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    Mar 17, 2007
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    people does anybody here happen to have any pictures ofthat energon liokaiser energon breastforce combiner set that tfmaster went and kitbashed a couple of years or so back.

    from what i remember of it he used skyshadow for gaihawk and terradive for hellbat, with energon stormjet for leozack and cybertron clocker for jaruga

    with energon kickback for killbison and sledge for drillhorn.

    but with sledge having the scoop shovel swapped out for a set of drills mounted on some kind of folding hinge joint with the back hoe tires swapped out for a set of modified tank treads that were salvaged from another energon kickback tank limb figure.

    the reason i am asking about the pictures is because i want to take a crack at liokaiser myself and i would like to use th picturesa as a guide to work with.

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