The benchmark transformer fortress maximus super nice!!

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    First off let me start off by quoting why I titled this thread the benchmark transformer since I believe all other transformers are measured against this mamoth side figure & all fail to compare in everyway possible,here is a rough shipping estimate as I just shipped one of these bad boys about a month ago to maryland & the shipping for 5 day express post was about $42 just to give you guys a heads up on shipping from canada anywhere its not cheap!

    Payment must be made with paypal or money order.

    Now for the low down on the figure:
    this is not a reissue fortress maximus he is stamped 1986 hasbro takara 1987 macau.let me start off with the problems with this guy as you can see from the pictures spike has a bit of stress on his left side backpost which runs along side his head,& when you put him into cerebros sometimes he might pop out,also not included in this sale is the cogs gun but other than that the figure is fully completed minus the manual.
    Please look closely at the pictures to see the actual condition of the figure, the decals are all original & are in very good condition they were all corectly placed when first applied,the figure is super white,the tops of both arm ramps are white the bottoms are not yellowed but not as white as the top,everything stays in place in all modes for example. the right side leg stairs does not drop down at all in robot mode like a lot of fort max’s out there,the upper chest compartment on the left side does not drop down either in robot mode,both tower halfs click firmly into place along his huge hips in robot mode the figure is in outstanding condition for its age.
    Truely a must have for any diehard transformer fan to complete off there collection.

    I am looking to get $725.00 U.S for the figure

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