TF's up for trade in the UK (will accept international offers) inc' Alts and BT's

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    I have some alts and a couple of BT's and some other tf's i wouldnt mind trading for other things id rather own. Most have their original boxes and are in near-perfect condition. Heres the list of ones i wouldnt mind trading:

    BT Sideswipe: No box and has a few paint chips, comes with a repro rifle/axle for his gun.
    BT Meister: Perfect condition with box.
    Alt Dead End: Perfect condition with bubble-packaging.
    Alt Shockblast: Perfect condition with bubble-packaging.

    Other MISC tf's i have up for trade are:

    ROTF voyager Mixmaster, no box but comes with instructions, missing his missile.
    ROTF Voyager Demolisher, mint with box.
    TFTM Voyager premium Megatron, with box and instructions, mint condition.
    TFTM Leader Nightwatch Optimus Prime, UK version so it doesnt have the horrible bright blue paint, electronics dont work though as they got on my nerves lol.
    Deluxe ROTF Jolt, no box with instructions but in mint condition.
    FAB Longhaul, mint but no box.
    Deluxe ROTF Cannon Bumblebee, mint with box.
    Deluxe ROTF Ravage, no box but in mint condition.
    G1 Soundwave, been repainted as the original silver had faded, no stickers and missing missile launcher, is an original from 1984 though with the flat tape deck chest. Good condition apart from the missing stickers, no box or instructions.

    Im looking to trade any of these for the following (all must be in good condition with their weapons. Priorities highlighted in blue):
    Classics Cliffjumper.
    Universe/Henkei Tankor.
    Henkei Sunstreaker.
    Alternity Cliffjumper.
    HA Barricade.
    Henkei Powerglide.
    HA Sideswipe.
    ROTF Voyager Megatron.
    ROTF Voyager Long Haul.
    Henkei Smokescreen.

    Im willing to ship internationally as long as you are. Mainly looking to trade, but i might accept cash if the price is right so im open to offers.

    Leave a message or PM me if you are interested.

    Thanks for looking.

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