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    This is a story I am working on just for fun but wanted to put it out there so I could get some feedback. The story takes place after a reformatting of the transformers or to us the classic and generation toys. Hope you enjoy, keep in mind it is an early work of the whole story. All comments are appreciated.
    The year is 2235; the place is cog valley on the planet of Cybertron.

    The battle rages on between autobots and decepticons undiminished after millions of years of fighting.

    “Ratchet get over here” Ultra Magnus screams at the top of his voice “Prime is down!”

    “What the hell happened?” asked Iron hide.

    Autobots started to merge on the area providing cover fire for Ratchet, there medic and to find out what had happened to there leader.

    “You are finished autobots.” Megatron cried out from across the battle field.

    “Like hell” brawn said as he wipes the fluid out of his eye’s and picked up his twin blasters and started firing at the decepticon leader.

    Brawn, gears, drift, tread bolt were all with prime trying to get to hound and the twins sideswipe and sunstreaker who were wounded in a charge to get to the valleys center and the energon plant that both sides wanted to posses and fuel there war. This area was forgotten centuries ago thought destroyed by shockwave during the war on earth. Recently Jetfire and powerglide noticed that the plant was still here and in relatively good shape considering the years of neglect.
    The news had spread to the Decepticons that wanted to use the plant as well. Optimus Prime sent Hound, Hot Rod and Prowl to the plant early to make sure that the decepticons had not made it there first. No word from the team for 5 days and prime mobilized the Autobot strike team and headed out to the valley, Springer and the wreckers soon joined the caravan and they were moving as fast as they could. When they arrived on the valley’s edge they saw decepticon seekers flying overhead firing down on a small hillside outcropping; that is where prime saw hound and sideswipe taking cover and further down the hill he did see what he thought was sunstreaker wounded.

    “Damn that megatron, he did a number on prime” ratchet said as he started to work on the repairs on there leader.

    “His new cannon sure doe’s a number on anything in its way” ironhide commented while his brother continued to work.

    Nothing has changed, Magnus thought to himself, we still need to get to the plant and get to the downed autobots. “Treadbolt I need you to get up in the air and give me a bird’s eye view of what is going on” Magnus ordered. In a cloud of dust and exhaust treadbolt transformed and was in the air. “Brawn you take stalk of everyone’s energon level and make sure everyone is at least 70% or better we are going to make a charge and get this over with soon.”
    “Yes sir” Brawn replied
    “Magnus what are you thinking?” asked Prowl.
    “We have to get Prime out of here so Ratchet can work on him better and we still have autobots pinned down, plus don’t forget all of the decepticons all over the plant we came here for” Magnus responded “or did I miss something?”
    “How the hell are we going to get down the hillside without getting blasted to pieces?” Bumblebee asked.
    “We might get blasted we might not kid but this is what we do, prime didn’t come here to watch and neither are we” iron hide said as he readied his arm cannon.
    “Exactly, now where are the snipers?” Magnus asked

    Just then an explosion boomed overhead as jetfire had blown ramjet out of the sky sending the desepticon crashing to the hill as a smoking heap. Jetfire flew close to the grounded with just enough time to pull himself up before crashing into it.

    With the battle was growing fierce and more of it was happening in the sky Springer took it as a good sign to make a dash for the wounded autobots that were downed in the first wave. Springer, Drift, Roadbuster and Grimlock made a run for the bottom of the hill and got to Silverstreak and Powerglide with ease. Just then an explosion threw smoke and debris all over the team, just as the smoke started to clear they saw the constructicons rolling onto the battle field.

    “Well guys this is going to get interesting” Springer said.
    “Me grimlock fight green bots and one not make it back”, grimlock said as he held up the desepticon simble from hook. “Devastator no problem”
    “Well I think they have another idea about that grimlock” drift said as he pointed to the constructicons with his sword.

    The constructicons were transforming into a new form none of them had seen before. Devastator was a giant of a robot that was smart as a solar flare. But this was something different; they had been reformatted to only need the five to form a new devastator.

    “Me got this” grimlock boasted.
    “Not alone you don’t” drift answered “we are a team and we will take him together.”
    “Drift is right you to go for devastator and we will get these two out of here” Springer said.”Roadbuster let lose your missiles at devastator to buy us a couple of minutes and then pick up silverstreak and haul metal up to that ledge”
    “You got it boss” roadbuster said as his missile compartments started to open.
    Al at once roadbuster's 38 hidden missiles let lose on the giant decepticon as Grimlock and Drift charged. This new devastator was larger and more mobile than the last one but still slow and dumb. Drift leaped up onto Grimlock’s back and then into the chest of the green behemoth, plunging his sword as hard as he could into his armor. Grimlock charged into the leg of devastator knocking him off balance, but not enough to topple the giant. All of a sudden Grimlock was grabbed by devastator and tossed him across the field while drift was working his way onto devastators back trying to get to a more voerinable area. Drift was knocked onto the ground with a giant foot about to come down on him when laser blasts lit up devastators face causing the robot to cry out in pain.
    Drift saw Silverbolt and Cliffjumper firing there sniper rifles into the giant. As he got up Grimlock was back and the two of them looked at each other and to devastators’ legs. Without a word they picked a leg each and charged both of them with there swords rat the ready.
    Ultra Magnus started to lay out his plan,” Prowl, you Bumblebee and Ironhide are going to give us cover fire, smokescrean you and Brawn are with me

    “We will charge down the hill while Jetfire, tredbolt do there best to keep the decepticons busy. Magnus finished.

    “We’re with you” everyone said.

    “TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT” Ultra Magnus yelled at the top of his synthesizer.

    Giant robots all of a sudden change forms to cars, trucks and planes and move down the hill into the middle of the battle. Jetfire and treadbolt fire there entire armament ant the decepticons manning the wall, laser fire and missile blasts filled the sky as ironhide and his team started to provide cover fire. Once they saw what was going on cliffjumper and silvebolt helped out from there sniper positions.
    Brawn was the first to take a hit from astrotrain coming down out of the smoke filled sky, Magnus responded in kind with a volley from his missile racks on the parallax trailer.
    “That almost knocked my circuits lose, thanks Magnus” Brawn said.
    “No problem just keep pushing forward we’re almost there.” Magnus responded.

    Sideswipe looked out of the small hole in the hillside him and hound shared to see the three autobots charging towards him in a fury of laser blasts and fire. “Hound get your servos up and let’s blast some cons” he said as he woke hound “Magnus is on his way and we are going to give him whatever cover we can until our energon runs out.”
    “Don’t have much left bet lets get it on” hound replied.
    At that moment they lunged up to the edge of the hole and started firing there blasters at the wall of decepticons, trying to help there comrades that were coming to there aid. Smokescreen saw the blasts coming from there destination, realizing that there comrades were alive gave him the extra light in his spark to push ahead of Magnus and Brawn past his comrades to lay down as much smoke that he can generate to give some cover.
    Brawn went strait to Sideswipe and Hound to make sure of there condition. Hound having only 7% energon left was the worst of the two, brawn gave him most of the energon he had and the last cubes to sideswipe. With the two of them functioning better the three of five of them went to see about sunstreaker.
    “What do you think Magnus” asked sideswipe “can we save him?”
    “He is stasis lock, witch is good but there is nothing we can do here. Lets get him to Ratchet and Wheeljack; they will take care of him.” Magnus said.

    Sunstreaker was carefully loaded into Magnus’s trailer and the group started back to Ratchet.

    Drift and Grimlock were having trouble of there own with devastator when Jetfire and Tredbolt joined the fight. Jetfire was the first to join the fight launching all his missiles at devastators back witch was enough to get his attention. Devastator dropped drift when he turned to fight Jetfire. As Jetfire flew out of his grasp Treadbolt transformed and slammed into Devastator knocking him off his feet. At that point Grimlock got back onto his feet and grabbed his “tail” and plunged it into the whole drifts sword left in the arbor of the green behemoth.
    “Aaaaaarrrrgggggh” Devastator cried out and broke apart, leaving the constructicons to battle the dinobot that had destroyed there comrade Hook. The four constructicons began to merge on grimlock who was reading himself for the fight when all of a sudden scrappers head flew towards him hitting him in the leg. As scrapper fell the other constructicons could see drift and jetfire standing there while drift wiped scrapper’s fluid from his blade.
    Ultra Magnus had made it back to ratchet with what was left of sunstreaker. Wheeljack had joined him, both of them worked on Optimus Prime hopping for the best. A large figure walked out of the shadows towards where prime was his blue eye’s glowing like two empty stars in the sky. As Magnus saw the robot he lifted his cc-cannon at his head. “Easy brother I came to help Optimus as soon as I heard” the figure said.
    “Well nemesis last time we saw you” Magnus said” you tried to kill us.
    “How do we know you are not under Megatrons thumb again?”
    “The reformatting has changed me, I still bear the symbol of the desepticons but they have no idea that I survived the process. Nemesis Prime replied.
    “How can you help prime?” asked ratchet.
    “The dark matrix that I am forced to carry guided me to him, I really don’t know but it compelled me here to my brothers side.” Nemeses replied.
    “It is worth a shot” wheeljack said “we are barley keeping up with his systems failing.
    “Ok fine, but one wrong move and we will have everything we need to fix Prime from your spare parts” Magnus said.
    “Thanks for the vote of confidence there bro”
    Nemesis Prime walked over to his fallen brother and his chest opened revealing the dark matrix. A powerful blue light came from the matrix; all of a sudden there was a flash as a beam of energy shot into Prime’s chest. Nemesis fell backwards unconscious and at the same time Optimus Prime’s systems started coming online.
    “What did I miss?” optimus prime muttered in a low voice.

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