The decent of autobot "Search to Siege" part 4 War...Breath it in.

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    Two hundred and fifty thousand years in the future there would be a society on earth in the Mediterranean area similar to the decepticon order of now,This society would be called Sparta.In meany ways it will unknowingly mimic the ancient alien order.
    The Decepticon way of life is relatively simple at best,a society of warriors,true and true from the moment a decepticon comes online he is in a battle, 60% of young decepticon do not make it thought the rigors of youth only the strongest,and brightest survive. shun by their brethren until there mantle of courage and stoutness are proven. It is common for young decepticons to rove about in small or large gangs totally unassisted by there older peers fending for themselves.The fastest way to gain your fellowship is to directly challenge a establish warrior and defeat him in combat, and you and your tribe shale be accepted, if you should fall you fall to oblivion and your follower as well..
    Another way is to set out in conquest in the name of Megatron where as which the value of the land conquered is the value of mantel you shale recive.thus upon acceptance you will be allowed to in to the upper society of advanced military operation and given a name suitable to one miret.And it is quickly established that your loyalty should always lie with Megatron and on one else, not your former tribe, not even yourself, for Megatron's will is now your only goal in life.
    Newly converted citizens of conquered territories are regard as lesser member of the society second class citizen and must prove themselves in battle as well, but shale never truly become real decepticons unless under going the trail, thus creating the large gangs, mini armies..In cases like Shockwave and Starscream who were never subjected to this system of operation, never the less see the value of it.In the case of a decepticon named Blockade who came online and in recorded time made his advancement by completely pulverizing an dominate seeker with his bare hands and issued challenge after challenge and succeeding.(The hostile brute seem to have a distinct dislike for the seeker kind, deeming then coward for mainly staging air attacks),until he challenged an seeker named Surge and was thoroughly routed. The seeker in the end did not terminate him on the line of he has proven himself already with the previous battles and was now merely being cocky. Out of pure contempt and not strategy he told the young cohort" you now belong to me, I hold your life in my hands" he meant it in just that context, in that very moment at least. As a last act of dominance he then flung him across the court yard as is discarding trash .
    Blockade being very impressionable at the time took it to spark and proceeded to shadow the young seeker, much to Surge's annoyance He didn't understand admiration. Blockade being a bully himself viewed the seekers behavior towards his as befitting and admired his strength and prestige and would tell him all that he has seem and heard. how they feared him, how they felt assured in battle with him and eager to touch the ground with him and demolish all ememeies.He found merit in him "the land base decepticon" as a go between with his fellow chinch men.but still his loyalty lied with Megatron but to be social was good to as well.
    Blockade would pick fights to impress his new found friend, "who could careless" and sought to find the p-six and thrash him to gain more prestige amongst is colleges. In battle situations the seeker loved to watch him charge into small groups of opposition and beat the snot out of them and allow them to land and riddle them with gun fire and speed of to another group to start anew. But off the field they found him insufferable, obsessively speaking of himself,demeaning others, and making claims of road superiority. Blockade has no friends save for Surge to whom he his humble with..

    Icell Maximus ordered the massive flag ship transformer to convert to ship and set a course and heading to the autobot camp.The transformer himself was named "Explorion Alpha" the first of his kind being able the break the atmosphere and achieve space travel. And So massive that he can cast a shadow over a small community and lift in the hundred of millions of pounds out fitted with only scientific gear, Explorion Alpha is a scientist, totally benevolent and eager to please.

    "Way such grandeur?"

    "This is exactly way you do not advance,or ever accomplish any thing significant as a senate member other than being out voted and shot down." he said with contempt. "You have no sense of show manship,or vision,you must always appear exponentially bigger than the situation upon which you indulge, if you yourself can divert attention from the matter at hand onto yourself, then swing it back at your disposal you have already achieved the goal the rest is just mere formality".

    "That just shows the dim wittiery upon the counsel seats and the one's you meet,your smoke and mirrors are impressive but that is it, just smoke and mirrors. what do we as a people stand to gain from this alliance"

    "We shale emerge out of the shadows and become a great nation for all the behold,by being vary instrumental in the demise of Cibertron's biggest tyrant to date, The autobots shale personify our pursuit of democracy and hope."

    "So it is wish to ride the autobot coat tale to planet wide recognition..." Icell cut him off quickly,with all dismiss of content.

    "This history in the making I plan to write us in, give us a stake in the great feats of this plant to long we have sat back and done nothing,and gain nothing".

    "YOU MAD?" He shouted."we have every thing we want here, peace!!!! we lead the planet in space exploration,meany come here to learn from our scholars technological break through are ritual here...."

    "AND IT IS BORING!!!!!!!!!!THE SAME THING ,DAY IN, DAY OUT!" He snapped at his colleague who had to reassure himself he wasn't going to struck then spoke.

    "Icell the cost of war is staggeringly high, war is not a champagne,or something to be use for recognition,it is brutal,viscous,and not our fore you do this see the victims of this war and then re-evaluate your champagne."

    Old fool he thought to himself,but never the less he still had respect for the elder. In fact Icell love his people a great deal and would face any foe in there defense and would never put them in harms way.With Optimus Prime on his side no one would dare.he boarded the vessel and proceeded to his destination.

    "You really think Optimus will gone us?"

    "what choice does he have, win the war or die trying. With us the win is immolate, without,... who may know"

    "Why don't Primes Just use the allspark to make an army and just over whelm megatron by pure numbers?"

    "So their just going to pop online Autobots revving to go?" Iron hide said to Search,.."It doesn't work like that Kido, the spark doesn't assign affiliation it just grants life.We learn that from Megatron meany of the bot he brought online ran off,only a small amount became soilder.He threaten to over populate the planet.When we recovered the allspark he then proceeded to try and retrieve the lost ones, conquering nation after nation. And when we brought bot's online many were unwilling to help us as well and went there way".Great nations have sprung forth from these exploits.but The point is.. it a bad idea.
    Look there is no easy way out of this for either side, a lot of bot's are going to die and a lot of live will be changed the innocent will be harmed, killed. we're just trying to stop it from becoming away of life. under Megatron's rule that will be your life or you'd be dead.
    Right Now it is war, I think, I breath war, I live, I eat war, get that through your head, breath it in, consume it... in the future there will be Pease, and I will live and think Pease. But for now it is war, and only war ......

    Search seem to loose some of his innocence and began to take in account his own mortality... which he valued more than anything.

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