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    So I inadvertently broke the posting rules when I posted a video promo I did for I have seen TFW post news links from them and vice versa so I honestly didn't think I was hurting anyone, but on to the point...

    So today, TFCon messaged me asking about promos because they saw that video! I'm thrilled. I hope to get more and more Transformers' related voiceover work. Transformers is almost solely responsible for my interest in voice acting as a career and it's been a lifelong dream to work on professional Transformers projects. I already checked Star Wars off my list of professional jobs I would like to do as well as doing movie trailers. Transformers is the last thing on my voiceover "bucket list." I would take a cameo on a series or doing a commercial/voice of a toy. Doing promos, however, will be awesome because I have a lot more creative control as far as content. It REALLY ticks me off when Transformers projects are done WRONG. Case in point: the Transformers movie talking "cell phone." That thing was not Peter Cullen, Garry Chalk, or ANYONE that even SOUNDED ANYTHING like Prime. Another case in point: Transfomers toy commercials of 2007-2010. It's either that obviously-pitched, non-Cullen Prime voice or that "Red Bull-over-the-top" young, male voice that they use for a lot of "boy's" toy commercials. I personally think Vange1us makes better commercials at the beginning of his reviews!!!

    So, wish me luck. Sorry for typing so much. I'm on a lot of pain medication, some of which makes me hyper. I'm having surgery on some blood clots in my leg tomorrow, so hopefully that will go well and I can get back to making videos, doing parodies, and working on more cool voiceover projects this year.

    I'm joining the Screen Actor's Guild (most likely... possibly AFTRA) next month, and I may be getting Jim Cummings' (voice of Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, etc.) agent so I'm sincerely hoping to land some work in network animated stuff this year. My manager is predicting a great year for me and I've got my fingers crossed and I'm PRAYING that he's right. His company did one of the Transformers movie trailers for the first Bay film, so maybe I will get to do one for Dark of the Moon?

    Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to work for Hasbro as far as doing the voice(s) for toys, commercials, etc. after February because they only hire non-union voice actors for that type of work. BUT it will OPEN the door to do network promos and characters on an actual series.

    The Hasbro TF guys at BotCon and at SDCC said that they have an extensive soundboard of Peter Cullen, so my only chance is doing a third-party or imported toy voice, commercial, or minor character on a series. But I will TAKE promo work! Heck, I would love for some TFW staff member to talk with me about promoting THIS site. This was the first TF site I ever joined! Cut my teeth here! ;)  *hint, hint, wink, wink, say no more!*

    Sorry for taking up so much space! It's the drugs, man!

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