2D Artwork: TFT Transformers Tractor challenge entry 1

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    Introducing Juggernaut from the farmer Autobots or the Farmerbots
    sorry about the pic quality scanner quit and only have an old web cam.

    The farmers ground Juggernaut landed on was so peaceful that he sent a message to his whole team. Juggernaut only believes in defending the farmers ground he landed on after all the damage they did when they landed. The only Autobot that knows of there extension is Ratchet and he promised to never tail any one of there existence not even Optimus prime. Juggernaut and his team love taking on the Constructicons and tearing them to pieces. Juggernaut believes that defending what he stands for shall keep his honor and nobility in tacked and keep him on the path to peace.

    Function : Defender/ Team Leader
    Motto : Peace shale be found by protecting the innocent and saving lives.

    Strength : 10
    Intelligence : 8
    Speed : 6
    Endurance : 10
    Rank : 9
    Courage : 8
    Fireblast : 10
    Skill : 7

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