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    I have the following for sale, pickup in Jacksonville FL (Mandarin) today.
    Cybertron Primus w/Unicron head MISB
    Cybertron Cybertron Defense Scattorshot MISB
    Alternators Rodimus MISB
    Alternators Wheeljack MISB
    Alternators Battle Ravage MISB
    Alternators Optimus MISB
    Alternators Sunstreaker MISB
    Alternators Rollbar MISB
    Alternators Shockblast MISB
    Titanium 6 inch G1 Ultra Magnus MISB
    Titanium 6 inch The Fallen
    Titanium 6 inch Soundwave
    Titanium 6 inch Rodimus
    Titanium 6 inch Megatron (tank)
    Universe Legends Warpath MOSC
    Universe Cosmos MOSC
    RTS Trailcutter MOSC
    GI Joe Renegades Storm Shadow MOSC
    GI Joe SDCC exclusive Zarana (pink outfit) MOSC
    GI Joe Dreadnoks 7 pack MISB
    GI Joe Sand Serpent jet MISB
    Please reply with your name and phone #, would prefer to sell these today ASAP

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