TFP misunderstandings, in depth analysis of arcs and their meanings

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    Statements and publications aside, there is no other logical conclusion than that the Nemesis is still Trypticon in TFP, and that he does reawaken for Flying Mind.

    When Trypticon was last seen, he was converted into the Nemesis and locked in permanent stasis. That's established in Fall of Cybertron.

    If we consider the presented properties of Dark Energon in Transformers Prime, we know that
    In Flying Mind, after the Nemesis is catastrophically damaged by Bulkhead, Megatron puts Dark Energon into the ship's Energon Core to expedite the ship's repair because he knows that it repairs damaged Cybertronians.

    The ship is repaired, but is now sentient, operating with a will of its own. Megatron, despite being infused with Dark Energon, does not share the same symbiosis with the Nemesis as he did with the dead Cybertronians that he resurrected - and so he is unable to control the ship's will.

    The Nemesis, now acting with its own will, speaks. Now, consider Trypticon speaking in War for Cybertron. The two voices are undeniably similar, though Trypticon is voiced in WFC by Fred Tatasciore, and the Nemesis voice in Flying Mind is provided by Bulkhead's Kevin Michael Richardson.

    Given what is established by the series about Dark Energon, we know that it
    • Gives life to regular electronic devices
    • Repairs damaged Cybertronians
    • Resurrects dead Cybertronians
    Since the Nemesis is Cybertronian technology powered by Energon, we can assume that its sentience is not granted by the Dark Energon. Since Megatron is unable to control the ship, we can assume that it is not a resurrected Cybertronian. Since Trypticon was last seen damaged but alive, and being placed into permanent Stasis Lock, we can assume that the ship's sentience is due to the Dark Energon's ability to repair damaged Cybertronians.

    Based on those details, the extremely similar voices used, and the designs existing for Trypticon's TFP rendition, the only logical outcome is that the ship is Trypticon.
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    This was a thing? I mean, seriously?

    Dreadwing was another case of stunt casting gone wrong in a misguided attempt to A) recuperate the cost of building Skyquake's model and then kill him off in the same episode, throwing away money for a perfectly good model and toy for no good reason, and B) try to fool people into thinking a lot of money is being put into the show. Surely it worked by hiring Dwayne Johnson for one episode and then Adam Baldwin (which we later found that production did not in fact have money).

    I hesitate to call him Breakdown's replacement because I firmly believe that is what Hardshell was-- a character invented to resolve all the character roles meant for Breakdown at a cheaper cost.

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