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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by RodimusDawg, Jan 4, 2008.

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    After seeing Iheartarcee's customs Dropkick I want to pick one of these up.Every time I see it with its awesome paint job mock vinyl decal, it's screams Fast and the Furious to me.

    The Ideas I have for it is to put a purple light kit underneath it and add big mouth mufflers. Does anyone know if this would be possible to fit small LED's under it . I have no clue as the post Christmas drought has hit toy shelves and none are to be found anywhere near by.

    My other idea is masking of the purple areas and going over the sliver to make it look like actual car paint and then masking the silver and doing the same to the purple.

    Just comment back if this is worth doing or should I pass it and leave it behind. And post any other idea to give it that F&F look to it. I'm always interested in everyones ideas and thought on kitbashing.
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    You couldnt really run the led's along the whole sides of the truck because of his legs.. but its a good sounding idea. And its soo low to the ground, bigger mufflers wouldnt really fit :( 

    Masking over the colors would be sexy too, especially if you used spray instead of brush like I did. I really want to start spraying and should just get a system and dive into it. Glad my work got you thinking :)  Thanks for the props

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