2D Artwork: TFP - The Autobots

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Chopperface, May 31, 2011.

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    Well, I was bored a week or two ago, and did this in my spare time. It's supposed to mimic the opening credits of Prime...

    Yes, I know. The road separates awkwardly into three different paths at a fork. And I tried my best to do it from memory, but Ratchet and Bulkhead I had to find a reference picture entirely. Bumblebee, I screwed up on his headlights coloring them yellow, meaning they don't stand out like headlights should among an entirely yellow Camaro thing.

    Speaking of headlights, yes, I know that they all look weird with how far they go, especially the shape of Arcee's light. It should spread out the opposite way.

    But I had difficulty trying to not make the land outside the road not look like a blank wasteland like in Beast Wars. The darker spots (not the shadows of the mountains) are meant to be, well, hills and big rocks.

    For the sky, I think I made the moon too yellow. It should've been whiter and paler.

    All done in watercolor. Enjoy or not. Any criticism, constructive or otherwise, is welcome.

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