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    I've been thinking, I know we don't tend to NEED something to add enjoyment to conventions, but I thought of a game that we can play at our respective conventions.

    Basically you post here a target figure that you want to get and if you get it the you win! (Basically most people will win depending on what your target is)

    Here's a couple of guidelines/rules for the game:

    1. Name the figure you want to find BEFORE you leave for the convention
    2. You can be as specific as you want (ie you can say "I want a Bumblebee!" or "I want the red variant G1 Bumblebee" or "I want a Bumblebee to go on my Classics shelf" or whatever for examples)
    3. You can't say an item that you've already pre-ordered or arranged to buy (ie if you're at Botcon this year and have ordered the Boxset, then you can't say something like "I want SG Tracks!" as that's not fair)
    4. Official figures only
    5. You can't buy a figure outside the convention and count it as a victory (ie if you find your target at a TRU that happens to be right near the convention hall)
    6. Post a Photograph of your victory if applicable after the event

    I'll add any more rules as needed later

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