Minor/Repaint: TFTM '07 Ratchet - dirty / battle damaged - unsophisticated and simple

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by TheJedi, Jun 26, 2007.

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    Well, what started this was the fact that my Voyager Ratchet had two small areas where the original paint was damaged.
    Seems someone at the factory touched it in the wrong places while the paint was still wet.

    When trying to repair the damage, I sucessfully damaged another area...
    too much rubbing with alcohol based markers on one of his doors.

    And as it's completely painted, I got through the paint and the blue plastic became visible.

    Congratulations, stupid me! :banghead: 

    Now, unhappy as I was, I still couldn't find a reason to get another Ratchet.
    Such a small damage... but it was driving me crazy anyway.

    Finally I decided to add more damage to him, to make the car mode look dirty
    as if it had been on duty, driving through dirt and smoke.

    So I took some q-tips, a fine brush and a bit of drawing ink.
    I used the q-tips to add (or remove) "dirt" in the right places and the brush for heavier spots (battle damage? mud clumps?).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I tried to get the dirt in realistic places. So the wheel cases got heavy dirt, splashes around the wheels.
    Also, I rubbed a lot of drawing ink onto the underside, hoping it would look ok when transformed, which worked out:


    It's simple, not much work and looks nice. Also, it doesn't look so different from the factory applied damage and dirt.
    I didn't want the appearance of a true custom masterpiece, just hide the damage done and make it look as if everything had been done on purpose.

    So after all, I'll get another Ratchet tomorrow now. Having one battle damaged and one mint is enough reason. :D 

    Perhaps some of you would like to try this simple method, too. Got me from being frustrated to being rather happy in minutes. :) 
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    it adds a lot of character to him...nice job man

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