TFW2005 Content Update: New Toy and Merchandise Galleries Online 01/17/10

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    TFW2005 is proud to bring you more toy and merchandise gallery additions for your viewing or reference pleasure. Thanks go out to SydneyY, Gears, thenatureboywoo, and Optimus Scourge for shooting these for us. While you're at it, be sure to check out the rest of our toy gallery, or any of the rest of our galleries, which include Wallpapers, Events, Collections, Customs and Kitbashes, Screencaps, Artwork, our "Other" gallery (checklists, movie images, etc), and G1 Techspecs!

    Mighty Muggs Optimus Prime - G1, Mighty Muggs Soundwave, Mighty Muggs Grimlock, ROTF Optimus Prime Black Version - amazon jp exclusive, ROTF Gears - Deluxe Class, ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe and Epps, ROTF Legends Wheelie, Robo-Q Optimus Prime , Robo-Q Bumblebee, Electrostatic Soundwave, Henkei C-18 Minibot Attack Team, Masterpiece Convoy Black Version

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