The Decision (Prime) - Short Story

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    Arcee stood in front of the Ground Bridge controls, inputting coordinates and hoping that none of the others would notice. She was on a personal mission that the Auotbots, especially Optimus Prime, wouldn't understand. "Arcee, I'd like to have a word with you." A soft yet stern voice said from behind her. It was Optimus and though she knew better Arcee opened up the Ground Bridge to her intended destination. "There's something I have to do..." she trailed off, unable to find the words that would make him understand. "You are a valuable asset to the Autobots, and I cannot help but fear the path you are choosing." his words almost caused her to pause, but her anger and frustration pushed her towards the open portal.
    "You wouldn't understand, Optimus." she said as she paused.
    "Try me." Optimus replied.
    Arcee looked over her shoulder and her eyes told Optimus there was a great deal of emotion behind what she was planning. "So much has happened since we've come here. I've lost so much. We've all lost more than we care to admit, and not just here... Cybertron..."
    "Yes. There has been much suffering, both now and in the past, and, while we've lost much, we cannot lose ourselves." Optimus interrupted her with what little wisdom he could offer at that moment. Arcee turned to him with a look of anger and said "Starscream."
    "What about Starscream?" Optimus looked confused.
    "In our last confrontation I was at his mercy, but he saved me. He called us even. And the worst part? No matter how much I disagree, he's right. He killed Cliffjumper, Prime. And I owe him thanks?" she turned her head away.
    "I can understand your feelings, and we all mourn the loss of our friend. Know that if you act only out of anger and hatred, his death will be in vain. You cannot let your emotions get the best of you because we all fight to prevent what has been done, so wrongly to us, from ever happening to others. Ours is a mission of virtue."
    "Yeah? And where has that gotten us?!" Arcee snapped back.
    "I cannot have an Autobot among our ranks who will not listen to reason, let alone a direct order." Optmus replied with a stern face, his eyes almost piecing into Arcee's spark.
    "Fine. Then don't order me to back away from this." Arcee knew she was asking for it, but she also knew Optimus Prime as a fair and just leader. For a long time they stared at each other; Arcee could tell that Optimus was in deep thought. She actually got scared for a moment when she considered what he might be thinking. Would he actually threaten to release her from her duties as an Autobot?
    "Arcee..." Prime paused for moment, choosing his words carefully. "I believe everyone has the right to choose their own path. While I don't know what lies beyond that portal, I feel confident that you will choose the right path in your journey as an Autobot. I will not order you to back away..." he paused again, hoping he'd change his mind at the last second, and force Arcee not to pursue whatever she was after. "You are free to make your own decisions, but should you choose any action that would harm another... I cannot guarantee you safe haven here." As Optimus spoke his last few words their sting lingered, for the both of them. Optimus Prime slowly turned and walked away from Arcee, leaving her make her choice. As Arcee turned back to the portal she thought long and hard about what she would do, and then, with a very heavy spark...

    ...She closed the portal.
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    and so it begins. Arcee, the lone Cybertronian.

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