2D Artwork: TFP Brawl

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    Faction: Decepticon
    Subgroup: Combaticon
    Function: Ground Assault/Brawler


    "Behold the fury of iron and steel!"

    Profile: To those who know Brawl, he can be summed up in two words: loud and violent. If ever there's a fight with Autobots, a battle or any sort of conflict arises, he'll be there in the middle of it. Brawl was the right-hand Con to Megatron before he was replaced by Starscream and became a heavily-modified mercenary, fighting with Onslaught's Combaticon Mercenaries. A Decepticon of seething rage and anger, Brawl carries himself with animalistic brutally that would give veteran warriors pause at such carnage he commits. During bouts of berserker rage, he shrug off artillery strikes that would kill normal beings. His shouts and bellows can be heard from miles away, just the way he likes it. While he appears to be loyal to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, he serves a greater power.

    Abilities: Brawl possesses incredible strength and durability, making him the perfect tank. In robot mode, his arms can each deploy a pair of tri-talon blades, allowing the Decepticon to cut down his foes with ease. Each tri-talon has a mounted mini-gun turret and rocket launcher, adding to his already impressive artillery. His prized shoulder cannons can generate blasts of energy that can decimate small cities in a single bound. In tank mode, he can generate enough speeds to ram into and destroy anything in his path. The turret-mounted cannon can hit a moving target from miles away with ease. In both modes, he carries secret compartments for more weapons, such as his head being converted into a targermaster weapon for finishing moves.

    Weaknesses: Being big, loud and slow, Brawl makes himself an easy target for attack on the battlefield. While his armor can shrug-off most attacks, exposed cracks in his armor can compromise his defenses, making him susceptible to sneak attacks. For whatever reason, Brawl hestitates to attack an unarmed human being (claiming it is beneath him), which can sometimes cost him and his team a mission where mercy is a liability.

    devART: TFP - Brawl by ~Krekka01 on deviantART

    An idea I had for a very long time.

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    Looks more like Animated to me, but still cool! :thumb 
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    Reminds me of an Insecticon.

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