TFC Hercules MIB, $440 shipped

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    I want him get rid, quickly.

    TFC Hercules and Prime Deluxe MegatronSOLD

    All Constructicons are 100% Complete and no missing pieces, in all MIB.

    $440 shipped for only USA, no worldwide.
    No holding
    No ask for low price.

    You will get free Prime Deluxe Megatron, 100% Complete(First Edition, Entrainment Pack)

    Megatron's face have dark gray paint.
    Hercules's visor have dark red(I used red sharpie pen) than orange-red, it's match with red transparency 100%
    Neckbreaker have extra shapeways call "neckbreaker's plow?" from dread???? I forget his username.

    If you are interesting for that then be ready and pay at Paypal.

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