The Deadly Spawn

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    Dunno why, but I been thinking about this movie lately. Just one of those random things that pops in your brain from your childhood you thought you forgotten about.

    So wouldn't you know it, I was at Fry's yesterday after work, and what do I see on blu-ray? None other than The Deadly Spawn. When I was about twelve or thirteen, I bought this movie on VHS from a garage sale (And man did I ever get in trouble when my dad found out I owned a rated-R movie). Still, this movie has some nostalgic significance, as I used to watch it all the time when I was sure my dad wasn't gonna catch me

    Basically it's about a giant three headed worm thing that lives in the basement of this house and gives birth to a bunch of pirahna/tadpole thingies that get all over the place and eat people. It was really bad, though the monster effects were cool.

    And to even further the freaky coincidence, they feature this movie on today's Cinemassacre Monster Madness.

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