The decent of autobot "search to siege" part 3 choices

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    "A ferocious war is being wage on Cybertron Threaten to consume it", Said's ICELL MAXIMUS who dwells in apart of Cybertron untouched by the war as of yet.

    "The common wealth of all Cybertron is at stakes!"

    "Well ICell, if you want go poking your noise in affairs that are not of your own then go and joint there war,but we have no claims or stakes in the brutalities of war!'

    "what you fail to realize is that the situation is impending, growing and nations are picking or being forced to choose sides, the war will be upon us shortly and then we'll have to choose or be forced into a side."

    "The one they call Megatron is nothing more then a super sized thug,a ruffian, he'll run his course of destruction into it's own oblivion sooner or latter .Tyrants rise and fall and so does these would be heroes, Prime is no different."

    "I Beg the Differ on both accounts....'

    "Yes I will admit that this recent up rising is slightly more expansive then the rest,but yet and still not a threat to the entire planet".

    'DONT BE NIEVE Senator, the evidence is all about us, and I do not wish to plunge up into war but merely lend and helping hand to the cause of the noble. War is a very costly exploit..... if we were to lend resources and gain new allies with resources to hand forth the war could be over in a matter of no time, and new nation as allies we will have."

    "suppose this Megatron is stronger than what I think,and find us in fact in alliance with the autobots,who is to stop him from crushing us as well?"

    "The autobot will set up defense post all round our constituency and provide and omega sentinel to finned off all attacks would they come"

    "This sounds risky and dangerous as well."

    "With great risk comes great reward,senator.... the time and opportunity is at hand we can take action or merely fall victim to the coming tide of progress".

    "I agree with the young senator"

    "As do I"

    "As do all of us"

    "IT is clear that I am now out voted,for the records let it be known I appose this action,and nothing can come of this but calamity.. war is not our way."

    Icell Maximus, though an advocate for Pease and democracy,longed for power... in the sense of being a powerful nation. That powerful autobot army under his control meant more and more nations would flock to his empire and fall in line making his nation a planet wide front runner and simultaneously setting him way above his peers and the counsel.The army would not be use for intimidation more of a status quo. Icell plays the game well and is well respected in and out side of his fraction. For his never tiring champagne for togetherness and prosperity,charitable works and speeches.Icell has never seen war up close and has never encountered a true dictator, all his plans seem to just work for him. thus he is dubbed the golden one by all that know of him,even Megatron himself knows of the golden one, but considers him and his country men, soft hearted maggots that will fall inline at the first sign of trouble.that being some what true,Icell himself beneath all the diplomacy is in fact a very tough cookies,that will not back from a physical challenge, he is strong in every way. meany find him intimidating until he speaks, Icell can not transform and by choice of career. transformation is assign by function, politician have no need for it,fore all their needs are met by the working class,which transformers into all sort of things from small communication devices to colossal transport ship and space exploration vessels, which are the leading on the planet,Because his society is dedicated to space exploration.
    Icell Maximus has been known to fall into fit of depression and anger when he is unable to accomplish a goal,he hate failure and view it as inadequate aspect of as character that cause him to not suceed.This self loathing is something he has hidden for his peers for a long time, by hiding out when in these fazes.And this new endeavor is his most ambitious to date.

    "Breaker...really... you be out there"

    "No just think about it.... it's a lot of funny stuff that go's on in this world alone, you don't think that there are aliens?"

    "If there were aliens way would they sneak about on our planet if they are that advanced,I mean came across the galaxy, just to be sneaky and play tricks!? for all that brawn they had to sacrifice some brains".

    "HA..HA...HA..your a real riot,ok when the aliens do come and suck out your processor don't be calling for me. I'll be to busy telling everybody..... I told you so"

    "Suck out my procce,,what??..just shut up..

    "Have you heard of the Stalker?"

    " let me guess...he stalks you...

    "yep...and pulls you apart"

    "were do you get this stuff?"

    "no... really there is a stalker, there hundred mangled chases in preceptor lab"


    "Yeah we can swing by the lab and check it out later,..I'm going to catch this mangler"

    "Thought he was the stalker?"

    "what ever, stalker,mangler...and who said it is a he, could be aliens"

    "could be breaker... yeah I...Got you bulb.

    "you better..... trust no one is my model"

    "paranoia is your model"

    "let Finnish up this patrol and swing by the lab and you can see for yourself"

    Breaker earned his rank and respect quick,a nature born leader and a flair for combat like no other,Breaker absolutely has not mercy on any individual praying on the weak.He gives no chance of surrender,a groveling decepticon only seems to infuriate him even more.His theory
    is that evil doers shale suffer the same feat of mercilessness as they themselves have dealt, that is justice, trials, imprisonment, fooie. All his interrogations end in death,most of his squads find him over aggressive, violent and thick headed. Decepticons dare not touch the ground when he is in battle and stay air born if they hover to low he'll snatch them right out of the air, and proceed to do by his name sake. His alt mode is that of a monstrous tank, standing he towers over most of his comrades.
    Off the battle field he is the most friendly and easy going bot around he is this way by calculation he wants all the gossip,all the news,all the leads he can get.he has more rank them any of his class mates and none seem to care,save for Search whom he dislikes and feeling is mutual ."Search is a punk kid that will never grow up,in his opinion, and Breaker is a think headed oaf that is gullible,in his opinion."

    Spotter.... on the other hand is as practice as they come, you must show his irrefutable evidence of anything,before he even pretends to care. Fore that is his nature details,details,details a detective if you will. HE loves to prove breaker wrong with bombardment of fact and hard evidence. and finds him very amusing and fun to be with. his fighting style don't bother him a bit, figure he has a point they would not show us any relent, but to each his own he slays by degree, starscreem,Megatron has no chance what so ever.but some one else might.he take in consideration that some of these guys are force to fight fore fear of the pervious mention. his alt mode is similar to a combination of a speed boat and stealth bomber not as fast as a seeker his function in the air is different from theirs.. he's a low altitude strike air craft,he is best suited for assaults on stationary objects and drones vehicles.he loves to fly but prefers to fight in robot mode on the ground with his troops. Decepticons are shocked when he transformers and chase them firing missiles and heavy gun fire that rip thought their wings causing them lose control and crash.most decepticon think he's some kind of trader turn coat the one's who have seem him knows he is no seeker he also can hover and topple small structure with his guns, and tear a seek apart with them.he is not as dedicated to the war as everyone thinks he is. He just know that its the right thing to do, and if he doesn't fight for his freedom then who will, when its all said and done he doesn't wants have to think someone else for his free, he did it for himself as well as for other.

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