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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by B-Fox, Nov 12, 2007.

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    I have the following figures I'm willing to part with so I can have a little extra funds for the holiday season. I'll except checks, money orders, or trades. In the case of a trade, just list what you have to offer and if there's something there that'll be that!

    Here they are, in no specific order....

    G1 Weirdwolf, complete and excellent condition. No yellowing of his white parts as far as I can tell and his stickers are the original stickers, recently applied with little to no wear.

    "Modified" BotCon 07 Huffer. Just the figure and his rifle/crane. I swapped out his
    light blue legs for Armorhide's white legs because they were originally loose.

    All the Mini-Cons from the third Takara Micron Booster set put out during Superlink/Energon.

    G1 Hot Spot, comes with everything except one of the repair arms for his silly 'base mode'. This is the all plastic version and he has no stickers applied. There is some discoloration, but nothing serious and it's just the ladder.

    R.I.D Scourge. Complete and in excellent condition.

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