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    Okay, it’s been awhile since I started one of these. I base my story on my collection (I hate writing/reading about characters I don’t have toys of) so naturally every time I update my collection I change the story. The idea is that eventually I’ll have the time and technical knowhow to turn this into a serious web comic, and hopefully from there someday into stop motion animation. Of course that is a very long ways off, if it will ever be possible.

    The thing I’m going for here is somewhat of a Generation One Redux Amalgamated. I’ll be throwing elements in from both animated and comic book adaptations of the G1 series (along with the Japanese toons), Beast Wars, The Unicron Trilogy, the movies and modern animated TV shows, and some elements from the new comics, into one giant story. This story is going to be written like the Screen Play for a television show, and eventually I plan on throwing in a few screenshots here and there so you can actually see some of the action.

    Here’s the background so far; The Decepticons lost the Cybertronian Civil War when Sentinel Prime routed them and scattered their forces to the four corners of the galaxy. Currently Prime leads a team of soldiers known as The Wreckers to hunt down and eradicate the remaining Decepticons. Meanwhile on the other side of the galaxy a possible Decepticon energy signature is tracked to Earth, and a small detachment led by Optronix, head of the Cybertonian Civil Defense Force (CCDF), leaves to investigate.

    Well, that was shorter then I thought…Here’s the casting list with background information:

    Sentinel Prime - (Armada Optimus Prime Powerlinx) Currently holder of the Matrix of Leadership and his elite team known as The Wreckers. Travelling through space and looking for Decepticon remnants at the moment.

    Grandus - (Energon Ultra Magnus) Lifelong friend of Sentinel Prime and currently traveling with him throughout the galaxy.

    Sky Garry - (Armada Jetfire) The final member of Prime’s personal guard and his second in command. Sky Garry is know to be a bit more reckless than his allies but he always gets the job done. Also traveling with Sentinel Prime.

    Optronix - (Titanium War Within Optimus Prime before reformatting, Ultimate Battle Two Pack Classics Optimus Prime after reformatting on Earth) Head of the CCDF, an aggressive leader with a strong sense of responsibility. His whole team looks up to him, but some have trouble showing it.

    Grimlock - (Titanium War Within Grimlock) The one man on the ship who gives Optronix the most trouble, Grimlock is a warrior at heart and challenges every order he’s given as his way of making sure it’s the right order. He was badly damaged in an accident during his hybernation cycle on the trip to Earth and the Autobots on the ship lack the materials to repair his body, so he remains in stasis lock for the meantime.

    Prowl - (Titanium War Within Prowl before reformatting, Classics Prowl after Earth Reformatting) Head of Security for the CCDF, Prowl takes obligation to duty to an unhealthy level. His conservative attitude often puts him at odds with the rest of the team but his intentions for the best of the team are always recognized. He’s like an overprotective mother, Ironhide often jokes.

    Ironhide - (Universe Classics 2.0 Ironhide) The most gruff member of the group, he’s second in command to Optronix but generally lets the more intelligent Prowl come up with all the strategies. He’s the most aggressive of the group but he values the lives of his comrades (even that stick in the mud Prowl) more then anything else. While he will often argue with Prowl and Ratchet over philosophies, he does value their opinions and always does what Optronix orders him to.

    Ratchet - (Universe Classics 2.0 Ratchet) The most liberal member of the group, Ratchet hates war and violence more then anything. His skill at engineering is unrivaled among the Autobots, however, so he often is the one that winds up fixing the damage caused by the other more aggressive Autobots. He greatly admires Optronix because of the weight their leader carries so seamlessly on his shoulders, however he often questions his more aggressive orders. The only member of the team that Ratchet really gets along with is Bumblebee, who shares his sense of admiration for natural beauty and all things living.

    Bumblebee - (Classics Bumblebee) A scout who’s ability to blend in and pass by without notice is uncanny among those other tread heavy Autobots. Bumblebee doesn’t like fighting, but he’s more worried about what will happen if nobody stops the bad guys, and his worst fear is letting down the other Autobots. As such Bumblebee has proven despite being the smallest Autobot, he still has the biggest heart.

    Hound - (Universe Classics 2.0 Hound) While not as proficient a fighter as many of the others his talents with technology and stealth pursuit make him a talented combination. Usually he’s teamed up with Bumblebee in the field and while Bee tracks the targets down, Hound intercepts their communications. When it is necessary to confront a target, he uses his holographic projector to throw them off guard, and then he strikes from an alternative angle.

    Mirage - (classics Mirage) The fastest Autobot of them all, with a high power processor that can match the speed and efficiency of Prowl’s and targeting skills that nearly equal Sunstreaker, Mirage is one of the Autobots most versatile warriors. He comes equipped with an optic camouflage unit and has a low-powered built in EMP disruptors that render him invisible both to optics and radar. Combined with Hound’s abilities to create illusions, the two of them can distract and dispose of enemy units quick and efficiently. Personally, though, he cares little for the Autobot quest of peace for all sentient beings. He’s far more interested in testing his abilities by hunting enemy Decepticon units.

    Sunstreaker - (universe classics 2.0 Sunstreaker) An extremely quick and often reckless autobots who’s aim with a laser rifle is only rivaled by his narcissism. While his talents as a marksman are the reason he’s on the team, what most other bots don’t know is that the reason his skill in precision is so high is because he doesn’t want to scratch his paint in close-range combat. The only other member of the team he usually gets along with is his brother Sideswipe.

    Sideswipe - (Universe Classics 2.0 Sideswipe) Not as carefree as his brother, Sideswipe loves to fight. His methods are brazen and just as reckless as his brother’s, but he tends to drive front fender first into the fire. This causes his relationships with some of the other Autobots to be strained (except Ironhide, who thinks he’s hilarious) but he always gets along with his brother Sunstreaker. Together their differing approaches is the only thing that keeps them both from getting into too much trouble. Sideswipe plans to someday make a sport out of seeker surfing, his favorite hobby.

    Megatron - (Titanium War Within Megatron before being rebuilt, Classics Ultimate Battle Two Pack Megatron after being rebuilt) Leader of the remaining rabble of Decepticons, Megatron lead his forces to Earth to uncover an ancient artifact of great power, but his body was damaged beyond repair after an emergency crash landing. Since his brother, Megabolt, also received some damage it was a simple task to switch bodies and leave his brother in stasis lock for the moment. However the repairs to Megabolt’s body are not yet complete, so Megatron must lead his forces though a computer terminal attached to the stasis chamber that contains his original damaged form with his spark in tact.

    Starscream - (Classics Starscream) Megatron’s new second in command now that Megabolt is out of action. Starscream is completely arrogant and reckless, with no regard for the well being of his own comrades. He fancies himself the strongest and smartest of all Decepticons and anyone who can’t survive his attacks, friend or foe, simply aren’t strong enough to survive in the universe and should be put down. For the moment he fancies himself leader since Megatron is disembodied but mostly ventures off alone to torment humans.

    Thundercracker - (Titanium Thundercracker before reformatting, Cybertron Thundercracker after Earth Reformatting) The loud yet lazy Thundercracker does his best to avoid action. He simply isn’t interested. The main reason is that he literally finds fighting to be very boring. His skills in aerial combat are so great that he finds very little challenge in fighting Autobots so he prefers to remain back at the base and pretend to monitor the security cameras.

    Ramjet - (Universe Classics 2.0 Ramjet) Even dumber then he looks, Ramjet loves to plow head first into battle, literally. For this reason (and because he usually can’t think of anything better to do anyway) he tends to follow orders to the ‘T’, no matter who they come from. He’s got absolutely no ambition and his only motivation is to thump Autobots.

    Soundwave - (Titanium Soundwave) Megatron’s most loyal follower and leading engineer. It’s up to Soundwave to repair injured soldiers, or in most cases, to see to a fitting punishment for them. Soundwave has a psychotic love for inflicting pain, on Autobots or Decepticons. All at his leader’s beck and call.

    Astrotrain - (Classics Astrotrain) One of the two Triple Changers that work for the Decepticons. Astrotrain is a steady and reliable fighter in combat, but occasionally has unique impulses. He will often deviate from missions if he deems he’s found another target that’s more entertaining. This means it’s often up to High Octane to keep him on track.

    High Octane - (Universe Classics 2.0 Tankor) Usually he works with his ‘partner in crime’ Astrotrain. Unlike the other triple changer, High Octane has high ambitions. He believes whole heartedly that the triple changers are the most fearsome force on the decepticon roster. While he serves his leader loyally, he also eagerly a wait’s the day when the other decepticons realize their true value and make them the leaders. Naturally it has been some time and this is no closer to happening then it ever was.

    Okay, so that’s about the setup, I’ll have the first episode ready soon.
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    Episode 1: Collision

    Carl had a long day at the plant, and nothing looked better at that moment then the Duncan Donuts on 5th Avenue. But things changed on his way back to his truck, when a pair of sports cars, one yellow and one red, nearly clipped him as he approached the curb. He spilled his fresh coffee on his hands which then burned him so bad he dropped his cup. Carl cursed under his breath as he tried to salvage his drink.

    Carl: “Damn kids…”

    The two cars continued to race down the busy city streets of Philadelphia pushing the limits of known top vehicle speeds on the planet, each one daring the other to break the rules. Cops observing the race were left speechless as the two vehicles raced by a blur of red and yellow, taking sharp turns with near impossible precision. As they passed the city limits and into the rural countryside, the red car started to pull ahead of the yellow.

    Sideswipe: “Come on Bro, you can do better then this!”

    Sunstreaker: “Stuff it, Sideswipe! These roads are paved with some kind of ancient concrete mixture! They’re killing my tires here! I pick up any more speed and I’ll end up scratching a fender!”

    Sideswipe: “Ah quit your cryin little bro! Is baby gonna cwy to dada about getting a widdle old scwatch!”

    Sunstreaker: “Stop that already would you!? I keep telling you that you watch too much of that human television stuff! It destroys your central processor a little more every time you turn it on! Besides with how sloppy you are we’ll be picked up by those two Decepticon fliers up ahead.”

    Sideswipe: “Decepticons?! Well why didn’t you say so? Can you tell which ones?”

    Sunstreaker: “What does it matter? They’re Decepticons and we’re under orders not to engage under any means!”

    Sideswipe: “Oh, I see. Well if you optics can’t pick them up then just say so! You don’t have to make up excuses to save face with me.”

    Sunstreaker: “I’m not making excuses you Gobot (like saying ****** in cybertronian!)! I can see them just fine! It’s the triple changers! But like I said we aren’t supposed to fight them which is preferable since I just got this sexy new form and I’m not in the mood to…Hey! Stop!”

    Sunstreaker is cut off as Sideswipe takes a sharp off road turn and heads straight towards the two Decepticons flying in the distance.

    Sideswipe: “Tie-breaker time Sunny! This time I’ll definitely come out on top!”

    The other brother quickly turns after his renegade sibling.

    Sunstreaker: “Wait! Neither of them are seekers! They don’t count! Hey, I’m talking to you!!!”

    Meanwhile in the distance Astrotrain and High Octane, the Triple Changers, are flying south on a special mission from Megatron.

    High Octane: “You know what people see when they look at us Astrotrain?”

    Astrotrain: “A really ugly, fat plane and a space shuttle flying in the atmosphere with a giant laser rifle attached to the bottom?”

    Octane: “No! Well, yes, they see that. But what I meant was they see Trouble! Everybody knows that we are two badass Decepticons, not to be taken lightly. When you and me are co-leaders of the Decepticon army we’ll…”

    Astrotrain: “Oh, not this slag again Octane! We ain’t never gonna lead the Decepticons because no matter how fragged old Megs gets, he still survives somehow. He’s like the Decepticon version of the roboroach, no matter what you hit him with, he survives and thrives all the same!”

    Octane: “Well, that may be Astro, but once we complete this mission he’ll see how important and invaluable we are to the team and we’ll finally get those promotions we’ve been waiting for! And then…”

    Astrotrain: “Can it Octane, we’ve got company. Long range scanners picking up an Autobot energy signature.”

    Octane: “Autobots?! When the frag did they get here?”

    Astrotrain: “No telling partner, but I can see on the horizon it’s those annoying car brothers. I’m going to shut down their audio transistors for good this time! See you later Octane!”

    Octane: “No, wait you twit! We have specific orders from…ack!”

    As usual High Octane doesn’t get to finish as Astrotrain takes a sharp turn and ignites his thrusters to maximum power, singing his partner’s wing in the process. Octane mumbles to himself as black smoke fires from his exhaust vents and he tries to turn around.

    Octane: “Fragging rocket engines. I can’t haul that load back by myself. Flippin Astrotrain’s gotta fly off the handle all the time. ASTROPAIN is more like it!”

    Octane continues to curse as he follows his partner to meet the Autobots in battle.
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    Part 2

    The sky rained purple bolts of energy as the rocketing Decepticon Astrotrain descended on Sideswipe, who was heading straight for him. The Autobot speedster weaved from side to side, dodging the blasts and continuing ahead at full throttle.

    Sideswipe: “Alright! Here goes nothing!”

    The red sports car pops straight up into the air as he transforms into robot mode. He manages to fire a quick rocket off his shoulder before colliding with the evil Space Shuttle. The rocket misses, and Sideswipe finds himself a bit stunned at the impact with Astrotrain as he struggles to maintain a grip on the Decepticon.

    Astrotrain: “Hey, get offa me Autopuke!”

    Sideswipe: “Yeah, this isn’t going the way I planned.”

    Sideswipe releases his grip on the nose of the angry shuttle and slips underneath. Astrotrain regains use of his optics, only to watch as he plunges headfirst into a wooden barn. The whole structure collapses, and Astrotrain emerges from the other end still in his shuttle mode and now with a large number of chicken feathers stuck in his armor.

    Astrotrain: “What the slag is this stuff?!”

    The Decepticon crashes to the ground and transforms into robot mode as he skids to a halt. Sideswipe regains his bearings, trying not to laugh too hard about Astrotrain’s fumbling, when more energy bolts rain down from the sky.

    Sideswipe: “Nice of you to join the party Ock! Though it would’ve been nicer if you waited until after we scrap your buddy.”

    Octane: “Don’t let your head swell too much motor-mouth! Out of the two of us I’m the one you really have to…ACK! What the Slag?!”

    High Octane is again interrupted as he finds a new whole punched through his left wing. Leaving a trail of black smoke he crashes to the ground, barely able to shift back into robot mode to avoid further damage.

    Sideswipe: “Nice of you to finally join in Streaker! Too bad I got all the Seeker Surfing points again!”

    Sunstreaker: “I told you that doesn’t count! They aren’t Seekers and what you did wasn’t Surfing! You jumped up and he plowed right into you! You had no control and therefore it does not facilitate surfing!”

    Sideswipe: “Okay, okay, I’ll give you that one bro. I didn’t have control but for future reference, all Decepticons with at least one aerial alt mode count, so if I had control that would’ve counted…”

    The conversation is interrupted by a shot from an ionic displacer. Both car brothers find themselves temporarily stunned by the attack on their sensors long enough for Astrotrain to tackle Sideswipe to the ground.

    Astrotrain: “I’m gonna enjoy pounding you into scrap metal!”

    The Decepticon gets in a couple headshots before Sideswipe flips him onto his back.

    Sideswipe: “Astrotrain, that was low even for you! I’ll have to take that out of your titanium plating!”

    The two transformers lock up again, but slowly Astrotrain gains the strength advantage. He lifts the speedster up over his head in a body press but before he can do anything else Astrotrain takes a solid shot to the back, disabling his motor controls. He collapses to the ground and Sideswipe lands on top of him.

    Sideswipe: “Once again you’re late Sunstreaker, and lacking some serious style!”

    Sunstreaker: “You can thank me later.”

    This time it’s Sunstreaker who gets shot in the back by a stacked quad laser. Octane gets the drop on his Autobot foe and goes in for the kill. He deploys his massive serrated blade and aims for the base of the head, but Sunstreaker sees it coming and catches the Decepticon. The two struggle with each other until a desperate Octane yells out as he puts forth all his effort and brushes away Sunstreaker’s hands. He leaves three scratches on Sunstreaker’s chest and backs off for a moment. A broad grin spreads across Octane’s face as he poises for another strike, but Sunstreaker’s eyes glow crimson with rage.

    Sunstreaker: “you…scratched my…paint…You scratched my paint!”

    The Autobot howls in fury and in a flash uses pinpoint accuracy to shoot out each of Octane’s joints. The Decepticon triple changer falls to the ground and drops his blade, unable to defend himself. Still Sunstreaker doesn’t let up. He pounces the fallen foe and pounds relentlessly on his face. A few minutes pass before Sunstreaker punches himself out and Sideswipe walks up beside him.

    Sideswipe: “Did I ever tell you I love it when you go all badass?”

    Sunstreaker grabs Sideswipe by the chassis and pulls him in close.

    Sunstreaker: “This if you’re fault too, you know!? If you hadn’t gone off half-cocked, we could’ve reported to Optronix as planned! I’m going take great pleasure in torturing you for the next several solar cycles!”

    Octane’s internal systems manage to restore just enough of his functionality to allow him to raise his right arm and grasp at Sunstreaker.

    Octane: “Hey, do you guys mind?!”

    Sunstreaker: “Stuff it! You lousy pile of scrap!”

    With a hard kick to Octane’s midsection the Decepticon is sent rolling down a hill and into the cold mud below. His optics fizzle out and he goes into stasis lock.

    (probably it for now. I'll post the third and final part of the episode tomorrow, or later today rather.)
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    Part 3 - The Conclusion

    (for the record anybody who’s listed with a pre-formatting stand in is still in their cybertronian mode, so basically everybody with a Titanium figure)

    Prowl works alone on the bridge of the ship they came to the planet in. Setting up camp on a new planet and trying to stay under the radar usually meant it boiled down to this. Burying and cloaking the ship was a top priority, so most of the staff was very busy. That left the head of security on his own. Prowl would’ve preferred to follow standard procedure and have Ironhide, or more preferably Optronix, in there with him to help monitor interplanetary transmissions and long range scanners. However as usual he’s forced to do double duty, not that he can’t handle it.

    A moment later a shaft of light opens in the dark room and the looming silhouette of Optronix can be seen as he enters.

    Optronix: “Status report, Prowl!”

    Prowl: “All sectors clear sir.”

    Optronix: “Good, and how did the patrol go?”

    Prowl: “Patrol, sir? They were racing, reaching top speeds that dangerously come close to compromising us.”

    Optronix: “I’ll have to talk to them about that. Did they find anything?”

    Prowl: “Yes sir. They found two Decepticons identified as the Triple Changers, Astrotrain and Octane.”

    Optronix: “I see. Did they discover their heading.”

    Prowl: “No, sir. They opted to engage against orders.”

    Optronix: “Were they damaged?”

    Prowl: “No, sir. Only minor system damages most of which have already been repaired by their internal system on the road back. They left both Decepticons wrecked in a field.”

    Optronix: “Did the humans discover the remains?”

    Prowl: “No, sir. The Triple Changers were evidently gone by the time I picked the area up on satellite. I estimate that the locals will blame the incident on aliens. It’s a common scapegoat on this world that mostly goes unnoticed. The only real property damage was a wrecked barn.”

    Optronix: “Once again those two manage to pull their afterburners out of the pit by some miracle.”

    Prowl: “Would you like me to reprimand them upon their return, sir?”

    Optronix: “We’ll wait until they get back, Prowl. Then I’ll let you know. It all depends on what they say. But rest easy old friend, one way or another they will be paying for the mess they made today.”

    Far to the west of the city the two Decepticon Triple changers are once again headed north, this time traveling by ground vehicle mode as to avoid Autobot detection. But robots in disguise have sustained obvious damage but they manage to function all the same.

    Octane: “I hope you’re happy now, Astrotrain! If you hadn’t rocketed off after those two little Autobots we could’ve had the load ready and hauled back to base by now! And then Megatron’s going to punish us for being late and…”

    Astrotrain: “How many times do I have to tell you to can it Octane?! The boss will be happy to know that we discovered Autobots here. Now he’ll at least now about them. We’ll just say they darted off before we could finish the job.”

    Octane: “Yeah, he’s going to believe that after seeing us.”

    Astrotrain: “Well, if I had some reliable backup, somebody that would’ve been able to keep up with me…”

    Octane: “Keep up with you! Do you see any rockets strapped to me!? Huh!? You know full well I can’t reach escape velocity but you keep singing my circuits to butt ahead and try to steal all the glory for yourself!”

    Astrotrain: “Why Octane, what a pleasant shade of green you’re turning!”

    Octane: “Be quiet you lummox! My scanners detect that we’re almost at the site.”

    Astrotrain: “Yeah, well I don’t get it. Why does Megatron want us to dig this thing up? Who’s interested in some old Cybertronian corpse that was buried on this planet millennia ago?”

    Octane: “How should I know? Obviously he wasn’t so tough if he got blasted halfway across the galaxy and left for scrap. Oh well, maybe he’s got a nice weapon left on him or something.”

    Astrotrain: “Well if that’s the case then I’d better get there first. That weapon is gonna be mine! See ya later, partner!”

    Once again, Astrotrain ignites his thrusters, even in train form. The backlash singes the edges of Octane’s cab as he watches Astrotrain barrel on ahead of him.

    Octane: “Damn rocket engines! Astrotrain! ASTROTRAIN!!!”

    The two triple changers continue on their way to a secret excavation site founded by the Decepticons when they arrived. What could the evil transformers be up to? Tune in next time to find out!

    [Commercial Break]

    Next time on Transformers Amalgamation! Bumblebee and Hound stumble upon the dig site, but they blow their cover before backup arrives. Can the two underpowered Autobots survive until help arrives? Tune in to find out!

    (also added a new character bio to the intro, forgot about Mirage that concludes the first episode of TFAm, I’ll begin work on the next episode.)

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