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    Hello! I have a few items I'm looking to unload. All prices INCLUDE shipping within the continental U.S. If you have any questions or would like to negotiate, please send me a message. I accept PayPal.

    I want to be painfully honest about what I'm offering, so I'm listing all the flaws I can observe. I'm happy to send pictures upon request.

    Thanks for looking!

    Generation 1

    Constructor Squad (plus an extra Knockout)--$15.00.

    All figures have very light scratches, but no damage to paint applications. Grit has one arm that is a lighter hue than the rest of his body. Hammer is missing one hubcap, but the wheel remains firmly in place. Knockout #1's shovel arm is slightly loose. Knockout #2 has small rust spots on his hubcaps. Stonecruncher's crane arm is fairly loose. Other than the aforementioned scratches, Sledge and Excavator have no noticeable flaws.

    Construction Patrol--$15.00.

    Crumble has loose arms. Groundpounder has rust on one hubcap. Neutro and Takedown have no noticeable flaws.

    Micron Legend (Armada)

    Ratchet Super Mode (Powerlinx Red Alert)--$13.00.

    Ratchet is missing his hand attachments and Mini-Con. However, he has all his other accessories, plus his box and instructions.


    Transformers (Marvel) #3, 9, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 39, 42 and 52--$2.75 each or $22.50 for the lot.

    All issues are in Very Fine to Very Good condition.

    Cybertronian: The Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide #1, 2 and 5--$7.50 each or $20.00 for the lot.

    These are the original issues, not the manga-sized reprints. All issues have minor cover wear. #1 has a creased spine, and the cover has separated (though it usually holds in place due to the adhesive). The cover to #5 is starting to separate.

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