech thought as he observed the saboteur’s movements.

    The helicopter mech kept getting the feeling like something significant was about to happen though. He hoped that Sarah would be able to help figure out this mystery with Bulkhead soon.

    Sarah was with Lennox and Ironhide in the command center during that time, so she was in good hands. The female human looked up at the black mech that was watching their every move. She hated the fact that he had to watch them because they were deemed a threat by him.

    “We’re not a threat, you know.” She said in an attempt to get him to leave them alone for a moment. The weapons specialist grunted in response. She growled to herself as the massive black form sat near their little area where they were sitting.

    “You humans are strange creatures.” Ironhide commented as he looked at her with his blue optics. “What do you mean?” Lennox asked the mech. “I mean you have to eat organic matter for fuel and you often fight one another in times of peace.” He replied.

    The army captain growled. “Well, at least we don’t go around and act like everything is a threat!” the male human snapped up at him. “Listen here, human! We have been fighting a war for longer than you live in your lifetimes! I have seen comrades die in combat and lose their lives at the hands of our enemies numerous times! If you think that your wars were the worst, you are wrong!” the black mech yelled at Lennox, making the army captain fall over.

    Sarah looked at Lennox and sighed. “He’s right Captain Lennox. Their war had been going on for longer than we have been around.” She remarked as she helped him up.

    Lennox looked at her and then at Ironhide again. “I have lost comrades too. If you think that you are the only one who has lost comrades, well you are wrong.” He said as he looked up at the weapons specialist with his blue eyes.

    As he gazed into those eyes, Ironhide could see that Lennox was indeed like him. He too had lost many friends in war and felt a strange connection to the human. It was unusual and wonderful at the same time.

    Ironhide felt his systems relax as he got up to leave for training. “I understand you a little better now, Captain Lennox. I hope that we can somehow become close comrades one day.” He said as a smile crossed his face plates.

    With that, he left and went to go train, leaving behind a confused Lennox and shocked Sarah. But this was just the beginning of what was to come.

    The Decepticon leader grinned as his forces approached the Ark. His plan to wipe out Prime and this Evac would be a success.

    Evac jumped just as the alarms inside the Ark went off. “What’s going on?” he asked Jazz. The saboteur looked at the yellow mech. “M’ guess is the ‘Cons.” He replied.

    “Damn!” Evac swore as he ran down to the command center with the black and white mech beside him. The two ran in just as Prowl looked at them.

    “You two made it just in time.” He said as he brought up the approaching forces on Teletran-1, the ship’s computer. “The Decepticons are coming up and we can expect at least a frontal assault. We still need to be cautious though. They might pull off an attack from behind so we have to be on the lookout for that.” The tactician explained to the humans and mechs gathered there.

    The tow humans that had remain behind from the team leaving looked at one another. “It looks like you two are the only humans left.” Prowl commented as he looked at them.

    Sarah just growled while Lennox grunted. “You two will need to remain here while we go out to fight.” He said as he began to walk off. Lennox, from what Sarah could see, did not like that order, but he followed it anyway.

    Evac looked back at his human companion before leaving to go out into combat. Sarah knew that he did not want to fight and leave her alone. He had no choice though.

    The helicopter mech had been her friend ever since she had found him near the Johnson Space Center, badly damaged by Sector Seven. She did not want him to go out and fight only to get injured once more. Of course, Sarah knew that he had to because he had vowed to protect her.

    The human femme sighed. She just hoped that he would come back safe. The NASA worker knew that life would never be the same without him.

    Evac ran outside the ship just as the Decepticon forces came closer. “Are those your enemies?” he asked Jazz. The black and white robot nodded. “Yea’. They’re the enemy alrigh’.” He said as one of them came forward.

    “Which one of you is Evac?” the leader asked. Evac stepped forward. “I am. Why do you want to know?” he asked the Decepticon leader. There was anger in his voice. The leader grinned.

    “I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons and future ruler of Cybertron.” He said as he looked into Evac’s ocean blue optics. The evil Transformer could see the sharp mind of a warrior behind those optics.

    He knew that his opponent was not to be underestimated. “I just want to offer you a chance to join us in our mission, which is to bring about peace.” He said a smooth tone that made Evac’s wings twitch.

    “Sorry. Not interested.” He yelled as he got ready to fight unconsciously. “Why are you turning down my offer?” Megatron asked. “I heard about what you do to those you feel will upset your leadership, and I don’t like it! So if you want me to join you, go to the Pit!” Evac cursed at the evil robot.

    Megatron felt anger rising in his circuits, but his years as a disciplined general kept him calm. It would not do him any good if he blasted Evac to pieces, for the plan would fall apart. He could not have that happening at all.

    The general looked at him again. “That’s a bad move not joining me!” he growled at his target. “Time for you to meet your demise!” Megatron screamed as he fired his fusion cannon at the helicopter Autobot.

    Evac jumped up into the air just as the blast hit the ground where he had been only a few nanoseconds before. “You will not refuse to join me. I will get you to join me, even if it is by force!” the Decepticon yelled at his opponent.

    “Go rot in the Pit Megatron!” Evac yelled back as he grabbed his blades from his right arm. The evil general did not know that this was a subconscious reaction to the fighting that was going on.

    The evil Transformer let out a growl that most Autobots had never heard. Evac felt his circuits switch to battle programming. He knew that this was all natural, but he never knew why it occurred.

    The fight continued to rage. Evac slashed at Megatron just as the Decepticon opened fire with his cannon again. The yellow mech jumped just as the gun’s blast hit the ground again. The younger robot then attacked Megatron, slicing his fusion cannon in two.

    “Just who do you think you are, not joining me?” Megatron growled as he looked at his opponent. Evac got into a fighting stance. “I am Evac, a warrior for the Autobots!” the mech cried out. Megatron yelled again just as he attempted to shoot Evac’s Spark out.

    The helicopter mech swiveled out of the way and the stabbed the Decepticon right through the side with his blades. Evac did not expect Megatron to open fire and the shot hit the mech in the leg, causing him to collapse.

    “GAAHH!” Evac cried out as the pain spasmed throughout his systems. He landed on the ground with a THUD. “Say goodbye, Evac!” Megatron growled as he aimed his gun at the mech before him.

    The younger mech looked up at him with pain filled optics. Megatron grinned as he powered up his cannon. He loved to see the looks of his victims before he extinguished their Sparks.

    Just before the cannon could fire though, a calm yet commanding voice rang out across the battlefield. “Megatron!” The evil warlord looked up, shock clearly on his face. Evac grinned. “It looks like your worst fear had come back!” he said in an unusually calm voice.

    “Prime?! How can you still function?!” he asked the Autobot leader. The mech just laughed. “I never go down that easy. You should know that by now.” He said as he looked at his nemesis.

    In that instant, Evac attacked. He grabbed his blades from his opponent’s side and pulled hard. The pain sent arcs of electricity through Megatron’s systems. “You will never get the chance to harm another innocent life!” he shouted as he raised his weapon with the intention to finish off the evil robot.

    Just before he could, however, another weapon shot hit the ground near Evac, startling the mech out of his attack. He glanced upward, only to see a metallic wasp. He looked down towards the brush and saw a tank come into view as well.

    Prime to had noticed this and got his weapons out. “Evac, Get inside now!” the older mech ordered. The younger robot just shook his head. “No, I’m not going anywhere.” He said in that calm voice of his.

    The mech then got up and jumped up at the metallic wasp. “Wazzpinator not like helicopter mech!” the wasp buzzed. “Looks like I will need a bigger swatter then!” Evac yelled as he attacked the bug with his blades.

    The attack sliced Waspinator’s wings off with a loud screeching sound. “Wazzzpinator’zz wingzzz are gone!” the wasp-bot yelled out as he fell down to Earth. He landed with a loud CRASH on the ground and lay still.

    “Pathetic Predacon.” Megatron muttered as he looked at the limp form. The evil robot looked up at Evac who was still in the sky. His reflexes were beyond even the warlord’s own. This mech was not an ordinary Transformer.

    In the base, Sarah and Lennox looked out at the fight that was going on via Teletran-1’s screen. “We have to do something!” She exclaimed as Evac got hit in the arm. Lennox shook his head.

    “This is not our fight.” He said as he looked at her. “Listen, Evac saved me more than once, so now it is my turn to save him!” the NASA worker exclaimed as she faced turned to face him. Lennox stared at her before deciding to go out and help.

    “You will need my help if you are going out there to save Evac and the Autobots.” He said with a grin on his face. Sarah grinned back and the two humans ran out to help out the Autobots.

    Just as the two humans ran out to help with the fight, an explosion blew them both back onto the ground with a loud THUD each. “Owww…” Sarah groaned as she got up to her feet, the gun she held in her hands on the ground.

    “What was that?!” Lennox demanded. Just as Sarah opened her mouth to speak, the feeling came down her spine again. The human femme looked up and gasped! “No! It can’t be!” she exclaimed. “What? What is it?!” the army captain asked anxiously.

    Sarah pointed upwards. “It’s Shockwave!” She said angrily. Lennox looked up and saw the Transformer that she had mentioned. His one yellow eye flared with anticipation as he glanced around the site.

    Unaware of the two humans beneath him, the second in command of the Decepticons flew down to join the battle. Both Sarah and Lennox tensed, hoping that the evil robot would back off, but he didn’t.

    He then fired and his shot hit Prime in the chest plate. “OPTIMUS!” Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs. This scream got the attention of every fighter on the field. Evac stared as Prime went down mech fluid coming out of the wound.

    He gritted his teeth just as anger consumed him. “SHOCKWAVE!” he yelled as he launched himself at the evil mech. Shockwave turned and grinned evilly as his opponent came at him. This would be easier than he had thought.

    A/N: What will happen to Optimus Prime now that he is down? Can Evac defeat both Shockwave and Megatron? And can Sarah and Lennox help him do so? Section 7: Strength will reveal it all. R&R. ^^
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