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    Entertainment Weekly (Weakly?) had a couple brief blurbs about TFs on p. 12 of the latest issue (with the American Idol crew on the cover). Both are in their 'Big Events of 2007' section. #6 of the middle spread reads 'Optimus Prime, egatron, the Decepticons, and the rest of their robotic ilk battle one another- and Shia LeBeouf's hair- in a $100 million-plus Michael Bay blowout (July 4).' On their 'Hit List' sidebard, TFs are at the top. "Transformers enjoy resurgence Except for Soundwave- remember him? The cassette player? Yeah, he's screwed." Ironic, of course, considering that Soundwave has two cassette palyer toys coming out soon (the reissue and Titanium).


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