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    I forgot he slipped through that secret passage. Clearly some is true, Arthur, the knights and so on. Maybe the witwickan secret order did exist and passed down the legend from the knights to guard earth and the staff. But it was only the families of the knights of Camelot. Burton made up a lot of it though. The history of Prime's team for example. It explains their present bodies in historical images.

    I agree burton was keeping tabs on current events. Cogman and hot ro made that easy. And he could have easily acquired all those artifacts. He's rich an we saw in aoe salvage was being sold globally. He could easily have paid a fortune to get that pillar for example.

    I see your point about prime being the unreliable narrator in the first film. But if they had been so active on earth, surely there would be more evidence and public knowledge, even if just rumours and legends. And if so, no wonder the cons won th war. The bots were fighting all our wars instead.

    To me, it makes more sense for burton, cogman, hot rod, bulldog, spitfire to be descendants of Camelot, guarding the family secret and dementia setting in, making him start expanding his role in the lore to the crazy level. That's why he had that momentarily pause and break when telling the story, he started to remember this part was fake but then he went back into his delusion.

    Hot rod an co may have come to earth with bee looking for the allspark decades ago, before ww2, met young Burton in the war and after hearing of his family secret, agreed to help him over the years, having recognised the threat, while bee kept searching for the cube. And all the other autobots were on Cybertron fighting for their own world. Where they should be.
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    While The Last Knight could and should have been much better, not one of the films is anywhere near as bad as they could have potentially have turned out. Not even one of them. Most of the films are better than 99%, if not 100%, of the fan ideas for what those films should have been. Revenge of the Fallen was probably as good as it could have been given the writer's strike and lack of a complete script when filming started. Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction were better as the third and fourth Transformers films, respectively, than any, and I mean any, fan ideas for those films I have seen, and I've seen hundreds if not thousands of those.

    So yeah, other than The Last Knight I think the Bay Transformers sequels are the best possible movies realistically given the writer's strike last decade, baggage from certain human characters, and attempting to balance the needs of general audience members who want human characters and hardcore Transformers fans, many whom likely can not be pleased.
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    I watched the Last Knight about a month ago. I used to really hate the Bayverse, but I actually enjoyed watching this movie, it was a lot of fun.

    I thought the first 20 or 30 minutes were a blast. I absolutely loved the stuff in the ruins of Chicago, the junkyard, and the abandoned town. Those were all such interesting locations and interesting situations. It felt like an adventure movie, on the run from the bad guys. I really wish the entire movie had just been Cade, Izzy, Jimmy, and the Autobots rescuing broken Transformers and building an army to fight Quintessa or something.

    I wasn't so big on the knight stuff, it seemed kind of like a crutch to me (which is ironic considering that's in the title of the movie). I feel like the movie takes a nosedive when Cogman and Sir Edmund Burton enter the movie. These were fine characters, but they didn't really fit the tone of what was going on. We go from a fast-paced, in-the-moment adventure to a long talking scene that isn't even that relevant. The sequence at Burton's castle is interesting in theory, but it drags on too long and it ultimately amounts to nonsense. I will say it's not terrible though, it's elevated by the fact that it's a bit tongue-in-cheek.

    Thankfully the finale picks up a bit. The remains of Cybertron entering Earth's atmosphere was a cool idea, and I applaud them for preforming Cybertron practically (although I take a bit of an issue with the execution). There were a lot of cool little moments, like the Infernocus combiner and Hot Rod's time-stopping gun (seriously, why has no one put that in a movie before this?). I feel like the battle could have been a little more creative, but I do think it's far better than some of the city battles (which just look bland to me).

    I think the Autobots could have used a little bit more characterization, but I think this movie has very interesting human characters (it's one of the few pieces of Transformers media that I would argue gets humans right). One thing I noticed is that pretty much every major human character in the movie has a solid connection to the robots and a reason to be there. They earn their place in the story. Cade gave up a normal life to hide the Autobots. Burton has a Transformers museum. This is more interesting to me than characters like Sam Witwicky or the TFP kids, who are just sort of there because the story needs humans. Heck, I'd argue Izzy is possibly the most interesting human character we've seen in the brand (at least in theory). I really wish she were explored more.

    I really applaud the fact that they made a Transformers movie that wasn't Optimus heavy. I like Optimus, but he tends to dominate the story when he's on-screen. Aside from that, he's used all the time in TF media and it was kind of neat seeing his role decreased. I like this interpretation of Hot Rod. I never really cared for the character (always found him a bit generic), so I was fine with the filmmakers doing something completely different. This was by far my favorite movieverse Megatron (maybe one of my favorite Megatron designs ever). I'm really glad they kept Frank Welker on board. The team of Decepticons was great! This is the first time I can recall seeing movieverse Decepticons having real personalities, even if they were a bit basic. Their introduction was cheesy as heck, but that's what made it wonderful.

    To me The Last Knight felt kind of tongue-in-cheek overall. It felt like the filmmakers were in on the joke. About a year ago I rewatched the '07 film, and I was surprised how "serious business" everything was (not to say it was humorless by any means, but it takes itself pretty seriously at times). I sort of applaud them for trying to play it straight, but I don't feel like it worked. Some of the government scenes, military scenes, and stuff with Sam's school/love life are kind of grueling. The Last Knight feels very Marvel at times, and I enjoyed that. Even when it slowed down, it never felt that tedious me (the closest for me was probably the submarine sequence.)

    I liked about 70% - 80% of the movie. That's not to say it was great or even a well-made film, but it was an enjoyable guilty pleasure to me. There was also a lot of good humor in there. Off the top of my head I can think of several memorable quotes. In general I'm amazed how far the technology has come since the series first started, the robots look very realistic and the animation is very fluid. They've really nailed body language and facial expression. I would be curious to see a fan-edit that removes the stuff with Burton and the knights, and just focuses on the present-day adventure without all the history stuff.
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    The best way I can review this movie:

    I rented this movie on Amazon, and watched it right away, and rather than letting the file just automatically delete after the 3 days you get for the rental, I just deleted it immediately.
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    My overall review is going to be me paraphrasing Jontron's tweet about his thoughts on The Last Jedi: "It was the cinematic equivalent of ISIS smashing up a museum". I would rather defend Energon, Pat Lee, Kiss Players, or the Machinima Prime Wars Trilogy than to say a single positive thing about this "film".

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