The Avengers - What actors/characters?

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Ceasar121, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Obviously, you know the Avengers WAS Iron Man, Hulk, Ant Man, Cap America, Wasp and Thor. But bet you sweet comic loving @$$ that will not be the limit of the roster for this movie. Who would you like to see... what characters and what actors (that aren't already cast).

    I'll start-

    Iron Man - Downey Jr is perfect obviously.
    War Machine - Would've like to see Terrance Howard, but Don Cheadle will do fine. Woulda preferred Michael Jai White.
    Spiderman - (even if he's just voiced by Tobey)
    Wolverine - Doubtful, but I'd really like Hugh Jackman to show up
    Hulk - A brief apperance of Norton would be fine, followed by Hulk smashing through the rest of the movie
    Ant Man - I can't think of someone to fit him
    Thor - Triple H IF HE CAN PULL IT OFF... He looks like Thor already, has the size and all he has to do is be arrogant and act superior. I think he can pull it off.
    Wasp - Eva Longoria has been linked to the role, which I would support, but I would prefer Deanna Russo (recently of Knight Rider) as she's a minor character, and doesn't need a big star to portray her. Plus I think Ms Russo has more acting chops.
    Captain America - I can go two ways with this. My gut tells me Brad Pitt. He's a star, he can act, and he can easily put on the 20 or so pounds needed to do the role. Plus he can BE Steve Rogers before and after the serum effectively. But on the other hand, my head says Mark Valley. The guy has military experience in real life, and he just looks like Captain America, down to the square chin.

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