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    Greetings loyal readers!

    First, the staff of TFWe would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU for being a part in making TFWe the success that it is today! You guys help make us successful and help drive us to keep pumping these things out once a month! So again, thank you so much for your support and comments, they are very much appreciated.

    Now on to the fun part!

    Do you want to write an article for TFWe?

    That's right - we're looking for guest writers! You can write on just about anything you want to! We'd love to feature your work! Just send me (TFWe) a private message with the following:
    • What you want to write about
    • The genre (review or editorial)
    • When it can be completed

    If we like your idea, we'll respond and give you the go-ahead! Depending on the volume of submissions and the next issue's "feature", we may not be able to use your submission right away. Rest assured we WILL use it however, and we will let you know what issue!

    Legal Stuff:
    By submitting written material to TFWe, you are hereby relinquishing ownership of that written matterial to TFWe and TFW2005.COM. No profit will be made off your work, but we will be unable to honor requests to have work taken off the boards or deleted out of our .PDF issue releases. You are also agreeing that TFWe and TFW2005.COM can use your written work at our discretion. You will always be creditted. In short, what you write becomes part of TFWe, which is part of TFW2005.COM, and you're agreeing that we can use it in whatever way we want, and that you understand future requests to have your material removed cannot be honored.

    I'd like to do a cover/artwork for TFWe! How can I?

    We would love to feature fan artwork for TFWe! We are always on the lookout to feature a hot new artist and their work either as a cover, or as a special feature, or even as a Community Spotlight for our Fan Art section! We welcome any submissions. If you are interested in doing artwork for TFWe, please send me (TFWe) a private message with the following:
    • What you want to draw (cover, feature artwork)
    • What style (G1/BWBM/RID/AEC/Animated/Movie/Prime)
    • A link to some of your artwork
    • How fast you can have work finished

    If we like what we see, we'll contact you with more information! We can't guarantee that we'll use every artist who requests some work, but we can guarantee that we'll look at every one and figure out where you fit best!

    Legal Stuff:
    By submitting artwork to TFWe, you relinquish ownership of said artwork to TFWe and TFW2005.COM. We will be unable to honor requests to have your artwork removed. In short, you're giving TFWe, a part of TFW2005.COM, the right to use your artwork at TFWe and TFW2005.COM's discretion. We will never profit off your artwork. You will be creditted as approrpiate. Once published via the board or .PDF release, we will be unable to remove your work, and by submitting the artwork to us, you agree to those terms.

    Thank you again for supporting us and we hope to feature as much of your work as we can in the future! Who knows - one of these days, you could see your work IN PRINT!
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