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    1. TFC minibots. The Bumblebee is from the TFC set. All of the others are G1 originals. Gears, Powerglide, and Warpath say Takara, Japan on them. Huffer and Cosmos say Hasbro. No paperwork is included just the bots with the TFC box and plastic insert trays to hold the bots. Powerglides arms are a little loose but allther joints are tight. Bumblebee, Gears, Huffer, Cosmos, Warpath have tight joints. Asking $75 shipped in USA.

    2. Starscream: You get what you see in the picture. The Starscream is from the Takara 22 reissue. Long missiles and landing gear are not included. Asking $32 shipped in USA.

    3. TFC Soundwave: Item is MISB single taped on each end. Box is in great shape. Asking $73 shipped in USA.

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