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    i have decided to go a different route with my transformers collection. i have decided to focus on optimus prime,megatron,starscream and ultra magnus. with that being said i have a good amount of transformers for sale:
    all are opened but in mint condition and some have boxes still.
    to see pics of the toys go to - optimus - 29 - Male - JACKSONVILLE, Florida -
    tf movie 2007
    offroad ironhide with legends ironhide $15.00
    fast action barricade with legends patrol barricade $15.00
    fast action ratchet (red/white) with legends ratchet (red/white) $15.00
    bonecrusher with legends bonecrusher $15.00
    decepticon brawl with legends decepticon brawl $15.00
    blackout with legends blackout and robot heroes blackout $22.00
    scorponok $ 7.00
    evac (blackout recolor but autobot) $12.00
    arcee battle damage $15.00
    arcee voyager $7.00
    longarm $7.00
    landfill (combiner 4 piece autobot - walmart exclusive opened w/ mint box) 45.00
    also have an assortment of original ninja turtles (with and without accessories), power rangers, a limited pokemon ball with gold pokemon card inside (mint)
    i'm interested in either selling outright or trading for optimus prime(any),megatron (any), starscream (any) and ultra magnus (any)
    let me know.
    jeremy 904-535-8519

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