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    Meh. I don't really write fan fictions, but I got bored and decided to conjure up a way to put Devastator in the Animated universe and still keeping to the comic relief type characterization of the Constructicons. I think I succeeded.

    Scrapper crawled out of the roaring waters surrounding Dinobot Island and onto the shore. He stood and picked the small bits of rust from his metal body. He looked around for his good pet, Snarl, but he was nowhere in sight. “Snarl! Here boy, come to daddy.” Scrapper yelled.
    “Hey, would you keep it down metalhead!” a voice sounded from a nearby thicket of trees.
    “Mix? Is that you?” Scrapper asked.
    “No, it’s the stinkin’ tooth fairy. Of course it’s me ya’ big idiot…” Mixmaster emerged from the foliage, beckoning Scrapper to follow.
    Scrapper entered the brush and was immediately pulled down. “Look.” Mixmaster said, pointing out through a small hole in the bushes. Scrapper peered through the hole.
    “So what? They’re just Dinobots…” Scrapper said.
    “Dino-whose now?” Mixmaster replied.
    “Dinobots, you know… Just Dinobots.”
    “Yeh, Scrappy, you’re gonna hafta er… Elaborate a bit.”
    “That’s Grimlock, that’s Swoop… Snarl… Oh no, where’s Snarl!”
    “Erm… What the slag is a Snarl?”
    “He’s my pet! I gotta’ find ‘im!” Scrapper ran out of the hiding spot toward Grimlock only to be knocked back as Grimlock spun around hitting Scrapper square in the chest with his tail. Scrapper rubbed his head as he let out a sigh. “Y’know Mixy… This could be harder than I thought… Hey… Where’s Dirt Boss?”
    “Heh… That’s kinda the reason I brought ya’ here…” Mixmaster said.
    “Waddya mean Mix?” Scrapper asked.
    “Well… Ya’ see… Dirt Boss had a few… Plans he wanted to try out, and we couldn’t do it without ya’ b-” Mixmaster was interrupted as a few trees behind them fell down and a small chunky figure stand in the light that the trees once covered.
    “What’s goin’ on Scrap!” Dirt Boss’s voice could be clearly heard.
    “Oh hey there Boss… Erm… What are these plans I heard so much about?” Scrapper said.
    “Well now that you’re here… Why don’t I just show ya’?” As Dirt Boss finished his sentence Scrapper and Mixmaster could feel a small drill embedding itself into their foreheads. “Now it’s time to cause some DEVASTATION boys!” Scrapper’s and Mixmaster’s bodies folded up into two symmetrical sections of a body. Their bodies crashed together as Dirt Boss’s body collapsed upon itself and rested in between the shoulders of the Mixmaster-Scrapper body. The new, towering brute crashed through the trees and into the clearing the Dinobots were occupying.
    “Intruders dare test Grimlock?!” Grimlock roared. The mad, mechanical dinosaur charged the combiner only to be swatted away like an insect.
    “We are Devastator now… You will obey!”
    A rustling came from a far away bush. Devastator ran to the bush; his feet leaving monstrous craters in his wake. He grabbed the bush and tossed it in the air, revealing Snarl who was chewing on some grass. Devastator’s foot rose up and hovered over the helpless Dinobot. The foot came down, but was suddenly stopped as a loud “No!” came from the left half of Devastator’s body. “You won’t hurt Snarl!” Scrapper’s voice said.
    “You don’t have a say in the matter Scrappy, I’m in control here!” Dirt Boss said. Suddenly Devastator started punching, kicking, and strangling himself. This soon turned into a mess of flailing limbs and harsh words coming from all over the monster’s body. Snarl watched as he continued to chew the grass. Devastator fell apart into the three original bots it was made up of. They continued to fight and argue on the ground until they noticed a large shadow looming over them. The trio looked up and saw a mad, battered Grimlock staring down at them.
    “You three make Grimlock hurt. You three Make Grimlock mad. Me Grimlock DESTROY YOU!”
    The three Contructicons screamed as the mad mechanical tyrannosaurus beat them to scrap.

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