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    Very interesting theory, my friend...I like it. However, I have to disagree...Burton produced way too many artifacts and had way too much pertinent information to be just some wealthy nut obsessed with Transformer lore. I'll agree that there were some inconsistencies in some of his "collectibles", namely the Megatron bust you referred to...why would he have that particular bust made so soon after Megatron's most recent metamorphosis, as it were...most people weren't even aware that Megatron had returned, but then again Burton would have had the resources to devote to intel on Megatron and his whereabouts. Besides, I'm sure, according to everything Burton may have known, perhaps Megatron had a role to play as well, and Burton knew any activity traced back to Megatron might be more evidence pointing to events that had been foretold for centuries. So maybe he was well-aware of the "new" Megatron, but then this all begs the question...why, in this relative short amount of time, would he have the bust commishioned (or made by Cogman, perhaps) in the image of Megatron's new form? I personally chalk it all up to sloppy writing, simply an oversight, but in a "head-canon" (I like that term, BTW...I've had one of those for years...) (lol), I'd chalk it up to fanaticism on Burton's part, perhaps further illustrating how fixated he was, and perhaps there was some dementia going on, too...I figured that was why he stumbled out onto the battlefield, seemingly in a daze, exposing himself to Megatron...I thought it was kind of sad yet poignant, a fitting end for his character, having fulfilled his role as keeper and protector of the Transformers' legend. One more thing...Burton had to have some actual standing of importance or real inside knowledge with the British government when he slipped-into the Prime Minister's office via the hidden passageway. I just thing he knew way too much to be outright dismissed. And, to address the inconsistency concerning Optimus Prime alleging the Autobots had learned Earth's languages from the world-wide web, as it were, implying they had never been there before, but in my mind, I had reasoned in my own imagination that Prime didn't have to divulge any information he had about Transformers' secret, untold past history on Earth...for one thing, as their leader, he might have withheld any info on their past relationship with Earth from the other Autobots, unless the rest of them were in on it also, as it were, and were going along with Prime's supposed facade with the'd think Bumblebee would be in on it for sure, since it was revealed in TLK that he'd been here for some time, unless one would assume Prime could somehow erase the memory of his soldiers for the sake of secrecy, but I really can't see Prime doing something like that, unless it was done for protection. I don't know...

    Another thing, he might have been sworn to secrecy as one of the Knights of Temenos...they certainly implied they sought secrecy when Merlin came begging for help. Perhaps it was one of those "need-to-know-basis" sort of things, that only the Knights were privy to...but then that wouldn't necessarily explain why Hot Rod and Bumblebee had been here for at least decades, if not longer...they would either have to be knights themselves, which clearly they weren't, or have some sort of clearance or permission from the Knights of Temenos to be on Earth. Heck, maybe they were here on Earth as the Autobot's version of Seekers, helping search for the Allspark, for who knows how long...

    It really becomes a maddening trip down the proverbial rabbit-hole, if one tries to truly untangle all of the inconsistencies in the movie mythos and make any real sense of it, doesn't it. I find that's part of the fun of it all, though, if I can make it make sense to my own imagination.

    Yes...I caught the confrontation between Prime, Megatron, and Sentinel Prime the other day on Youtube, and sometimes, when it's been awhile between viewings, I forget how awesome that whole sequence is...Optimus standing there victorious at the end, with all kinds of damage, including a missing arm, essentially defeating Megatron with only one arm, and then he does that little head-nod to's such a bad-@$$ scene, and definitely one of my all-time favorite "movie Prime" moments.
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    I forgot he slipped through that secret passage. Clearly some is true, Arthur, the knights and so on. Maybe the witwickan secret order did exist and passed down the legend from the knights to guard earth and the staff. But it was only the families of the knights of Camelot. Burton made up a lot of it though. The history of Prime's team for example. It explains their present bodies in historical images.

    I agree burton was keeping tabs on current events. Cogman and hot ro made that easy. And he could have easily acquired all those artifacts. He's rich an we saw in aoe salvage was being sold globally. He could easily have paid a fortune to get that pillar for example.

    I see your point about prime being the unreliable narrator in the first film. But if they had been so active on earth, surely there would be more evidence and public knowledge, even if just rumours and legends. And if so, no wonder the cons won th war. The bots were fighting all our wars instead.

    To me, it makes more sense for burton, cogman, hot rod, bulldog, spitfire to be descendants of Camelot, guarding the family secret and dementia setting in, making him start expanding his role in the lore to the crazy level. That's why he had that momentarily pause and break when telling the story, he started to remember this part was fake but then he went back into his delusion.

    Hot rod an co may have come to earth with bee looking for the allspark decades ago, before ww2, met young Burton in the war and after hearing of his family secret, agreed to help him over the years, having recognised the threat, while bee kept searching for the cube. And all the other autobots were on Cybertron fighting for their own world. Where they should be.
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    While The Last Knight could and should have been much better, not one of the films is anywhere near as bad as they could have potentially have turned out. Not even one of them. Most of the films are better than 99%, if not 100%, of the fan ideas for what those films should have been. Revenge of the Fallen was probably as good as it could have been given the writer's strike and lack of a complete script when filming started. Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction were better as the third and fourth Transformers films, respectively, than any, and I mean any, fan ideas for those films I have seen, and I've seen hundreds if not thousands of those.

    So yeah, other than The Last Knight I think the Bay Transformers sequels are the best possible movies realistically given the writer's strike last decade, baggage from certain human characters, and attempting to balance the needs of general audience members who want human characters and hardcore Transformers fans, many whom likely can not be pleased.
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