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    This is an idea I had for some OC characters of mine, around G1. Please give me your thoughts.

    During the Great War there were many ships that left Cybertron in pursuit of energon resources. The Ark came to Earth, where as one ship, The Avalon made it to a far away planet known as Nados IX in the faunus expanse.
    The Avalon was commanded by Arcturus Rex, a heoric Autobot who was always on the frontline in battle.

    After an attack from Decepticon forces one of the injured Autobots, Horus was found by Galactus. Galactus was a completely silver robot that travelled from planet to planet scouting them before Unicron destroyed them.
    Galactus claimed he had been sent to Horus from Primus to show him 'the way', and showed Horus a vision of what the future had in store for the Autobots.
    It showed Prime conquring earth, and using the Autobots to enslave the galaxy, Primus spoke to Horus and told him that if the matrix was destroyed then Prime could be stopped. This of course was a lie, it had not been Primus but Unicron and had tricked Horus.

    Horus began secretly rallying Autobots under his command that believed what he was telling them. The day came when the Horus and the rebellious Autobots under his command, now calling themselves the Acolytes (Yellow coloured Autobot insignia), rose up against Arctururs Rex.

    Many bots were lost. Rex escaped aboard The Avalon and fled to Earth to warn Prime of the danger that would be quickly following.

    Horus' higher circle of Acolytes included Galactus, Apocalypse, Archangel, Lucifer and Sinister. Sinister was a Dynobot genologist, and saw following Horus as a chance to carry out some experiments on the other Dynobots. He created Glutton, Gore, Gambit and Grune (all have alt modes based around jurassic park: chaos theory). As well as experimenting on Snuff, Sabretooth, Suffer and Sumo.

    The Avalon arrived at Earth with the crew badly damaged. Wheeljack & Ratchet having heard from Warpath & Hoist the story of their time in King Arthur's court decieded to reformat them based around 16th century knights.

    Arcturus Rex, Bors, Cador, Pelleas, Lohot, Constantine, gawain, Lancelot, Galahad, and Dagonet were all reformatted in to war horse alt modes (think junkions as horses, able to ride each other)

    other members of the crew were treated as Bots-at-arms and given alt modes that served the above

    Excalibur, Crocea Mors, Adondight, Galatine, Clarent, Amace and Morax all turned into futuristic swords.
    Majolnir, a warhammer
    Grond, a mace
    Aeglos, a spear
    Aegis, Ancile, Tarnhelm, Valiant, lamorak, Lanval, Hoel, Valadon, Galehaut and Meleaguant all into armour.

    Rex's 2nd in command Odin was reformatted into a Slephnir, and his troops
    Corus, a unicorn
    Cronus, a pegesus
    Crius, a Hippogriff
    Helios, a furistic looking chariot pulled by
    Aeos, a nightmare
    Aethon, a nightmare

    Anubis the Avalon's cheif of security, and former Decepticon was reformatted into a were-wolf, and his security force into the Were-Bots
    Set, a were-rat
    Sobek, a were-croc
    Claudius, a were-lion
    Beowulf, a were-bear
    Amphibious, a were-frog
    Oceanus, a were-shark
    Gaia, a were-mole

    During the repairs a seeker team attacked. They soon fled, however a conehead was badly damaged. Warpath mentioned how the cone-heads had always reminded him of the wizard from the time travelling trip. It was stripped of all memories and personality, installed new ones and rebooted given the newname of Merlin.

    In the brig were some Acolytes that had been taken prisoners. A female spoke on their behalf, saying they realised they had been wrong to follow Horus but would help in Rex in hunting down other tratiors. They were not damaged so not reformatted, but asked to be given new names as their old ones were tainted, Spike renamed them
    Akela, a female triple changer whos alt modes of cybertronian tank and cybertronain wolf have somehow become one.
    Ent, a warwalker
    Troll and Ogre, two dreadnoughts
    Gnome, a minibot, cybertronain tank
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum, twin cybertronian personnel carriers
    Pinnochio, a cybertronian sniper tank
    Thundrel, a cybertronian siege tower
    Blunderbore, a cybertronian battering ram

    Muse a cassette carrier joined this team as comms. His cassettes
    Foxtrot, a spinx
    Quickstep and Galop, two centaurs
    Scull, a merman
    Moonwalk, an angel
    One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, 7 dwarf like bots that share a hive like mind.

    Lastly some muscle was created to add to the Avalon's crew, that the ability to go toe-to-toe with the Dinolytes.
    Lionheart, griffon
    Tauricornous, minotaur
    Tyrant, chimera
    Totem, vangoulle
    Thrombus, hell hound
    Tethor, displacer beast
    Tornote, hooked horror
    Typhon, arrowhawk
    Telson, tojanida
    Tinnitus, cockatrice
    Tectrix, peryton

    Sorry thats quite lengthy. So rubbish? or any good parts?
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    Following on are a mining team that was enslaved by Megatron at the very start of the war. They Transform into cybertronian mining vehicles.
    They have long forgotten their names as it has been so long since they have had contact with anybody else. One of the team that goes by the name 'Doc' reads them stories from a discarded Decepticon data package to boost morale. As there are seven of them left they find the story of Snow White amusing and refere to each other by the same names as the dwarves.
    They were sprung from their enslavement by Akela during a raid, and serve as the Avalon's enginennering team, but have become increasing effective as a strike team for Akela.

    The ships cheif medical officer, Nimue is another female on board. She was reformatted into a Roc (coloured like the sourceress from he-man)

    Teela is a young female warrior who has been ear marked as a possible successor to the

    Guinevere is the last of the females on board. She is a highly skilled warrior (coloured like she-ra)

    I dont have alt modes for Guinevere and Teela yet

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