The decent of Autobot "Search to Siege"

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    The decent of Autobot "Search to Siege" Part 1

    The Decent of Search to Siege. part 1
    by sentinal supreme on Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:52 pm


    From the very moment Search came online,it was quickly apparent that he had potential for greatness in the ranks of the autobots..His quick wit and charm instantly made him a big hit with his fellow comrades.
    ( But Prime knows that his thought process is unpractical"True greatness is forage in the defining moments of great loss, great despair,and what you do in these moments can be great,or regrettable")
    But his true strengths are stealth,maneuverability and pure athleticism .A strong independent streak makes him more than just a follower, he's a true believer.
    He sees the world through is own understanding and not for what it is, search believes that evil will never triumph over the defenders of truth and justice. And there fore he and his autobots can never be truly defeated ultimately over all by any unjust foe.
    This believe is a very powerful motivator for the young autobot who is absolutely fearless in battle. Despite this Prime has limited his participation to scouting for fear of losing the young bot before his time, until today.....

    "Why is this facility so important Iron hide? I mean they just produce hunter drone".

    "It's the sheer numbers in which they can produce them, they can construct per-quarter cycle five for every one autobot perpetually".

    "Yeah...Imagine that big guy, attaaaack ooof the killer droooones!! moo-hoo-ha-ha-haaaaa!! To the right, to the left, 12 0' clock,6 0' clock, from every where the dreaded swarm of killer drone close in, how will the heroic autobots put off a victory???!!!"

    "Cut the crap! this is serious, have you ever fought a squad of drones and decepticons at once?"


    "But!.. lets just make sure it stays a theory instead of an experience...okay"

    "Now..., we have obtained a decepticon transport ship that should take us as close to the facility as possible".

    "Why not all the way"?

    "Because information gathered on this place show that a level of Clarence is required and I doubt by all means a standard transport vessel has the Clarence to just cruse up to the front door.
    And if so what would we say"

    "Autobot maintenance here routine check. No really, why dose everyone act as if we're not coming back from this exposition. with the," your one brave bot kid,and the looks of concern?"

    "We may not,we are going into what might be the heart of the decepticon empire to cripple there production severely with the destruction of this plant.
    You don't think their going to be alittle P.O.ed, our very lives will only be a small fraction of reciprocity to the decepticreeps,but a major blow struck for our cause".

    "But way me? why not Mirage or Bumblebee?

    "Gusto kid, nerve,a spark of true valor,you have these things in all it's integrity lad. Plus Bee and Mr. invisible are on other important matters".

    "Don't take this the wrong way. But Iron hide Your an old, I mean later model and im a new troop,and so are all of the rest us, and this is a pretty big mission.....I mean"

    "All kid We'll be just fine,this is what heroes are, legends are made of. Why I've been blown apart a few time now and look at me still going.That is one thing you can count on lad just don't panic,plus we have the All Spark".

    As the reality of the situation set in, Search hung his head and thought to himself "Am I expendable? Are we decepticons? Valor?, this is suicide"


    "Lord Megatron,we have lost a considerable amount of troops in the last battle with the autobots. And sense we do not posses the All spark, through no fault of your excellence ,of course. Perhaps
    If by some means a search and recovery unit should be assemble to retrieve the badly damage for repairs to refortify the armada....

    "You expect me to devote man power towards rummaging through ruble to save a few fallen decepticon?...The weak fall for a reason Surge".

    "True as that may be your Lordship, with all the humbleness I can muster, I say, haven't you yourself falling to Prime"?

    With all the hatered he could summon Megatron spoke... "Your vary presence is distasteful to me,and try's my patience..."


    "But nothing!"...The only thing keeping him from mangling the bold seeker was the logic of his reasoning... "You shale have your recovery team.......of drones for I find you not fit to lead shale command mere machines."
    "And also the performance of these recovered one will fall squarely on your head...Now leave me"

    I shale need a new form your Lordship.....

    "Access granted...NOW GO!!!

    Megatron considered the seekers project in Hines sight,and found wisdom in it and simultaneously sought to have his head, for the boldness he displayed with relatively no fear.Such courage,leads to treachery.

    As he turned and walked away feeling a sense of accomplishment, there was an uneasy wrestling in his chest compartment. Not that Surge himself was shaken by the whole ordeal but his companion was utterly terrified and unnerved

    " YOU! almost got us scrapped with that prime line,you are to bold for my liking, I could scarily keep his rage in check".The well of malevolence is very deep in that one, but he is surprisingly very intelligent, far from the brutish buffoon you would have him".

    "First and fore most remember to whom you speak and that you belong to me,fear not Megatron his time is winding down.And with my new body I will be a might of Brian and brawn to behold as well."

    "Did you get everything?"

    "Of course ".

    Latter then day

    "This Surge of the decepticon armada section 98057-air to ground troop, I have level one clearance from Megatron initiating scan signature and requesting permission the land"

    "Okay Surge 98057 scan checks outs permission granted you can dock at gate four, All hail the king of the drones"
    Said the guard as he looks at his crony right next to him and makes a dismissing hand gesture,As Surge fly's in to dock.

    Very humorous Surge thinks to himself,how the simple are so simple. and reply's with.

    "With your shabby combat skills, the next time you see me,... that statement will have much more significance to you then a mere cheap shot" And a look that seem to pierce the very spark of the fellow seeker.

    Surge has always been aware of his ability to un-nerve all but a select few of his comrade. Although the same size physically as all other seekers some how he projects himself to others as physically more massive,there fore stronger.It even seems to work on autobots,he never questioned it. It must be his inner strength that radiates outwardly he figures.And now coupled with his little friend"s mental ability he is a genuine terror almost monstrous to his brethren.

    Surge swiftly makes is way to the main computer and began his work.


    "Yes Iron hide"

    "Far be it me to question your logic, but is Search the right guy for this mission?"

    "These are trying times old friend and the least likely some times are most likely"

    "But Prime he so young"

    "As was I when this war began,as you were to in your first war, its not the age it's the stage old friend."

    "It's just that I'm comfortable with the fact that this maybe my last operation I've been around.And sent meany a decepticon to the scrap heap in my time".

    " I have the faith in you,I have faith in the fact that you'll bring all of you back in one piece"

    "All prime, you know it. Iron hide out".

    As search sits and pondering his fate, the weight of all cybertron seem to be on his shoulders. Heroism at want cost,Glory in which you can't partake in because your terminated,freedom you cant enjoy .Fighting for a free cybertron now seemed not as glamorous as before,search thinks to himself. And suddenly a vigor swept over him.... anger!

    "I'll show them,I'll show them all!!!
    "I'll pull off the greatest mission in the history of this planet."
    I! search! will be amongst the greats ones, all hail search will feel the air for near and afar."
    "Optimus wishes to cut me down in my prime,my natural ability frightens him, it's only a matter of time before they start looking towards me for leadership."
    Now a calm swoops over him with the smug sense of satisfaction, that his ability intimidate the likes of even Prime. And decepticons every where in the future will tremble at the mere mention of his name, Ultimate Prime! he shale call himself, He sees now his true calling and no force on Cybertron will stop him.....

    Wing blade report"

    "The autobots have taken the bate, transport ship has been sieged and are in the mist of preparation."

    "Excellent!"level one Clarence in route.



    "Injury over"

    "Level one Clarence in route"


    As the gang assembles, Surge takes in the gist of it all. His destiny is set it motion. Freedom, free from the decepticon autobot war, free from the obsessive autobot goodness,the tyranny of megatron, rules and regulations,oppression.

    Behold these are our new form!


    "Silence yourself subordinate, Question the royal one again and I will end your doubt permanently Injury you insignificant ingrate".

    " guy?"

    It took just one scowl from Surge to end that exchange.

    As I was saying, our new forms will be these new drones, I have create a ranking system among then. Chief class 01,02,and 03,the highest ranking capable of direct over ride of the standard defense patrol drone making their mission that of the chief class, by the hundred.
    Of course Injury my dear friend you shale over ride them all by the multitude if need be you shale have an army at your disposal.
    Wing blade you shale keep your true form and pose amongst the decepticon ranks.The chief recovery drones holds ultimate rank as it may need additional fire power to complete its mission at any giving time. We'll be free to rome Cybertron with global inconspicuous oblivious to either side.

    "Genius golden one"

    Injury checks his annoyance then speaks.

    "what of Blockade?"

    "He's to dem witted to execute this plan, leave him be".
    Retain his Trans scan for him.

    "And I shale take the from of a chief search and recovery medical drone.The discarded shale find new hope, a new cause, and new beginning"

    "All hail the Surge the magnificent!!"

    thoroughly annoyed Injury ask again.

    " guy?

    This time Surge found it amusing, but gave a scowl to reasure wing blade his biggest and most powerful fan.
    Wing blade took much delight in the fact he took his side, and why shouldn't he injury is merely a common thug, not of royalty as himself and Surge.

    "Only one kink in the plan guy's.....the triple change technology is not in this facility".

    Wing Blade started his life as Serek a financial consultant to the rich and power of Cybertrons Elite. Serek knew nothing but luxury and comfort and deemed him and his society the royal class of the planet.And the rest as just common folk with common minds. Serek was exceptionally intelligent, much more so then the individuals he served and routinely stole for them and stash the loot in remote places, to cover his tracks he would some times recover the goods to enhance his stature,and to project himself as a valiant warrior as well. which back fired on him when Megatron started his up risen, rumors of a warrior as strong as himself begin to pluck at his ego. And a raiding party was assembled accompanied by Megatron himself, set off the plunder the recourses of that land and vanquish the so called mighty warrior.
    Seeking to save himself from the onslaught Serek concocted a plan.
    Upon Megatrons arrival he quickly meet megatron and his forces and exclaim to know the where about's of the warrior and hand over the riches of the land in exchange for immunity and a powerful body of a seeker.He then assured Megatron that the warrior he seeks is in fact no match for his awesome power. And proceeded to take him to the various stash spot claiming that they knew of his coming and hid the goods all about.He then took megatron to the palace of the high counsel and claimed his employer was in deed the warrior in question and proceeded to terminate him and all the counsel. Megatron pleased with the ruthlessness of the new cohort dubbed him the bladed wing.

    Now rich beyond his wildest dream and physically more powerful serek had no intentions on fighting a war for a barbarian and seeks to over throw Megatron not with a direct challenge but with wit and cunning. A barbarian should not have such power,the thought of it is sicking.

    The happening in his state reach all over the planet, Wing blade fights now only because he is force to. Even neutrals fine him distasteful and shoe him off. His snobbish attitude keeps him from gaining any ground towards is goal for no one will tolerate him for long and openly wishing him destroyed in battle.

    Which almost happened in a struggle with a neutral territory they where invading.Wing blade was shot down and it took a amasing amount of fire power to achieve this feat. And a impressed eye fell upon the situation.Wing blade laid battered and broken on the ground floor of the battle ,believing the end has come "No one will come for me" and prepared to fade into oblivion.....

    "Wow...what is that?" The Heat-Ray!, my dear sadistic pale, is essentially a directed-energy weapon that incinerates anything it comes into contact with. It instantly sets ablaze flesh, vegetation and anything else flammable. When the Heat-Ray hits water, it almost instantly turns it into steam. It is also capable of melting any metal on contact.

    "Sounds interesting"....As if he cared, injury is not a fan of energy weapons he's not dim just simple, he prefers to let Surge do of the thinking. And reserve all of his thoughts for hunting,tracking and most importantly mastery of fighting technique. Screeches of pain really amuses him deeply. Even if he doesn't cause it himself. Two individuals in a fight where one is grossly over match is robotic porno to him.It's more of a hobby then an obsession. Injury keeps audio of the victims he terminated and of one sided battle where fleeing scream Eco's in the air to listen too in alt mode. Other then that, just an average bot to be around if you could cohorse him into talking to you, you'd find that he has a deep criminalize sense of honor, rules in which he plays by and excepts you to as well.The rules only apply to his clique,everyone el's is faith game.

    "With this weapon I shale become invisible"

    "You sound like Megatron"...The bot in Surge's chest assured him that the comment had no malice to it and was purely a kid.
    Surge smiled and said" Imagine that, and you sir, are a fraction of a step higher on the evolutionary chain then blockade"

    "Now that's just a low blow"

    "Sure you don't want a weapon?"

    "Nah I'll just use my opponents arm or leg"

    "Good old fashion savagery"
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    part 2" Friends to the end..."
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    part 1

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