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    Looked all around and couldn't find a feedback thread.


    The first Transformers Collectors Club figure for the year is Transformers Animated Cheetor. He's a young rookie cop that becomes Sideswipe's partner in the Botcon 2011 exclusive comic. Cheetor is a repainted Transformers Animated Blurr, which itself is designed from Transtech Cheetor. It has come full circle. Here's the review:



    Alt Mode: It's*appropriate that Cheetor is a repaint of Blurr. Cheetor wouldn't rock a bulky alt mode, so it's only fitting that his car mode is super slick. The yellow plastic has a beautiful sparkle to it,*which is complimented by an awesome paint. We can all complain about the cheetah spots all we want, but it really doesn't hurt the toy in any way.


    Robot Mode: Cheetor sports a new head mold; designed by Derrick J. Wyatt. Though it didn't exactly turn out the way he wanted, it doesn't look that bad. It only needs a few black paint apps to be considered perfect. It's also great that FunPub decided to mold the entire head in plastic. Animated Blurr has a rubbery fin on the top of his head, and mine has bent out of shape from being underneath other toys for a long time. The rest of the figure is exactly the same as Blurr, with the exception of a new deco. My brain thinks that there's something wrong every time I look at the Autobot insignia, knowing full well that this Cheetor isn't a Maximal. Another part of me wishes that Cheetor was yellow and blue, like his Beast Wars incarnation, but this color pattern isn't too bad. The neon green paint does look a little painful, and it doesn't help that they are applied very sloppily. Lastly, the shoulder pegs on my figure don't secure as strongly as it does on my Blurr.


    Overall: All in all Cheetor is actually not that bad. I originally put an order in, thinking that I would be mildly impressed... but it actually turned out great. It's missing some paint apps, but that shouldn't detract you from getting this figure. If you're a Transformers Animated fan or even a Beast Wars fan... this would be great for your collection. It'd be even greater if you owned a Botcon Sideswipe to go along with it.

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