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    Scene 1: Gravity vacuuming

    (THe Decepticons blow a hole on the Autobot shuttle. Suddenly, vacuum increases and the Autobots Prowl, Ratchet and Brawn get sucked out.)

    Megatron: What the-- (SMACK)

    (The TFs are sent to outer space)

    UltOp: Woops, didn't meant to do it.

    Scene 2: Reinforcements

    Megatron: Looks like we need more reinforcements. Bruticus! Menasor! Come here!


    Megatron: :redface2:  Bruticus? Menasor? Where are you?

    (Meanwhile at the Cybertronian Cyberena)
    (Bruticus and Menasor are busy fighting Superion, Defensor and Omega Supreme)

    Bruticus: Hey Menasor, Mega says he needs extra firepower. Should we cancel this fight?
    Menasor: Slag it, Brutie! Who needs us when we fight free in the Cyberena?

    All Titans: YEAH!!!

    (Back on Autobot City)
    Megatron: Oh, for all of the idiots, I'm going to get them. (flies to the Cyberena)
    Starscream: Megatron, come back! (Flies away)

    Scene 3: Ouch!

    (Starscream steps to the defeated Megatron)
    Starscream: Well, how do you feel, mighty Megatron? (kicks Megatron with this foot, but gets hurt in a second)
    Rumble: Dude, you shot your foot for like 2 seconds ago.

    Scene 4: Will the Real Prime please stand up?

    Optimus Prime: Till all are one.... (opens his chest, but the music stops in a record scratch as the chest panel flips out to reveal... nothing!)
    Hot Rod: Hey, where is the Matrix?
    (The Real Optimus Prime enters the scene with his black jacket on)
    Optimus Prime: Hey guys, sorry for the downtime. (Shows a scan of his wireframes with the Matrix in him) I have been busy making a scan of me on Teletran 1.

    (Everyone passes out except Prime)
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    Disturbingly reminiscent of a certain 'World's Worst Fanfic'...all it needs now is for characters to randomly die, reappear, and continue to make no sense whatsoever, and you're on to a winner. :thumbs2: 

    "My rigid grill structure...." :D 

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