TFTM '07 - Cyber Stompin' Prime

Discussion in 'Transformers Feedback & Reviews' started by Ed Bailey, May 20, 2007.

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    Okay, searched for an official thread and review, came up with nothing. Well, except for a pic thread and megatroptimus's thread about the electronic features (will address this). No pics, but you guys have seen em.

    OP has 8 points of articulation ( Head turns -- not full 360ยบ, shoulders, elbows side-to-side, wrist side-to-side, hips). He's a kids toy... looks, acts, and smells like one.

    -Chest actually has 1 clear window for viewfinder despite all official pics having two blue windows.
    -Viewfinder feature kinda sucks -- look through to see ahead or flip a switch to see megs. Hard to make anything out. Megs is just a portrait, no cool "this is how OP sees things" deal.
    -Both in store had scraped paint all over them, paint seems real flaky.
    -Faction symbols are only on the wheels, real small.
    -Speech is odd, like a mix of Cyb and Cullen. Says "I am Optimus Prime!"... but the voice gets really excited and high -- like he just realized how cool he is -- when he says his name. Really odd speech :D 
    -Instructs say to hold button 2 to get "battle sounds" in "ON" mode. Even says you need to be in "ON for the full range of lights and sounds." Doesn't work :(  Foot switches stay activated. This means you lose several gun sounds and a honking truck horn in "ON" mode. If you switch to "Try Me" you get the guns sounds AND foot sounds -- albeit only by pressing the second chest button. The functions are confusing and poorly implemented, would be disappointing for a kid I think.
    -Fist hardly comes out of socket, no rocket-punches here kids.
    -Wheels on hip are rubber and rotate, feet wheels are just sculpted.
    -Gun arm glows orange, quick fire sound, can't hold it down for constant fire.
    -Glowing blue eyes are cool, fade as whatever function you're using turns off.

    Overall for a non-transforming Transformer I'd give it a "C". Fist needs work, sounds need work (or correct instructions at least). Paint may have a serious QC issue if it extends past these two I found, I mean it almost peels off on mine. Cool display piece though, very kid-friendly look. Gonna have to figure out if my nephew is old enough to play with it yet :D 
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    Take some pics!
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    nice reveiw i'm loving that ejecting fist :) 

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