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    Hi everybody, its been a LONG time since I have been active here, and I have a question I have been working on for a better part of a day.. I bought a TFP Dreadwing with the rear Tail/Thruster pack where the plastic where the hinge holds on to the pin is broken. One part I can probably fix with ease, the other one is completely gone.. I'm wondering if there is a way to reconstruct a hinge, I have some donor parts in my parts bin, an old but wrecked First Edition Optimus Prime seems to have similar rear hinges.. I was hoping to maybe cut one out carefully and fuse it on to Dreadwing and replace the original pin..

    Right now it's a bit of a parts former, the rear tail attached and stays there with no issue, I was hoping to maybe getting some functionality back out of it..

    Here is what I'm talking about..

    Thank you all in advance.. I'm not sure if it can be done..

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    Two options from my PoV:

    You either get hold of a bag of thermoplastic and you use a soldering iron to heat the material in place so it will attach to the figure and shape into....the shape you want it, or you can use these UV curring plastic tubes and apply a layer and cure, apply a layer and cure etc. The last one is something that I honestly wouldnt do, since its not an 100% sure to work and it will require tons of time.

    If you just glue a new hinge into place, when you apply force to transform it, it wont hold much.

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