The decent of autobot "Search to Siege" part 2

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    The decent of autobot "Search to Siege" part 2 Friends to the end

    View topic - Breach & Tick(right leg to Ruffian/Oppressor)

    As long as Surge can remember,he has been a decepticon,and considers himself a true decepticon.Born directly into the conflict under the title of decepticon. And not cohorse into the cause and taken on the title, Surge is thoroughly battle tested and very worthy of respect do to the mass design of the seeker protocol,not many foe's know him by name and mistake him for star scream do to his ferocious nature in combat. Perplexing to his fellow cohorts, his communication skill, and conduct off the battle field is that of a scholar, on thefield he's a blood thirsty relentless cold harted savage.And earned the title Surge for the way he surges in to battle usually the first troop on the ground. Autobots are some times dumb founded by his bold approaches. A lot of his comrades find him to bold, feels Megatron's watchful eye is continuously upon him and shy's away from him. Ambition is not a good quality to have as a decepticon under megatron's rule.

    Once while pressuring as atuobot scout he came upon the disregard falling solder whom he retrieve at the cost of letting the autobot escape. The trooper was so impressed at the display of comradery that he pledge his life to the seeker and explained his function as psyc-ops.upon reading the basic thought and desires of the seeker and deeming him extremely psychologically stable and very intelligent.

    "My main function is to project waves of fear at the enemy to hinder their preference in battle. I can control basic thoughts and implant basic ideas, control emotion to a point."I'm T.I.C, Tactical Impulse control,Prototype 1"
    I wish not severe the decepticon order no long for there is no loyalty or regard amongst the ranks from the fellow soilder.The unit I was assign to left me here to die, by all rights im dead to the decepticons.

    "I follow Megatron"

    "No my friend you are a slave, a follower has a choice, a slave has none. Tell me my friend, you have chosen this? And can you walk away? No and NO!!If you plan to take me back to assimilate me back into slavery.....terminate me now, resumes your way of slavery if you will. I've seen what's in your spark, that is way my words are so bold. Keep me free and I shale serve you willingly and help you in all your endeavors, find you followers..... make you a kiiiing!! Repair me...Brave one...Bold lord!The groveling of the bot sent waves of satisfaction surging through him like thunder bolts of pleasure,At that very moment his mind began to think in ways he never thought possible.The concept of freedom was new to him... exciting, intoxicating....

    The concept was as well new to tic he just got wind of it from the mind of the autobot scout responsible for the predicament he was in, upon a quick scan of his mind he saw a conviction, a passion fore a concept so deep that it was illuminating to tic. he also saw than his motivation was not hate but only the desire to be free. And a determination to destroy them both in the name of this concept with no pity. All he got from the bot he was with was hatered and malice, fear and hostility and in the end selfishness and uncompassionate and contempt of his very life.As he lay there dieing he felt another mind and beckon to it and saw a rudimentary level of the concept with in. Tic new his salvation has come .Physically incapable of inserting his will, but teamed up with Surge the up and coming decepticon with no fear in his spark,(for fear is poison to the mind), he could vicariously live his new dream of true freedom.The intense hatered in Surge's spark,the blinding rage he has felt for many a years seem to melt away and release it's strangle hold upon his intelligence. Things began to start making more since to him, He will never be able to vanquish the savage and vicious nature of his character fore that is what he is a nightmarish killer.But he began to see the value of personal restraint to control the savagery with in, and intellectual pursuit.He is now beginning to understands the power of one's mind that is applied and employed with sharp focus,can cause great devastation with out lifting a single digit of you own.He began to evaluate the concept of Good and Evil and found them to be equal to each other in nature. Merely two methods of domination both the extreme opposite of each other with the same intention in the end result. The meany shale follow the one, the one shale rule the meany,and so forth and so on.

    He reasons to himself,The individual shale govern himself as he see's fit free the pointless strangle of good and evil,No one bot can rule cybertron alone, to all of it residents is to whom it belong. The individual shale receive in turn the consequence of his action, weather they be fruitful or destructive.Each individual shale be free the follow what's in his spark.........

    Shift was born in the same pack as Search,Breaker,and the flying bot spotter. Where as Breaker came online a dynamo of strength,Search acrobatic, spotter an observer. Shift come online plan o'fisty and full of fire and a love of guns the bigger the better. Shift absolutely love commotion of any kind weather it be the battle field,or large argument and what have you,if something is going on Shift is there.Do to his tenacity and knack for pin point marks manship, shift is a scout with permission to engage threats at his own digression. he would often brag about decepticons he has blown out of the sky and how they never saw it coming,Search would eat these tells up like a greedy little fat kid.They where very good friend and marveled at each other skill.

    "If I could move around like you my man I'd be unstoppable"

    "If I knew my way around a weapon like you I'd be unstoppable, decepticons wouldn't have a chance in the world"

    "I'm going to need bots like you in my regiment when I get my strips"

    "O your name is Jazz?" He said's jokingly.

    "Jazz will work for me one day"

    "You are a true dreamer my friend....Jazz working for you?" he said in a taunting way, ..."he's second in command,and by the time you get

    any credentials he'd so far beyond your rank...please quit it"

    Search felt at that moment a pang of jealousy shoot through him, and didn't find is friends company desirable anymore at that time.and

    walked out on the young bot with a parting statement "But you'll never out rank me, get use to me telling you what to do"

    "Okay Sir!! Getting use to it Sir!!

    " Search!....remember the cause, personal personal glory...this war isn't personal, focus on the bigger picture and the reword

    will came in time if your destine for them, all of our great leader are selfless..."

    "Who would think such wisdom would come from you, who told you that?..Priiiiimmee?

    "No...... History".

    Only A few was knowledgeable of his true intellect which was quite higher then average,his rough and tumble persona shield it very well, and only showed it hardly. He was much more interested in the drama and mayhem of the things, then the pursuit of intellectual enlighten. where as Search inspired to be of commanding class, his highest aspiration was to join Jazz's out fit of covert operations.
    On a routine patrol he encountered a decepticon tandem on the out skirts of the of a neutral territory the autobots where in negotiations with bidding for allience.The decepiton was an unusual format he appeared to have a transformation schematic suggesting a terrain vehicle when scanned and a compartment for the smaller bot. Shift draw his weapon and proceeded to approach ever so stealthy when suddenly the decepticon turn in his direction and began to engage him, stricken with fear the likes of which he has never known,he felt all alone and vulnerable the figure seem monstrous and vile.In a pure panic frenzy he began firing and struck the monster square in the chest knocking loose the smaller bot from the bigger. And and fear subsided one more shot stop the villain in his track, clutching his torso and turn transformed and fled."I was right!!!" He tought to himself "Terrian". Shift transformed and sped off after the creeden.The chance to capture the new type of decepticon was ever so thrilling,the Con's skill for driving was truly impressive even with the damage he has sustained.

    A Familiar rumble in the sky set worry in him, he ran a scan "yep decepticon seeker", his new priority now was to get the visuals back to base for evaluation. Moving to fast to change direction in vehicle mode with out loosen control, he then remebered a move he saw Search do for fun,his good friend Search the acrobat whom he worries about some times,"all that skill so much atitude", and concentrated all focus on pulling off the move.he quickly transformed and tucked into and barrow roll then panted his feet and back flipped. transforming in mid flip landing on his wheels the opposite of his previous position. And let fly with all ecceloration,Just in the nick of time the seeker simultaneously under went transformation out of a nose dive with the intent to pounce on him and crash him and barely missing him by nano units. shift felt the ground shake under his great weight. And thought to himself "I've starscream on my hide that's not average seeker maneuverability" The seeker chase him on foot propelled by is rockets giving him land to match his own.

    "what kind seeker is this? he thinks he's a terrestrial,Only on thing to do make a stance"

    When suddenly the massive seeker broke the case. He thought to himself "what is so important about the small bot?"
    As he sped off towards the city Something felt very eery about the event that just transpired.His reaction to fear, never the less impress him a personal revelation was reveal to him that some may never know, the mark of a true soilder.He now knows what makes the likes of Jazz,Bumblebee,Iron Hide,and OPtimus Prime Greats......

    "Have you hard?"

    "Hard what?"

    "Icell Maximus as come to our side"

    " Your Kidding!!"

    "No I'm not,he as jointed up with us"

    "How do you know this, spotter?"

    "Because of yours truly being able to fly and all,and one the first flying atuobots,my format is the leading candidate for mass production in neutral plans, I was being evaluated by Icell himself,Prime and every body was there "search" it was epic!!"

    "so we're going the have our own fleet of fly boy's?"


    "you knock them down and we'll kick them"

    "well you might have your hand full down there...buddy O' pale. Shifty said's he has ran into a decepticon with alt. mode of a land vehicle,...


    "yeah!, he's in debriefing right now, said's the guy took two shots from his high velocity pulse rifle, and still transformed and had a top speed of level 4.... damaged, man!... decepticons as fast as you,.. maybe faster?"yeah we need air support more then ever.

    "We're in a arms race then?"

    "Yep,...but your mission will tilt it to our advantage,And with the covert neutrals it's over for Megatron"

    "Yeah, but what if we fail....then what?"

    "What kind of talk is that for a hero?....what's with you Search?....If any body can pull this off... it's you!!.... you! I would love to be in your shoes right now."

    Some how being what he perceived as being envied gave him satifaton.he hasn't even pulled of any real mission and he's already quite the envy of his peers.
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    Part 2.0

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