The decent of autobot "search to siege" part 2.5 friends 2 the end

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    Prime! I just unlock more information, from with in the transport ships data banks. Seems the vessel haD some very special cargo.But a navigation's malfunction forced it to land prematurely. Seems a order was giving to abandon the ship and a self destruct mechanism was activated,that as well malfunctioned to.

    "The cargo?"

    "O' yes,yes,prime,,,,It appears the cargo was a unit of terian vehicles"


    "No,,Transformers,, with some very impressive fire power,judging by the looks of the schematics,the most correct assumption is that some were built for speed while others for construction. eleven in all"

    "So...the decepticon are becoming more industrious,and apparently have plans of ruling the roads".

    "And the sky's, counter measures must be taken with heist"

    "Any more progress with the ship?"

    "O' yes,yes... quite a lot in fact....,we have figured out to control panels,and have programmed the ship to retrace it course back to it original starting point.Whch is in the same area as the manufacturing plant."

    "Excellent,good job...Prime Out.."

    Injury like surge was born Directly into the struggle and was never giving a name save for the number six, "proto form six" for six of his kind were born. But from the very begaining he has had other plans, not of grandeur,or even of treachry.Injury loves to hunt, to stalk,and subdue his pray.The urge is so great that he would stalk his fellow troops of the flying variety,which proved to be a challenge at first.
    Injury is a land base transformer with out flying capability at all. He has learn the seekers have a very typical behavior paterns.
    And like a spider,one just needs to set the right trap or have the right position and then pounce.
    Injury has made seeker alike fly around tall structure with all the alertness of a frighten mouse.The game never stops with him, force your pray to do want you want them to do and the adjustment they may think they have made to stay a step ahead of you is exactly what you want them to do. Injury would scale tall structures and lay in wait for his victim. With a well calculated spring from the tower, grasping his pray in mid fight. sending them both toppling to the ground,right before impact leap away.. his landing will be hard but not as hard as the pray.sink into the shadows and prepare for another attack....he would never kill them....but there pain,and fear stimulated him. Meny attempts on his life has been made to no aveal. He has even stalk Megatron but dear not attack, slinking around in the shadow about him never loosen sight of him,causing him to react to sound project and giving him a sense of uneasiness is just as good.
    He has stalked and killed thousands of neutrals and autobots,just for fun with out firing one shot.He could careless about the All spark, galactic conquest or any other grand scheme. Injury works for nothing he take every thing he needs for his victims,and almost never fights in battle... he may be present but doesn't participate, instead transformer and record the carnage for play back later. Being one of the few decepticons with a land base vehicle mode,he get mistaken for an autobot by non-autobots and even autobots will came close enough for him to pounce,he would just stand back turn to his victim and the curious bot would just walk right up to him even after being scanned and meet their doom, typical autobot behavior. no decepticon would do that.

    "The P-six is not very evolved mentally,but his skills are a asset if under control"

    "And how do you propose to do this?"

    "I've been working on a psyc-ops solider,one that can,... in theory control the simple minded P-six unit"

    "why is this something I should be interested in?"

    "why you yourself Megatron knows the value of fear.... this unit can project it toward an subject causing him to panic"

    "Bring in the p-six and run field text, im not sold on this "Shockwave",DO NOT allow this to slow up work on triple change process"

    " It is 98 percent complete"

    His first thought when he first saw the T.I.C, was to set it loose and hunt it down and mangle it slowly.when the T.I.C scrabbled into his chest he then began to form cognitive thoughts other then mangling things.The urge to hunt was still there, but not the most important thing to him anymore just something he'd do when the time and opportunity was right. war made sense to him now, but still of little concern to him,and he consider his actions with a cause and effect rational.The little bot change him, making new neural connections and fixing malformed one.If Injury was a human He'd been two years two,Transformers come online with the ignorance of a new born child, but
    with fully developed processor units and particular instinctual behaviors allowing them to mature very rapidly, a giving individual could become wise in relatively a short time or not at all just base intellect.
    In Injury's case complications with his processor left him more instinctual with limited capacity for reasoning.The T.I.C boosted his intelligence form two to the equivalent of a thirty five year old man,slimly above average by transformer standard. He still has a pack mentality and finds Megatron's pack undesirable but suitable .Shockwave envisions him as the perfect assassin in which he need to corral into his fold of schemes. All though Loyal to Megatron, but by logic, "If the failures of Megatron supplant the achievements a leader must be instated,to insure that the decepticon cause is completed".

    As Injury lays mortally wounded severely depleted of energy he feels the presence of another figure, like a wounded animal he became very defensive and pre-peared to strike at it.The figure spoke to him but not with audio.

    "Your salvation is at hand noble hunter,all I ask is that you join me"

    "join what?...YOUR WAR!...

    "I merely offer you a simple choice,to take your own fate in your own hands,govern yourself and if you consider and find that's my wisdom be satisfactory to you,then so be it.You shale not be tied to me by string or restraint,force or other wise.But by one's own willingness to belong .Pursuit of one's own endeavors will not be prosecuted, instead incouraged. If it happens that you and I shear the same or similar vision then let him follow" If not, then so be it, I shale spear your life regardless and let you resume you path with Megatron"

    "Are you a filthy autobot? Or a weak neutral"

    "Please do not insult me,I am a decepticon true and true, am I not a seeker? I'm am Surge formerly of the decepticon armada air and surface warrior"

    A sense of irony filled him as he remembers the seeker.."I have stalked and hunt you ,and your kind in the past,way now do you wish to spear me"

    "You are a decepticon as i am"

    With that Injury was sold, A pack leader has been found. The T.I.C sprung forth form Surge's chest and began sustaining the injured bot while Surge went for materials to complete the task.

    As Iron hide, Search, and the rest of the team boarded the decepticon transport ship with explosives and very heavy weaponry and beefed up armor, They set of for there mission.The mood in the ship was grim at best.The ship navigated it course without any problems.

    " the ship is in route Royal one"

    "See to it that one interferes"

    "Of course your excellency"

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