TFP: This Is War

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    My first attempt at a long ongoing story, comments and critiques are appreciated. Suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy!



    “Wheeljack to Team Prime. I repeat, Wheeljack to Team Prime.”

    “Jacky! Where’ve you been?!”

    Bulkhead exclaimed in excitement. This was the first ray of sunshine in a week of sadness for the whole team, not just Bulkhead himself. Ever since Optimus had lost his memories of being a Prime, morale had reached an all-time low and not even Miko could cheer up Bulkhead. But finally, Bulkhead’s best friend was returning. And Miko’s ear-to-ear grin just escalated Bulkhead’s happiness.

    “Good to hear you Bulky! I’ll let you know the details once I’m back, don’t want another fiasco do we?”

    “Of course,” Bulkhead chortled, “Try not to get captured this time buddy.”

    “Will do Bulk, see you in a few cycles.”

    The comms link shut off and Bulkhead punched the air in anxiety. He was incredibly happy to hear his old friend would be back soon, but breaking the news about Prime would be tough. At this thought Bulkhead’s face and fist fell. Ratchet placed his hand upon Bulkhead’s shoulder.

    “Wheeljack will understand Bulkhead, maybe he’s even found some more Wreckers!”

    Ratchet lifted his voice with the last part and Bulkhead could tell Ratchet was just as excited about that prospect as he was. Miko looked up at Bulkhead in surprise, her pigtails flopping around with the sudden movement.

    “You mean there are more of you out there!”

    Miko’s grin hadn’t stopped the whole time and Bulkhead remembered she had loved Wheeljack just as much as he did. Bulkhead smiled at Miko and suddenly his world lit up. One of his best friends was coming back and here was his other ecstatic for the first time since he had returned from Unicron.

    “That’s right Miko; hopefully Jacky’s found some more!”

    Miko jumped up and down and ran to get her guitar and amp. Ratchet took his hand off Bulkhead’s shoulder and looked intensely at him.

    “Do you brother will be with them?”

    Bulkhead lowered his head slightly in thought before responding, it wasn’t too often Ratchet wa this vulnerable.

    “I don’t know Ratchet; he’s been missing for a while.”

    Ratchet nodded but Bulkhead knew he was expecting a better answer. Ratchet turned away to face the screen again as Wheeljack came into land somewhere in the Australian Outback. He squinted at the display and spoke with long drawn out words.

    “No Decepticons anywhere near Wheeljack’s ship and.....he’s landed.”

    Ratchet quickly made his way over to the Ground Bridge Controls and entered the co-ordinates. He scanned the room swiftly as the green portal-like bridge appeared.

    “Okay Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee are out on patrol so it’s only you. Got it?”

    “Two or more Wreckers is more than enough Ratchet, I won’t be too long.”

    Bulkhead started running into the Ground Bridge and was transported immediately to Australia and the sight of Wheeljack’s ship. He brought his hand cannons out and scanned the surrounding area. No Decepticons but a very surprising sight.

    Wheeljack had landed the ship properly? That’s a nice surprise.

    Bulkhead thought as he ran over to the opening door on the starboard side of the ship. Wheeljack and a red and teal Autobot jumped out to meet Bulkhead and Bulk’s jaw nearly fell off. Wheeljack was accompanied by a long-lost Wrecker and a good friend of Ratchet’s.

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    Good start so far mate!:thumb  Eager to find out what happens next!:D 
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    nice :D  can't wait to see what's gonna happen now !!!

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