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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Cyko-Destructo, Apr 9, 2009.

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    i just would like to say thanks to the founders (and members) of this board, not only has it provided me hours of entertainment and limitless transformer info, but the tip about the 4.99 target pack was the best gift this site could ever give.

    since i saw theese packs i was excited to buy shockwave, i had been looking for animated shockwave for a few monts, but was sad he wasnt more remnicent of his original g1 character, i loved the new color scheeme and was hoping maybe itd come out by the time i could afford to pick up a voyager class fig (budget restraints limit my ability to purchase larger figures, im sure alot of you can relat to that), well i got the money, but the packs hadnt come around yet, so i caved and picked up the original paint scheme, whic i enjoyed quite a bit and still am verry fond of, but then a few days later i saw the packs at my local target, bummed i had already spent the money and could not really afford 25 for a figure i essentially already had (even if it did come with a bumblebee) i held off on picking the pack up,
    also in looking at the packs, sunstorm began to grow on me (originally i wasnt all that fond of it but thanks to pictorials (mostly from this site) of animated starscream and skywarp, i began to fall in love with the mold and thustly began feinding out for sunny aswell, not to mention my collection lacked any represention of ratchet, and the only bb i had previously was the ledgends class that came with clear lockdown (man i loves me some target exclusives)......but i digress , regardless of all that i could simply not afford the 50$ it would cost to buy the packs with rent and bills and all that, and thanks to this website and some astute fans i was able to score some sweet transformers i otherwise would have probobly missed out on.

    so thanks guys, you friggin rock i owe ya one
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    Hey thanks! I didn't do anything, but you included me! Yay!

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