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    Okay so not sure if this has been done before and I'm reeeally not sure where this would go, I think this would be a good post for the Toy Discussion, but if not I'm completely fine with moving it to wherever it needs to go so just let me know on that

    Annnnyyyway, in my opinion, the guns that came with TFP:RID Voyagers Starscream and Optimus were AWFUL; AWFULLY DISGUSTING...

    Sure I enjoy the light-up gimmick with the transluscent plastics and all but I'm more of a guy who will take quality/looks over gimmicks.

    My main complaint about the guns is 1. how they couldn't lock in place and 2. how the battery pack/lever thing was a huuuge peice of unneeded kibble just sittin there so when you equip your figure with the gun and you don't wanna just sit there and hold hit the whole time, it ends up looking like a giant crappy block just chillin there on their arm, and didn't give a good appearance like a weapon or gun at all, in my opinion.

    So, I made a couple modifications.

    I was fiddling around with Starscream's null ray when I thought, "I wonder if I can just remove the lever/battery pack peice to make it look better and maybe lock it in place?" And so I explored around the weapon to do just that (I attached pics too):

    Step 1: There are 3 screws on the gun's base on the non-transluscent side on both guns; simply find a screwdriver that fits and unscrew them
    (make sure you keep up with your screws! and keep up with which screws went in which hole) (you should be able to use the same screwdriver head/bit for all the screws EXCEPT a slightly smaller screw on Prime's gun, the one on the very left; just make sure you don't strip it cause that happened to me and the plastic peice holding the screw broke, but the other two screws hold the gun together just fine without that third one so it's okay)

    Step 2: Once you have all three screws out, gently pull the gun base apart (basically pulling the transluscent side apart from the non transluscent side). The barrel of the gun is attached by two thingies onto the transluscent side; set the transluscent side apart, you don't really need to worry about it till you put it back together

    Step 3: Now we focus on the non-transluscent side, where the battery pack/lever peice is held in by only one screw. All you have to do is unscrew it and take it out. There is, however, a small plastic ring/loop thing about a millimeter or two away from and directly in front of the area where the screw is in; if you screwdriver is thin enough to go through it then that's all good; if not, the ring breaks very easily (I just grabbed and twisted it with pliers and it broke and I just bent it out of the way) (don't worry, this ring is part of the lever/battery pack, so we won't need it anyway, so its okay to break the ring)

    Step 4: Once the screw is unscrewed, the lever/battery pack peice comes out very easily; once it's out, you can just throw it away (unless you wanna save the batteries or something). Behind the lever/battery pack peice is a spring thing that causes the gun to be spring loaded; just grab it and take it out too; you can just throw it away, also.

    Step 5: Once you're done with that all you have to do is put the two sides (transluscent and non-transluscent) back together (make sure the barrel peice doesn't fall out). Then just simply put the screws back in there holes and screw them back in, and there ya go! You've got an EXTREMELY improved gun!

    Once you're done, the gun looks so much better, of course, but now you can somewhat lock the barrel in place! Having lost it's spring-loaded capabilities, the barrell is now loose and free to move, and so you can move it back and forth with your fingers and it will stay in place in the contracted or fully stretched positions. Don't worry, the barrell peice is very safely secured and can't fall out; it's just not spring loaded anymore. I only removed the battery pack/lever peice and the spring, so the rest of the gun's mechanics stay the same. The only major difference is that the light is in the battery pack/lever peice, so you won't be able to make the gun light up anymore; but I think it's worth it to make sure it doesn't look like a peice of crap. It really betters the figure as a whole, and you can use them as actual weapons, not useless blocks sitting on their arms; I actually just set the guns aside and never equipped them but now I really feel like I can equip them and its all good; plus it opens up numerous new poseability options, most notably posing them with both hands on the gun.

    So yeah check out the pics; I also included a pic of the detached battery pack/lever peice

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