The Collection Showcase Gallery Submissions: Guidelines and Procedures

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    Please read the following procedures and guidelines listed here, and follow them when submitting photos for the Collection Showcase gallery. All of your questions SHOULD be answered in here, but IF you manage to find a question that is NOT answered, by all means, feel free to contact me with your inquiries, and this article can be amended.

    Properly Name Your Files! We will not accept submissions of images that have camera gibberish for file names. We have too many things to do to have to go and re-name everyone's files for them, and we can not submit them to the gallery without a properly named file. There are many reasons for this. First, the file name shows up in the title-bar of your browser when you view an image. Second, it sucks for organizational reasons, this became very evident when we had to go and re-upload the entire gallery when we switched servers a couple years ago. This is not negotiable. If you can expect us to put in the work necessary to get your entry into the gallery, then we can expect you to do the same.

    The BEST way to name your files is to simply title it the line it's from or the character's name, followed by a space, and then 001. for example: G1 0001; G1 002; G1 003 or Devastator 001, Devastator 002, Devastator 003, etc. When you're doing this, you can easily set it up so that it will display them in the order in which you want them to, plus having the extra zeros in there keeps you from having order problems when you hit the numbers 10 and up.

    NOT Accepted: DSC5323501.jpg
    NOT Accepted: Dirgewingszoomed.jpg
    Accepted: Dirge 001.jpg​

    Maximum image size is 1800 by 1800. If the image is rectangular, then the longer side needs to be no longer than 1800. Please save all your images as either JPG or PNG.

    For more help on taking good photographs, here are two of our very informative tutorials:

    Build Your Own Light Tent/Photo Box Tutorial

    How To Take Good Photographs Tutorial

    For Any Additional Information You Wish Included, Please Include Descriptions In A Text File. Sometimes, collections have certain things that make them special to a member. While "pictures are worth a thousand words", one may have some additional information he/she would like included with a gallery submission, such as making note of certain variants or exclusives, or simply wishing to share information with the Transformers fandom at large. The description shows up right at the top of your entry's folder as soon as someone clicks it to open and see your thumbnails.

    A text file is created by merely right-clicking anywhere and selecting the option of "new" from the pop-up menu that appears, and then selecting "text file". Alternatively, you can use a Word file, but these are larger and will make your submission that that much longer to upload into your email. Don't forget to spell- and grammar-check your text!

    Videos Are Supported - Our gallery can support video files to further enhance your gallery entries! If you want to include a video file(s) with your gallery, please note that these must be under 4MBs in size, and that FLV is the preferred format, as it supports great compression, allowing the file to be more internet-friendly. A great free program for converting all the common video file types into FLV is Free Zune, and can be found HERE.

    ZIP All Files And Submit. ZIPing up all your images, videos, and text files together not only makes it so you only have one single item to upload, but makes things tremendously easy for us as well. We only have to download one file this way. When we unZIP it, it automatically creates a folder with all your stuff in it, and all your stuff is together. For Windows users, ZIPing is easy as pie. Simply right-click the folder that has your images and text and any other essential files for your submission, and point to the option "send-to" that appears, and then click on "compressed folder". That's it!

    To submit your collection, click the submission button below. This link will forward your submission to the necessary staff, and we will get it put up as soon as we are able. Please note: include your board name in the e-mail so we know whose collection it belongs to!

    Galleries can't be uploaded instantaneously. I spend a good amount of time doing work for, but I have other responsibilities that extend well beyond uploading things to the gallery. Whether that be dealing with members, checking posts and threads, trouble-shooting, creating content, or our "real world" lives which would include work, errands, families, and my own customs. Having said that, I will always do my best to get submissions included into the gallery as quickly as I can, but please keep this in mind and be patient.

    * * * * *

    If you're wondering what "Featured Galleries" are, just stay tuned, as this is an aspect of the Collections Showcase that will be coming back very soon!

    * * * * *

    Also, I would like to thank each member who has submitted galleries in the past, and also those who have given their time to manage and upload them.
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