TFW2005 Content Update: 57 New TOY Galleries Online!

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    Dec 2, 2004
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    TFW2005 is proud to bring you more toy gallery additions for your viewing or reference pleasure. Thanks go out to Cataclizm1, Optimus Scourge, SydneyY,, Alphie, and Trailbreaker77 for shooting these for us. While you're at it, be sure to check out the rest of our toy gallery, or any of the rest of our galleries, which include Wallpapers, Events, Collections, Customs and Kitbashes, Screencaps, Artwork,our "Other" gallery (checklists, movie images, etc), and G1 Techspecs!

    Just Click on any of the following links to check out their galleries:

    Robot Hero G1 Mirage vs Starscream
    Robot Hero Movie Series Ironhide vs Bonecrusher
    Robot Hero Movie Series Armor Bumblebee vs Starscream
    Boo Boo Ice Pack and Tackle box
    Cyber Slammer Ironhide
    3 Inch Titanium Movie Ratchet
    3 Inch Titanium Decepticon Brawl
    - Premium Movie Ironhide
    - Classics 2.0 Tankor
    - Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker
    - Classics 2.0 Prowl
    Energon Wing Saber
    Titanium 6" Cheetor
    Energon Omega Sentinel
    Animated The Battle Begins - Optimus Prime vs Megatron
    Animated Grimlock
    Animated Leader Class Megatron
    Animated Deluxe Class Ratchet
    Animated Deluxe Class Blackarachnia
    Sports Label Convoy feat. Nike Free 7.0
    Sports Label Megatron feat. Nike Free 7.0
    TFTM07 Arcee - Wonder Festival Exclusive G1 deco
    Final AFX Exclusive Battle Optimus Prime Bust
    AFX Exclusive Palisades Paradron Medic Statue
    AFX Exclusive Reformatted Megatron Bust
    Diamond Bumblebee Bust
    Diamond Cliffjumper Bust
    Diamond Grimlock Bust
    Diamond Matrix Statue
    Diamond Megatron Bust
    Diamond Optimus Prime Bust
    Diamond Soundwave Bust
    Diamond Starscream Bust
    Diamond Megatron Head Bust
    Non Stop Toys Exclusive Palisades Bumble Bee Statue
    NYCC Exclusive Diamond Thundercracker Bust
    NYCC Exclusive Diamond Ultra Magnus Head Bust
    Diamond Optimus Prime Head Bust
    Palisades 12" Megatron Statue
    Palisades 12' Optimus Prime Statue
    Palisades Arcee Statue
    Palisades Collectors Club 6" Optimus Prime Statue
    Palisades Devastator Statue
    Palisades Direct Exclusive Cliffjumper Statue
    Palisades Direct Exclusive Thundercracker Statue
    Palisades Grimlock Statue
    Palisades Shockwave Statue
    Palisades Soundwave & Laserbeak Statue
    Palisades Starscream Statue
    Palisades War Within Optimus Prime Statue
    Palisades Wheeljack Statue
    Previews Exclusive Palisades Ravage Statue
    Previews Exclusive Palisades Sunstorm Statue
    SDCC Exclusive Palisades 6" Megatron Statue
    SDCC Exclusive War Within Grimlock Bust
    Small Blue Planet Exclusive Palisades Skywarp Statue
    Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive Palisades Ultra Magnus Statue

    REDLINE longer days, plz? Veteran

    Dec 2, 2004
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    I just want to shout out a big thanks to these guys ('n gal :lol ) for shooting all of these galleries. I know how much work it takes to shoot these suckers! really tedious getting all the different angles in, constantly re-posing the figures, especially in comparison or group pics, and then tweaking all the images to get the lighting and colors all just right!

    So, thanks a million guys. I love seeing our gallery grow more and more valuable as a resource!

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