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    This thread sets out our policy with regards to posting spoilers going forward:

    1) Discussion threads should be assumed to contain spoilers about the issue they are discussing and potentially about past issues. There is no need to tag spoilers in discussion threads, unless they are for future issues leaked ahead of airing or plot points for upcoming issues mentioned in interviews.

    2) Thread titles should not contain spoilers.

    3) Spoilers in discussion threads outside of the dedicated issue discussion should be spoiler tagged - type the word spoiler into square brackets at the start of your spoiler, and /spoiler in square brackets at the end of your spoiler.
    Thread titles should also be clearly marked when spoilers may occur.

    - When does a spoiler stop being a spoiler? - this is subjective. Minor plot points generally are acceptable by the time the next issue comes along. More major developments, like character introductions, betrayals or deaths, should be kept out of titles for longer due to their game-changing nature.

    This policy is based around common courtesy for your fellow members who may not yet have read the issue in question. Please be considerate of them and let them come into the experience of the new issue unspoiled if they are reading an issue a little later for any given reason.
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