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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by transfan_seek, May 6, 2008.

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    hey guys
    where i live in australia we have JUST received repaints like first strick op,
    evac and off road ironhide
    these are the latest around here
    just wanted to know how long after the repaints came out did the premiums start to show up?
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    First strike ops is a lot better in person than in pics. I like displaying it with the old voyager megatron because primes glowing animation cell style g1 colors balances against voyager megatrons grey, blue and black palette. He also has blue hands which is a hardcore homage to the original in my opinion.

    Anyway. Here in the The united states, South Carolina. A bunch of toys were added to my wal marts toy department. Batman movie, Indiana jones, speed racer, hulk movie, Iron Man, and G.I. Joe comic packs literally stuffed onto the pegs. Also ben 10 toys moved to the clearance area to make room for hulk stuff.

    Transformers did not get a update and I counted 11 payloads on the shelf.

    To answer your question though:
    I hav'ent seen premium figures anywhere but target yet. I have received all of the allspark figures except:

    stealth bumblebee, salvage, real gear: midnighter , real gear: twitcher, and real gear: farsight. (through wal mart)

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