The Death of Cybertron & The War on Earth

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    The purpose of this story is to explain what happened immediately after REBIRTH. The setting takes place 4 decades after the REBIRTH event which was in 2007, so it would start off at 2047. Well this story will only follow the animated show story, not the comic book story since their both different, but with same stories in a way.

    Peace & Disruption

    After the rebirth of the new Golden Age of Cybertron, the Cybertronians(which the Autobots refer to themselves as) seek to keep it at that, but some have been seeing some strange activity by Optimus Prime, their leader. At the start of 2009, Optimus Prime had been sending several artilaries to Earth in Autobot bases there. By 2012, most of Cybertron's defences were on Earth, Leaving the planet 3/4 of it unprotected & many found this as crazy & insane, while others said "what's the worst that could happen?''. In 2013, battleships were spotted near Charr, a once Decepticon-inhabited planet.

    The Death of a Planet

    It was confirmed that the battleships were Decepticon factioned, at that point the Cybertronians knew their 6-year Golden Age was over. Optimus Prime rounded the remaining Autobot factions & the Headmasters for battle against an army of Decepticons led by Galvatron & Zarak. The planet was bombarded for hours as many Autobots died in battle, but several were ordered by Hot Rod to flee to Earth, as he knew they were no match for the Decepticon faction. Zarak went to Cybertron's core, Vector Sigma, having Galvatron to follow him, abandoning his Headmaster troops againts Optimus Prime. Zarak implanted nuclear bombs within Vector Sigma, to obliterate the planet, as an attempt to stop him Galvatron kills him, because he wants the planet alive not dead. The Autobot factions come to a sense to retreat to Earth, as many are dead & can no longer go on fighting with little to fight with. As on lookers from retreating ships travel to Earth, they see a flash of light go across the planet covering it, & blinding the Autobots in the ships. It took hours for the light to fade & when it did there was nothing in the planet's place, it had be destroyed along with the Cybertronian/Autobot's leader, Optimus Prime, who was still fighting on the planet.

    Mourning & the new Posibilities

    When many of the humans & Autobot bases were told of the planet's death, they grieved for those who died protecting it. The refugees had landed on Earth to find out that several of the Decepticon factions were amongst them as well, seeking shelter on Earth. The both sides came to an agreement to put aside their differences momentarily, as they knew they were to continue their battle again. Newer bases were made on Charr, Mars, & the newly discovered planet, Athenia. The governments of Earth notified the Autobot & Decepticon factions that these planets are theirs now, but Charr & Mars had almost no resource for use in Energon making & Athenia was just founded & was not approved to be such a safe planet for the Transformers, especially many almost died after obtainig Athenian-made Energon there which was confirmed to be "poisoned". Yet many remained on Earth, & meteorologists have identified traces of Autobot signature in space belonging to Optimus Prime & other warriors, this came as to a closure for the Auobots happy to learn that their leader may still be alive. After hearing this a mysterious dispatch ordered all transformer factions to hide their cities such as Fort Max, Metroplex, Trypticon, & the maimed Scorponok. This order then lead many to suspect foul play & a possible back stab by the governments.

    The Imperial Order

    From 2013 to 2015 the Autobots & Decepticons battle ferociously on Earth, causing more damage to the planet than the 30 years they've been there. At the U.N. many civilians protested to do something about the alien war. All of the nations came to an agreement to do something of this matter, but several objected. The nations have agreed to build an empire since they had no other choice since their cities were being destroyed everyday by the transformers, & so it was to begin the first United Empire. With little to turn to, people agreed to the new order & accepted it into their lives, but also many dispised the matter & began to rebel against it. In 2016 it was officially ordered by the U.E.(United Empire) to exterminate the Autobots & Decepticons from their planet, but before it could be ordered, transformers world wide noticed missing corpses of their fellow warriors. The U.E. had been autopsying these bodies to create their own army of transformers, but they were not similar, the robots had no spark, could not feel or think, their main objective was to exterminate. This & the order by the U.E. infuriated the transformers & gave them no choice but to defend themselves against imperial attacks, & so began the Earth War. Yet, the human rebels joined forces with the transformer factions, turning it into a sort of three-way war with the Autobots, Decepticons & Imperials fighting each other.

    The Never ending Battle led by New Leaders

    The war began in 2017 & has gone farther than any other war the humans have faced, into the year of 2047, lasting 4 decades. Over the years the U.E. had been winning battle after battle since both transformer factions had no proper leader. Many well known leaders had been missing like the Autobot's Hot Rod, & Ultra Magnus; the Decepticon's Cyclonus, & Scourge. The Autobot's Matrix of Leadership has been put into hiding as the U.E. ordered to obtain it in 2026, & has since been a factor of the war. Rebel forces were able to get hold of unfinished Imperial or HCMs(Human Created Machinisms), & give them life with the Matrix's power to give life to any machine, this beagn in 2025. When the Decepticons heard of this they momentarily captured it & did the same, but strangely returned it to the Autobots. In 2033 both factions properly gave leadership to one of their own except both leaders were HCMs, but they ignored this & followed through with them. The Autobots chose Crossfire(Dodge Ram) as leader who had been the very first HCM to be captured & the Decepticons chose Collision(Hummer H2) their leader who also was first to be captured. Both sides had been pleased with their choice, especially the Decepticons who no longer deal with an abusive leader like Galvatron. Autobot Crossfire chose several new commanders for different continental rebels as he could not lead continents alone, but he led most of the North & South American continents. One of Crossfires top rebel soldiers was chosen to lead the human forces in North America, Thade or Thaddeus Prime.

    It Is The Year 2047

    It's 2047 & their has been an increase of transformer victories in the world, but many still worry of their possible extinction. However Thaddeus Primehas his eye on a Decepticon rebel, he believes he might have a connection to his families' death. Thade had been one of many who had seen the loss of their families & friends when the Earth War began, but he does not fault the Autobots, he faults the U.E., since his father had been a respectful army generalwho was killed. Thade & Crossfire both noticed strange Decepticon activity in Chicago, Illnois in the United States. Thade rounded up a task force of his own which was full of rookie soldiers & only two highly trained soldiers & several HCMs:Cab(Toyota Yaris), Axel(Unidentified), Torch(Zippo lighter/or a Fire torch), & Weezer(blaster/sword), & Tfs: Bumblebee, Warpath, Powerglide, & Dinobot Flamethrower. Their base was located near the lake front beneath a lighthouse. From their Thade & his troops searched through Chicago looking for Decepticon activity, only to fine Mondragon, the Decepticon human leader, with other of his associates. His troops turned out to be none that the Autobots have encountered, with each having powers like one who has shape shifting liquid metal arms, known as Jaku or Destructor, another can create ice & use it against anyone, Glacia, & so on. Mondragon & his troops themselves seem to be aliens disguised as humans. Both sides fight one another after learning of a possible Second Matrix amongst them, but each side has yet any confirmation about it, but take every pre-caution to find it so it doesn't fall in the wrong hands.

    Operation GHOST HUNTER & The New Matrix

    Before Thade could head out to Chicago a few weeks before, it was told by the rebel council that the corpses of the TFs from who were from Cybertron have had a glitch given to them by the U.E. back in 2003, before the war. This glitch meant that when a Tf died & was ever revived back to life it would have a choice to become either Autobot or Decepticon, & knowing about this the Autobots ordered Operation GHOST HUNTER that meant everyone to search for the corpses & turn them to Autobots. Another thing that came to the minds of the Autobots is the possibility of a new Matrix to be found, but many found this obsurd as there has always been only one. This came as a possibility after Imperial scientists discovered signature close to the Matrix in space in 2029, three years after it was issued for the Autobot Matrix to be captured by the U.E. Since then the signature has been traced to Earth, as it may have landed on the planet. It has now been apart of the factors of war: survival, GHOST HUNTER, & now the possible Second Matrix.

    Well let me know what you think of the idea.
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    A littel confusing; I also don't think the Autobots (especially any of the "old school"/G1 vets) would allow Earth to get that messed up... they always struck me as trying to be respectful of Earth's/human rights. I think they'd quickly build shuttles, and get away, except for a *few* outposts, like Fort Max.

    Further opinion is reserved for execution of the prose.

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